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Gree Vireo Specifications

Gree Vireo Specifications

ComfortUp’s primary goal is to provide customers nationwide with superior heating and cooling systems. This is why we proudly sell GREE mini split products, as they are one of the industry’s most trustworthy and reliable brands. The GREE Vireo + Ultra line is one of their more efficient mini split systems that provides many benefits for homeowners. Read below to learn more!

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Single-Zone Systems

The GREE Vireo + Ultra is a single-zone mini split system consisting of one outdoor unit connected to one indoor unit connected by copper pipes and wires. These can be installed in commercial or residential properties and give you complete temperature control in the room, floor, or area where the indoor unit is physically located.

ComfortUp sells two complete Vireo + Ultra systems that come with both the indoor and outdoor components. One has 30,000 BTUs of heating and cooling power with a 23 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) while the other has 36,000 BTUs and a 23 SEER. You can also purchase the indoor and outdoor units separately. The system also requires a 1/4" x 5/8" line set to connect the indoor and outdoor units that must be purchased separately.

Vireo + Ultra Benefits and Specifications

Mini splits are already known for their heightened levels of efficiency, but the GREE Vireo +  Ultra system can help reduce your energy consumption by up to 65%! These mini splits have many different features, characteristics, and benefits that make it very appealing for prospective buyers.

For example, its ULTRA HEAT and ULTRA COOL technology makes it suitable in even the most extreme climates. Its cooling temperature range is 0℉ to 115℉, while its heating temperature range is -31℉ to 75℉, which means it can adequately heat or cool your home all year round. Vireo + Ultra systems utilize features and smart technologies such as adjustable air flow, turbo mode, temperature cycling, Wi-Fi control, and GREE’s patented I FEEL technology to provide an enhanced heating and cooling experience. Adjustable air flow allows you to change the air flow’s direction while turbo mode provides brief gusts and increases in power to quickly reach the desired temperature.

Temperature cycling allows you to program your mini split to increase and decrease the temperature and power in timed intervals. GREE Vireo + Ultra systems can also connect to a local Wi-Fi network, which gives owners the ability to control the temperature via smartphone application even when they are not physically located in the room or building. GREE’s I FEEL technology senses the temperature at the remote control instead of the indoor unit  and adjusts accordingly. It can also self-diagnose any problems in the event of a malfunction.

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Vireo + Ultra systems are designed and constructed with the highest quality components, such as the G10 Inverter. This allows you to control the speed of the compressor and regulate the temperature. It also helps eliminate short-cycling, which is when the system stops and starts unexpectedly.

The Vireo + Ultra system also uses R410A refrigerant to keep your system operating efficiently. Additionally, it uses a polymeric air filter to remove any harmful airborne materials such as dust, dirt, debris, and more. This also eliminates moisture to help deter mold and mildew growth while improving your indoor air quality.

Despite the clear heating and cooling benefits, some are hesitant to install a mini split because it can be intrusive and take away from the room’s aesthetic. However, the Vireo + Ultra line utilizes a sleek and minimalist design that makes it very inconspicuous in any home or office building. 

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Vireo + Ultra Warranties

If you need a single-zone mini split system, a GREE Vireo + Ultra is perfect for your home or office. All of our Vireo + Ultra systems and components come with the manufacturer’s warranty, but this warranty only covers costs for parts. We recommend our extended warranties to all customers, which are more thorough and include labor costs for repairs done by HVAC technicians. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to endure any additional out of pocket expenses for warranty related concerns.

 For all other questions concerning mini splits, please call 1-855-337-0001 or contact us online today.

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