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Checkout with Coupon Code: 20-OFF-623
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3 Best Mini Splits for Your Garage

home suburban countryside modern car

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Mini split air conditioners are practical and cost-efficient ways to control your home’s temperature, air quality, and humidity. You may already know about their practicality inside the house, but did you know they are also excellent for your garage?

Explore our top three mini splits for garages and learn tips on choosing the correct product for your garage size and configuration.

How to Choose the Right Mini Split

Whether you intend to buy a standalone mini split system for your garage or use one of your indoor units in an existing 2-zone mini split system, it is critical to pick a product with a suitable BTU capacity for your garage’s dimensions.

The guidelines to estimate the ideal BTU number are typically different for garages than your home’s other rooms. Typically, the garage features less insulation and greater heat gain, making the mini split less efficient at cooling or heating than an adequately insulated room of the same size.

However, garages are not considered living space, so you may not necessarily need the same target temperatures as the interior of your home.

Cool and Heat Your Garage with Our Gree Mini Split!

When choosing a mini split for your garage, the primary factors to consider are your geographical area, your garage’s size, and the insulation level.

  • Geographical area: Depending on your area’s average temperatures in the summer and the winter, consider whether you need a mini split with a cooling mode only or a heat pump with both cooling and heating modes.
  • Garage size: The standard Department of Energy recommendation for calculating your mini split’s ideal size is to use the 20 BTU per square foot rule as a starting point.
  • Insulation level: Most garages do not have the same insulation level as the rest of the house. After calculating the number of BTUs for your garage’s size, add 25% unless it features good insulation like spray foam or fiberglass batts.

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Best Mini Split for a 1-Car Garage: LG LSU090HSV5 Single-Zone 9,000 BTU

Although single car garages aren’t as common in the United States as 2- or 3-car garages, many houses still feature them, providing enough space for a single car or light truck and some space for storage.

Typical 1-car garage dimensions are 12' x 22' (264 ft²), 14' x 22' (308 ft²), and 14' x 24' (336 ft²), which can be adequately climate-controlled with a single-zone 9,000 BTU unit, such as the LG LSU090HSV5.

This Energy Star-rated LG mini split is a high-efficiency heat pump featuring a SEER rating of 23.5 and an HSPF rating of 11.3. The included 3M Micro Dust air filter uses electrostatic charges to keep toxic particulates from entering your garage, increasing air quality and protecting you from respiratory diseases.

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Best Mini Split for a 2-Car Garage: Gree Sapphire Single-Zone 12,000 BTU

The 2-car garage is the standard configuration for most houses in the United States. One of the most common size configurations is 18' x 20', or about 360 ft², although other garages may feature slightly larger sizes, such as 20' x 20' (400 ft²) or 20' x 22' (440 ft²).

For this type of garage, aim for a 12,000 BTU heat pump unit instead of just 9,000, as it will provide you with the capacity to quickly cool and heat the garage year-round.

One of the best choices is the Gree Sapphire, among the most efficient single-zone Gree mini splits on today’s market. This heat pump is Energy Star rated and boasts a SEER rating of 30.5, an HSPF rating of 14, a programmable 7-speed fan, and numerous convenience features.

The Gree Sapphire is also Wi-Fi capable, letting you control your garage’s air conditioning from your favorite smart devices via the Gree+ application.

The Best Mitsubishi Mini Splits for Your Garage

Best Mini Split for a 3-Car Garage: Mitsubishi M-Series MZ-GL24NA 24,000 BTU

3-car garages are large indoor open spaces typically equipped with limited insulation, making them one of the most challenging areas to keep climate-controlled. Average 3-car garages are 32' x 22' (704 ft²), although other configurations include 30' x 30' (900 ft²), 36' x 25' (900 ft²), and 38' x 26' (988 ft²)

If your 3-car garage is less than 900 ft², you can use an 18,000 BTU unit. However, you may prefer using a more powerful 24,000 BTU mini split system, such as the Mitsubishi M-Series MZ-GL24NA.

This unit is one of the latest-generation Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps, featuring the new Nano Platinum filter and INVERTER automatic temperature detection and changeover technology. The Blue Fin anti-corrosion coating protects the outdoor unit from exposure to salt and humidity, making it an ideal choice if you live near the coast.

Keep Your Garage Warm, Dry, and Clean with ComfortUp

ComfortUp is a leading online supplier of mini split air conditioning systems suitable for any room in your house, including your garage. Browse our selection of Boreal, Gree, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, and Rheem mini splits and enjoy access to the most powerful and cost-effective home climate control systems available today.

For more information, contact us at (855) 337-0001 .

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