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All about Gree ETAC

All about Gree ETAC

Introducing Gree Engineered Terminal Air Conditioner (E-TAC)—Your Premium Air Conditioning and Heating System for Hospitality, Healthcare, and Commercial and Specialty Residential Facilities
In a constantly warming planet that we live in, air conditioning systems become our coping tool. The truth is, we don’t buy an air conditioner because it’s a cool thing to do. We use air conditioners because they allow us to enjoy life a little bit more without the hassles and risks of extreme climate conditions. A simple unit of air conditioner will mean that thousands of elderly with frail health can comfortably cope extreme climate conditions; that workers in various areas of trade can comfortably work in an already hazardous environment; that stranded tourists can endure being holed up inside hotel rooms during snow blizzard conditions. As we appreciate how air conditioners help our well-being, it pays to take a look at Gree ETAC or Engineered Terminal Air Conditioner. ETAC is an enhanced variant of Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC), a type of cooling and heating system that you would normally find in hospitality establishments, healthcare facilities, commercial spaces, and residential properties.
What is Gree Engineered Terminal Air Conditioner (E-TAC)?
Essentially, E-TAC is Gree’s highly improved version of the self-contained systems called Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning (E-TAC). To better understand E-TAC, it helps to know first what PTAC is. What is PTAC? PTACs are designed for single-room applications—like through-the-wall air conditioners, but way bigger, better, and more powerful. They are typically used in hotel/motel rooms, offices, nursing homes, other assisted living facilities, hospitals, apartments, single-family dwellings, condominiums, sun rooms, residential add-ons, and converted home spaces. Like Gree’s mini split systems, you can switch PTAC for cooling during summer or for heating during winter. So, what is E-TAC? E-TAC is Gree’s better version of package terminal air conditioner and heat pump. When you think of E-TAC, just imagine a much improved PTAC. It’s like Gree releasing PTAC 2.0. It performs better, has higher efficiency, has better quality, more durable, built on superior workmanship, designed super simple yet elegant-looking, and delivers excellent year-round comfort and cost-savings.
What are the Key Features of Gree E-TAC?
Gree E-TAC is packed with features that provide your guests/residents maximum comfort and your business establishment significant cost-savings. Some of E-TAC's features are advanced and pioneering that you would not even find them in any typical PTAC system. Some of these excellent features are the following:
    • Two-piece lifetime indoor filter. Now you can forget about occasionally spending extra money on air filter replacements. E-TAC has Interchangeable and washable air filters that can be used permanently. You can easily access and remove these filters by sliding them in and out from the unit without actually removing the front panel.
    • Accessible chassis. If you're used to all the hassles when removing your old AC's chassis for repair, well not with E-TAC. This system's chassis can be easily removed in a few simple steps without requiring too much effort. You can simply remove the front panel, take the four screws out of the way, and then easily slide the chassis out of the sleeve of the unit.
    • Outdoor air ventilation. With E-TAC, your guests/residents/employees can enjoy up to 75 CFM of fresh outside air inside the indoor room through its unique vent system. The vent is protected by a molded plastic filter that catches dirt and debris to ensure quality indoor air.
    • Bi-directional discharge grille. Looking to give your room occupants more control over the air flow? Well, E-TAC has an irreversible, polycarbonate-made grille that lets the air flow upward at a 40 degree angle but anyone can easily adjust it to an 80 degree angle to the floor.
    • System configuration. Everyone has different needs. When you're running a hospitality business or a healthcare facility, you how important meeting your guests' or senior residents' personal need for comfort is. It could mean a lot for your business or reputation. With E-TAC, the room occupants can have complete convenience by configuring the unit according to their personal preference.
    • ComfortTouch Digital Control. And talking about personalized comfort, ETAC's digital touch pad control makes everything possible. This feature enables precise temperature adjustment, continuous temperature sensing, heat/cool/fan modes, and electronic temperature limiting.
Stay dry dehumidification. Next to heat, nothing's more annoying than humidity and excess moisture. ETAC's stay dry mode function reduces humidity, enabling you to ensure complete cool comfort inside the room and prevent mold and mildew growth that can damage walls and furniture.
