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All You Need to Know About The New Gree Multi+ Ultra

GREE is one of the HVAC industry’s gold standard brands, as they have provided superior heating and cooling products worldwide for years. Read below to learn more about this GREE mini split!

Gree AC

Product Info

GREE’s Multi + Ultra series is a high-performance line of multi-zone ductless mini splits. Multi-zone mini split systems consist of one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units. Each indoor unit is controlled independently, meaning you can alter the temperature in one zone without impacting the others. This is perfect for homes or businesses of multiple rooms or levels because it eliminates temperature imbalances and inconsistencies. It also helps meet the comfort preferences of different family members or employees.

When you purchase a Multi + Ultra system, you receive an outdoor compressor or condenser, multiple indoor air handling units, and remote controls for the air conditioners. The outdoor unit features a 2 Stage DC Inverter Driven Rotary while the indoor units feature a DC Inverter fan to provide unrivaled temperature control. Line sets are sold separately, but are required to connect the indoor and outdoor units. We sell 2, 3, 4 and 5 zone Multi + Ultra systems, but the outdoor unit of this system can support up to five mini splits at once


The GREE Multi + Ultra is one of the most efficient mini split systems available. SEER, or Seasonal Energy Effective Ratio, is one measure of a mini split’s efficiency. Since 2006, federal government mandates have required air conditioners to have SEER ratings of at least 13. A higher SEER rating equals a more efficient mini split system, and the Multi + Ultra system has a SEER rating of 23. EER, or Energy Efficient Ratio, is another measurement of HVAC efficiency, and Multi + Ultra systems have EER scores of up to 12.5.

The system also has optimal HSPF and COP ratings, which stand for Heat Seasonal Performance Factor and Coefficient of Performance, respectively. The HSPF rating is up to 10.5 and COP rating up to 3.7, both of which indicate optimal heating and cooling performance.

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Multi + Ultra mini split systems are also Energy Star labeled. Energy Star is a program of the United State Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy designed to identify energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products. Energy Star labeled appliances directly contribute to lower energy costs and reduced carbon emissions. This heightened efficiency gives Multi + Ultra systems a cooling capacity of 0 °F to 118 °F and a heating capacity of -31 °F to 75 °F.

Smart Technology

GREE Multi + Ultra systems utilize smart technologies to provide superior heating and cooling. In the event of a system malfunction, the system can run a self-diagnostics test to determine the cause. It can also use intelligent defrost capabilities to remove any excess ice. It is pairable with smart thermostats, which help provide advanced temperature statistics such as humidity level. This can be used to eliminate temperature inconsistencies and imbalances within the room while also altering horizontal and vertical air flow.

While the system already comes with physical remote controls, it can also be controlled via smartphone application. With a smartphone application and Wi-Fi connection, you can decrease power while nobody is home, turn on the nearly silent sleep cycle, or control various other aspects from your fingertips. This gives you complete control over the system even when you are not at home!

GREE Multi + Ultra systems are known for their “I FEEL” temperature control. By pushing the “I FEEL” button on the remote or application, the system adjusts to your desired temperature and airflow at the exact location of the remote. This provides occupants in the room with an even more specific level of temperature control and thermal comfort!

Extended Warranty and Professional Installation

While all GREE Multi + Ultra systems come with a product warranty, we recommend looking into an extended warranty from a 3rd party company for even more coverage. In the event that your system malfunctions and requires significant part repair or replacement, this will cover the parts AND any service or labor charges from the HVAC technician.  These warranties are not valid unless the system is installed by a licensed HVAC professional. 

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