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4 Benefits of a Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System for Summer

4 Benefits of a Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System for Summer

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Even if your summers are relatively mild, staying comfortable indoors requires careful management of your home’s temperature and humidity. It is often challenging to keep older houses cool, but even owners of newer condos and offices may find that their air conditioning system isn’t up to the task.

Ductless mini splits have become a popular option for homeowners who want to get an upgraded system without having to spend a lot of time and energy dealing with construction. A Mitsubishi ductless mini split system makes a reliable choice for your home, thanks to the brand’s dedication to quality. Here are four benefits you can unlock when you install a Mitsubishi single or multi zone ductless mini split.

1. Powerful Yet Quiet Cooling

A Mitsubishi split AC is small yet powerful, cooling an entire space with a discreet indoor unit that sits high up on your wall or in your ceiling. Much of the work occurs in an outdoor unit that helps keep the refrigerant at the right temperature. 

Since the indoor and outdoor units are only connected by thin tubing, it’s easy to install the system without tearing up walls and floorboards. You can get a system that feels like central air without the hassle and expense of extensive renovations.

Despite how much cooling power they pack, Mitsubishi systems are very quiet; the average operating noise emitted by a Mitsubishi unit on high is just 22dB — quieter than a whisper. You can have an AC unit right in your bedroom with little risk of it waking you up in the middle of the night. Since most systems only use one outdoor unit, you can place this unit on a side of the house that doesn’t have any bedrooms for maximum peace and quiet.

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2. Energy Efficiency

Ductless mini splits are an energy-efficient option for cooling your whole home. Because they don’t use ducts, less cooling power is lost between the AC unit and the space it needs to cool. The indoor unit’s proximity to the space it’s cooling is a huge asset in larger homes.

Mitsubishi is especially good for energy efficiency because of how long-lasting each unit is. Any air conditioning system will wear down over time, causing the mechanical parts inside to run less efficiently and require more energy to work. Mitsubishi machines will work efficiently for a long time, however.

You can also custom-tailor your system to meet your exact energy needs. Mini split systems are designed for a certain number of square feet or British Thermal Units (BTUs) to indicate their maximum output. By only getting as much power as you need, you can stay comfortable without wasting money or energy.

3. Fantastic Features and Options

You can get single zone mini splits for cooling an entire condo or small home, but most homeowners use multi zone splits to allow greater temperature customization. Multi zone systems usually have just one outdoor unit but multiple indoor units that can be set to their own temperature and schedule.

This adds to the overall energy efficiency as well. In addition to allowing everyone to be more comfortable, multi zone splits let you turn down the AC in zones you’re not using. If you’re seldom in the bedroom during the day, it may make sense to let the temperature rise in there to avoid wasting electricity.

Mitsubishi makes multiple single and multi zone split systems to give you the exact options you need. Multiple fan speeds, high-quality filters, 24-hour timers, anti-corrosion coatings, and other available features make them a stellar investment.

They also have multiple types of installation styles available for wall and ceiling installation. A Mitsubishi cassette mini split is a fantastic option for people who want their indoor unit entirely out of the way.

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Enjoy a Cooler Home This Summer with a Mini Split System

4. Peace of Mind

Mitsubishi is a well-known and trusted brand with a long history of quality. ComfortUp customers love this brand and consistently give it high reviews. The instructions and controls are all clearly laid out, so you can use all its features once it’s installed.

To give you even more peace of mind, the company includes a warranty that covers any issues you have with the mini split system. Just make sure you have a licensed HVAC technician install the system and hold onto your receipt of the installation to be eligible.

Getting the Mini Split System You Need

ComfortUp is proud to distribute Mitsubishi and a variety of other trusted mini split brands. In addition to full sets with indoor and outdoor units, we also sell units individually so you can replace your old system.

All our mini splits are backed by a warranty when installed by a licensed HVAC technician, and we offer additional extended warranties from 3-10 years for additional indoor units and heat pumps, covering the cost of labor and parts for your peace of mind. Explore our range of products online and contact our team with any questions or concerns.

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