  • Sleep mode. No more need to get up and adjust the unit while in bed. The E-TAC sleep mode function allows the unit be set between 0.5 to 24 hours and make it stop on the desired time.
  • Setpoint stopper. The ETAC has a deafult economical range of 65˚ to 78˚ but anyone using the system can adjust the setpoint the ranges according to specific needs or application.
  • Wall thermostat interface. ETAC can be connected to a wired wall thermostat interface. For easy installation, it comes with a standard connecting block. To make sure that you would not have issues with field wiring, the system's terminal connector is made removable.
  • Energy management interface. ETAC provides a standard energy management interface which can be easily installed through a removable terminal connector.
  • LCDI power cord protection. To prevent electrical fire, ETAC has leak-current detection and interruption (LCDI) plugs. In case of leakage or unsafe condition, this allows the power to get disconnected. You can easily restore it during by pressing the RESET button.
  • Seamless basepan. As protection against water accumulation, ETAC comes with a deep basepan that can hold up to 1-3/4 gallons (6.6 liters) of water without spilling.
  • Condensate drain valve. ETAC is built with a temperature-activated drain valve that opens when the outdoor temperature drops below 55˚ F (12.8˚ C) to prevent water from freezing in the basepan.
  • Condensate removal. To ensure the efficiency of the system, ETAC is designed with a condensate (water) disposal system.
  Aside from the aforementioned features, GREE ETAC also features a silencer system that includes a three-speed indoor fan, dual motor technology, AeroQuiet indoor blower wheel, rotary compressor technology, and insulated bulkhead between indoors and outdoors that all ensure quiet operation of the unit. Additionally, ETAC boasts of a smartfan comfort control that features programmable constant fan operation and quiet fan start-up and stops.
What are the Benefits of Using Gree ETAC?
Designed to meet all the possible cooling and heating demands that are typical in the hospitality, healthcare, and commercial and residential properties, Gree E-TAC specifically provides the following benefits:
  • Design flexibility for the architects, engineers, and contractors. Gree ETAC is simple to install and lack the requirement for the bulky duct system, separate equipment room, water towers or additional cooling equipment, and complex match-up of different HVAC components. Moreover, it can work with any building orientation and has an optional architectural grille that allows for customized exterior appearance.
  • Cost savings for the building owner. Gree ETAC provides substantial cost-savings because the system does not need any more additional HVAC system components and equipment room or maintenance engineering staff. Because the units are self-contained comfort systems, any owner will be freed up from worrying about seasonal changeover that is typically required for cooling and heating. The system's two-part delivery system that helps minimize onsite damage as well as the weather-protected wall sleeve and chassis that are conveniently placed during construction prevents extra work and additional complex processes.
  • Lower operating costs and reliable comfort for the occupant. Like the rest of Gree's highly-efficient and sophisticated systems, E-TAC offers great energy efficiency, reliability, and durability that translate to higher money-savings in the long-term and superior performance. The advanced features that integrated into the systems also ensure that the room occupants can completely enjoy maximum, personalized comfort.
Cooling and heating challenges are typically unique in hospitality, healthcare, and specialty residential installations. In many situations, you’ll find that traditional systems are simply not designed to tackle these difficulties. Some workarounds may be possible, but more often than not, these shortcut solutions are downright costly, complex, and impractical. Modifying the duct network of a centralized HVAC system, for instance, just to extend it to a room addition is an overstretch. With Gree E-TAC, however, you are presented with a less expensive, easy to install, and very simple to operate system. ETAC is not only perfectly capable of meeting installation requirements but also ensures superior. cooling and heating performance. Whether you are designing a new structure or replacing packaged terminal air conditioning units in an existing building, Gree E-TAC is your ideal option. When choosing the right E-TAC for your building or facility, it is important that you've properly followed the application considerations for the system. Make sure that the unit is not undersized or oversized. Also keep in mind that excessive air infiltration can intensify the problems that are associated with undersizing or oversizing. To prevent future issues, check all the sources of air infiltration, which usually includes vents, gaps around the windows and doors, and improperly sealed floors, ceilings or wall joints.
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