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A Traveler's Guide to Heating & Cooling Their Home While Away

A Traveler's Guide to Heating & Cooling Their Home While Away

A Traveler's Guide to Heating & Cooling Their Home While Away

Vacations and travel bring excitement, but they also raise a crucial question for homeowners - how to manage home heating and cooling while away. This guide will explain how state-of-the-art Gree and Boreal Ductless Mini Splits rise as unbeatable choices for travelers, featuring not only impressive cost and energy efficiency, but also dependable automation for seamless remote operation.

Ductless Mini Split Systems 

Ductless mini split systems feature an outdoor condenser connected to one or more indoor air conditioners by copper wires and pipes. A single-zone system features one outdoor unit connected to one indoor unit, while a multi-zone system features multiple indoor units connected to the same outdoor unit. 

A single-zone system is an ideal option for those looking to cool one specific area such as a floor, room, or level. The air conditioners can be adjusted independently of each other, allowing you to create different indoor climates in each area. This is ideal for those needing to heat and cool multiple different areas, such as a multi-level house or office building. To meet the design and visual needs of different situations, mini split air conditioners are available in several different sizes and styles. Mini splits are traditionally wall-mounted but there are also ceiling cassette, slim duct, floor mount, and other styles available. 

Ductless Mini Split Systems


A Lesson in Energy-Efficiency:

Both Gree and Boreal Ductless Mini Splits sole goal: maximum energy-efficiency. Gree's innovative systems have shown reductions in energy consumption by up to 65%, which lowers not only your energy bill, but also your environmental impact. Similarly, Boreal systems, with impressive SEER ratings of up to 23, minimize energy usage and carbon footprints, making them perfect companions for the eco-conscious traveler.

Sophisticated Temperature Management:

The heart of a comfortable home is a balanced temperature – something that Gree and Boreal Ductless Mini Splits maintain with ease. The Boreal model doubles as a competent heat pump, adjusting for fluctuating temperatures to prevent your empty home from becoming too cold or too hot. Gree systems too, are prized for their ability to maintain consistent indoor climates, irrespective of the weather outdoors.

Smart and User-Friendly Controls:

In the world of smart homes, Gree and Boreal are not to be left behind. These ductless mini splits feature smart automation that can be preset to desired schedules, or integrated with home automation systems. And the cherry on top? Remote control facilities. With this, you can monitor and manage your home's temperature from any corner of the world, all from your phone.

A Reliant Companion for Travelers:

Imagine leaving your home in secure hands - that's what Gree and Boreal Ductless Mini Splits offer you. Their robust make, backed by superior technology, ensures consistent operation, protecting against potential freeze damage in colder months, and controlling humidity to prevent mold growth, all while you are away.

Using an ac remote

Traveling requires careful plan and allishion, but with Gree and Boreal Ductless Mini Splits, heating and cooling your home is one thing you can strike off your to-worry-about list. With impressive energy savings, adaptable temperature control, smart features, and reliable operations, they represent the leading solution for home heating and cooling concerns for travelers. Equip your home with Gree and Boreal equipment, and take off for your travels with one less worry on your mind.



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