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Best Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Option?

Best Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Option?

Whether summer or winter, you know that it’s hard to take chances with an old, unreliable AC. So, if you’re out shopping for a replacement, getting the right type of system that perfectly fits your application and budget should be your main consideration. Obviously, if you don’t need a major overhaul of your HVAC system, a central air conditioning system is out of the question. A portable unit is not a good choice either when what you need is a more powerful cooling solution. If this is the case, let’s say that your best choice would be a single-zone ductless mini split unit.

A single-zone cooling solution means it is specifically designed for cooling an individual room. The most common room air conditioners are wall air conditioner and window air conditioner. As its name suggests, a window air conditioner is typically installed in a window with a metal bracket or the so-called sleeve, which is used to keep it steady and properly supported. On the other hand, a wall air conditioner is typically placed on a wall as a mounted unit. Take note that window air conditioners can also be mounted on a wall as a through-the-wall unit. Basically, it is installed using the following procedure:

  • Dig a big square/rectangle hole in the wall
  • Have the sleeve ready
  • Position and attached the sleeve in the hole
  • Make sure that the sleeve is properly attached into the hole
  • Mount the unit in the sleeve
  • Insulate the sleeve and/or the surrounding area of the unit
  • Plug the unit into the power source

Make sure that when mounting the unit, it is properly attached into the sleeve. While these seem to be regular steps, they are not as easy as they look. One the main issues with through-the-wall air conditioners (or window air conditioners, in general) lies on installation. With the need for this bracket support and proper insulation, the installation procedure requires a little bit more work and becomes a little bit more complicated. Improper mounting and incorrect placement of the sleeve might cost you some energy dollars and a good level of comfort. The main effect of an improperly installed bracket is a restricted airflow from the unit. Things might get worse if you have poor insulation in the sleeve, which may result to warm outdoor air coming inside the room. If central air, portable, and through-the-wall air conditioners are no so viable as an option, your best choice would be the wall-mounted ductless air conditioners.

What is a Wall-mounted Ductless Air Conditioner?

A wall-mounted air conditioner is a single-room system. Unlike a central air system that requires ducts, complex installation, and usually works by distributing conditioned air through air vents, a wall-mounted unit is easier to install, less expensive, and can be set to cool a specific room, giving you a better chance of achieving precise temperature.

3 Top Reasons Why You Should Use a Wall-mounted Ductless Air Conditioner?

As a single-room solution, using a wall-mounted air conditioner gives you the benefit of having a system that is:

  • Low-cost but highly efficient. Compared with central air conditioning system and other single-room solutions, a wall-mounted air conditioner is not as pricey. What makes them even better is they are most energy-saving. In fact, some of the most cost-effective and energy efficient systems models are wall-mounted units.
  • Simple and easy-to-install. To install a wall-mounted unit, all you need to do is drill a small 3" opening in the wall and set up the piping and cable system to connect the two main units. With wall-mounted mini split system, you don’t need to spend on and install a typically costly and complicated ductwork.
  • Perfectly complements your centralized AC system. If you have an existing centralized air conditioning unit but face heating and cooling challenges in a single room, a wall-mounted air conditioner would be alternative cooling solution.

How to Install a Wall-mounted Air Conditioner?

Thru-the-wall air conditioners are usually sealed in a hole in the wall. For ductless minis split wall-mounted air conditioner, the compressor/condenser unit is installed in a suitable location outside and near the exterior wall while the indoor unit is mounted and fixed permanently on a wall. Refrigerant piping system and electrical lines connect both these units together. 

To help you find out which one best suits your needs and budget, here are some of the best brands with the top-of-the-line wall-mounted air conditioners.


Gree wall mounted units are some of the finest wall-mounted AC systems that are available in the market today. They work both as air conditioning and heat pump systems and come in different models, namely Sapphire, Vireo and Livo. Many Energy Star-rated and offered with outstanding SEER rating of up to 39.5, these units are all single-zone mini split systems. As advanced ductless solutions, Gree wall-mounted units are highly energy-efficient, environment-friendly, and powered by G10 inverter technology.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi wall-mounted units are available both as single-zone cooling solutions and single-zone cooling and heating systems. Mainly designed to tackle single-room cooling challenges, these units come in different series with different styles and capacities. The Mitsubishi wall-mounted units are also powered by inverter-driven compressors, which make them high performance system and highly energy-efficient comfort solutions for single-room applications. Like Gree wall-mounted units, Mitsubishi wall-mounted solutions are highly advanced units that feature exceptional features, capabilities, and components.


Panasonic wall-mounted standard air conditioners are also split systems that boast of powerful cooling capabilities. Attractively designed, these wall-mounted units appear sleek, slim, and feature innovative components and capabilities, such as flexible twin flaps on its Aero series. Like their main competitors in the market, Panasonic wall-mounted solutions provide quick cooling capabilities and built with powerful inverter technology for high performance and efficiency.


LG wall-mounted systems boast a convergence of aesthetics and functionality, owing to special focus on design and powerful technology. Available as split-type air conditioner units, these solutions are certified highly-efficient and high-performance systems than can ensure maximum comfort and energy-savings. As duct-free, single zone systems, LG wall-mounted models come in different styles, capacities, and innovative features, whether for home or light residential application. LG’s single-zone wall-mounted indoor units are so unique that they are offered in different indoor unit designs—from low-profile-type of system to stylish systems that integrate art as a major design element.

Ductless Mini Split Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners

Keep in mind that structural and budgetary limitations are not supposed to hinder your capability to provide the right cooling and heating solution inside your home. Looking for the best system is just a matter of finding the right system that fits your exact needs and budget. If central air conditioning and other systems are not the best options, going for the wall-mounted air conditioning solution might just be your best route.

As you go out shopping for the best wall-mounted AC unit, remember that comfort and energy-savings should not be compromised. To get the best value for your money, ductless mini split wall-mounted air conditioning systems are the best options. It doesn’t matter whether it is from Gree, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, or LG. Your purchasing decision should rest on what can give you the best comfort that you need, what can help reduce your energy cost, and what can provide you the best savings possible.



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