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gree ductless mini split brand

All You Need to Know About the GREE Livo Product Update

We proudly sell GREE ductless mini-splits at ComfortUp, as they are one of our favorite brands for a variety of reasons. Their popular Livo + model has been discontinued and is only available while supplies last. Fortunately for home and business owners, it has been replaced by an upgraded Gen 3 model. Read below to learn more, then order yours today!

gree ductless mini split brand

GREE Gen3 Product Specifications

The GREE Gen3 is a single-zone mini split system that provides superior heating and cooling experience. It is built with a G10 inverter and variable compressor technology and uses eco-friendly R410A refrigerant to provide an enhanced heating and cooling experience. Its cooling capacity ranges from 0 to 115°F while its heating capacity ranges from -4 to 75°F.

The GREE Gen3 system can operate in heat, cool, dry, fan only, and auto modes that create different desirable environments. You can also adjust the airflow to your desired levels. Additionally, there are programmable sleep- and energy-saving modes that decrease the system’s power and sound. During sleep mode, the system drops its noise level to 28 dB(A). Coupled with its cooling temperature setting, it creates the perfect sleeping environment!

Lower power energy-saving mode automatically slows the fan and compressor down once the desired temperature is reached. Regularly using low power mode can lead to significant savings on your energy bill. The system can also run self-diagnostics in the event of a problem. In the event of a power failure, the system can shut down and automatically return to its last operational settings once power is turned back on. There is also an intelligent defrost feature that prevents any moisture or water buildup on the outdoor coil.

ComfortUp sells a variety of different Gen3 products to meet your specific heating and cooling needs. The indoor air handling units and outdoor condensers are available for individual purchase and can also be purchased together as a single-zone system. Gen3 systems range from 9,000 to 36,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) to heat and cool indoor areas of different sizes.

If you are unsure how many BTUs a mini-split needs to heat your area, consult this chart or speak to one of our trained product specialists. Even though it has been discontinued, the Livo + system is also available as long as supplies last.

remote controlling ductless mini split

Heightened Efficiency and Other Product Upgrades

GREE upgraded the Livo + product line and made an already efficient mini-split system even more so. Mini-split efficiency is measured in SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio ratings. Higher SEER ratings mean higher efficiency, which offers many benefits. Installing a mini-split with a high SEER rating saves you money on heating and cooling costs while also reducing your environmental impact. The original Livo + systems were 16 SEER, while the upgraded Livo Gen3 model is up to 18 SEER.

There have been other smaller upgrades made to the Livo Gen3 system. The remote controls on older Livo + models had a button for GREE’s patented I FEEL technology. When pressed, the air conditioner focuses on temperature and airflow on the remote control’s exact location in the room!

This has been replaced with a “Wi-Fi” button that activates Wi-Fi mode that allows the system to be controlled remotely over a wireless internet network. For Wi-Fi mode to work on your system, be sure to purchase the GREE Livo Wi-Fi kit. There are also no 115V options within the new Gen3 family, as all Gen3 models are 208-230V.

The new and improved GREE Livo Gen3 is perfect for those who want a high-efficiency value mini-split system. It offers all of the amenities and features of other popular mini-split systems, but its lower price point makes it more appealing for those shopping on a budget.

The Livo Gen3 system is much more efficient than similarly priced alternatives such as central ducted systems, window air conditioners, and PTAC units. Combining a lower price point and savings on your energy bill, the Livo + system leads to significant financial savings in both the short- and long-term future. 

gree u-crown inverter air conditioner

Order an Upgraded GREE Gen3 Mini Split System Today!

GREE found a way to make an already efficient and popular Livo + model even better and created the Gen3 product line. The new and improved GREE Livo Gen3 mini-split is the perfect HVAC system for your home or business. What are you waiting for? Order yours today! For questions concerning the Livo Gen 3 mini-split, any other GREE mini-splits, or ComfortUp products, contact us online or call 1-855-337-0001 to speak with a trained product specialist!


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