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Checkout with Coupon Code: 20-OFF-623
4 Reasons You Need a Multi Zone HVAC System for Warmer Weather

4 Reasons You Need a Multi Zone HVAC System for Warmer Weather

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Older houses often use central air conditioning or even AC window units for cooling their homes. These systems may get the job done, but they offer little flexibility and don’t provide consistent results. They both may be noisy, especially when they switch on and off.

A multi zone HVAC system gives you the power of modern air conditioning without wasting energy, keeping the whole house at the same temperature. Since ductless mini splits are easy to install, it’s simple to upgrade your home without heavy construction for days on end.

You will notice the difference in your comfort levels and energy bill as soon as summer kicks in, but, depending on your climate, you may notice it year-round. Here are the top four reasons why you need a multi zone HVAC system for the warmer months.

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1. Accommodating Family Members

Family members may have different temperature preferences, especially if they’re moving around a lot in warm weather. You might also have family members with medical conditions that necessitate a different temperature. 

Having a multi zone mini split makes it easier for family members all around the house to stay comfortable without fighting over the thermostat. This works best with as many zones as possible, and multi zone mini split systems can operate with up to eight handler units to heat and cool eight different areas of your home, but even having just two zones can make a difference for people working from home or doing housework.

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2. Energy Efficiency

Heating or cooling the entire house at once takes up a lot of energy, especially if your home is older and has poor insulation. As long as humidity isn’t a major concern, it may be better only to manage the rooms you’re using during the day.

A 4 zone mini split provides excellent energy efficiency for larger homes, but small single-story houses may only need two zones. More zones will always provide more flexibility, so get one more than you think you need if you’re unsure. 

Each floor should have its own zone, at a minimum, with a separate zone for finished basements. Since warm air rises, upper floors tend to be hotter than the rest of the house. Using a multi zone split system allows you to operate each indoor handler unit independently, cooling the upstairs only, so you don’t overwork the outdoor condenser unit. 

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3. Easy Installation

When you want to cool your entire home fast this summer, a multi zone mini split system is ideal. Because it doesn’t use ductwork, there is no need for extensive, time-consuming renovations or huge holes in your wall. This means that you can enjoy a cooler home sooner. 

Multi zone mini splits consist of a single outdoor handler unit connected via refrigerant lines to indoor handler units. So, installation consists of mounting the unit to the wall and attaching the necessary lines. If you are handy with a power drill, you can install a mini split yourself, but only if the unit comes pre-filled with coolant. However, most manufacturer warranties are only valid if the HVAC is installed by a professional.

4. Protecting Investments

Although mildew is not usually a concern indoors, excessive warmth and humidity can foster mildew and mold on tile, drywall, fabric, and more. Your HVAC system needs to be highly adjustable to deal with any humidity concerns around your home.

Mildew is a more significant concern in bathrooms than in other areas. If your family mainly uses one or two bathrooms for showering, adjusting the zones containing these bathrooms can make a huge difference. With some systems, you can even set the temperature or humidity to adjust at a certain time if you shower at the same time every day.

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You may also find that some kitchen areas are prone to mildew if the kitchen is poorly ventilated, small, or used to cook large meals frequently. A multi zone system can be set to work harder in the kitchen during mealtimes and switch off or decrease its output during other hours.

Some smaller HVAC systems aren’t optimized for dehumidifying. You may need to buy an additional dehumidifier system that attaches to the mini split system for best results, especially if you live in a beach climate with heavy moisture in the air year-round.

Getting the Right System for You

Multi zone HVAC systems may seem complex, but they’re not that different from any other ductless mini split system. Once you get used to all their great features, you’ll be more comfortable without wasting money on your energy bills.

ComfortUp can help you find the perfect system for your needs. We stock a full range of single and multi zone ductless mini splits to fit your budget and lifestyle needs. We distribute high-quality multi zone HVAC systems such as Gree that are backed by a warranty so you can be secure in your investment.

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