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Best Window Air Conditioner Reviews

Best Window Air Conditioner Reviews


As the demand for cold runs proportionate with the socio-ecological realities, like the rising mercury level impacting the balance between urbanized lifestyle on one hand and ecological preservation on the other hand, the choice of the right air conditioning system underpins the challenges related to air conditioning system that’s now an integral part of modern life. Nowhere this is more evident than in the United States where three-quarters of the household population use an air conditioner. From 1993 until 2009, according to the US Energy Department citing a figure from a survey, the percentage of American households that use air conditioners significantly rose from 68% to 87%, a staggering figure that reveals the extent of widespread use of AC in the country. Now just imagine that figure growing exponentially over the years. Of course, you can safely bet on a much higher percentage today. The agency, likewise, determines the type of air conditioning system that is prevalently used. It was concluded that aside from centralized air conditioning unit, window air conditioner comes out as the system of choice. Now, take note that the type of air conditioning system used, as the DOE states, varies in different region in the United States. This is understandable when taken in the context of looking at climate differences, household income differences, and variations in housing types among these regions. Centralized air conditioning systems, according to the Energy Department, for instance is more commonly used in the Midwest as well as in the Southern and Western parts of the country. The use of room air conditioners, however, is more prevalent in Northeastern region. Nonetheless, it must be pointed out that between centralized air conditioning unit and window air conditioner, the latter is more popular. Thus, this article examines what the window air conditioner is, what it can deliver, and what are the best brands that you can use.

What is a Window Air Conditioner?

Also referred to as room air conditioner, a window air conditioner is arguably the most commonly used air conditioning system in the United States. Specifically designed for single room application, it works best as a supplementary solution if centralized air conditioning system is not an option. A window air conditioner is a self-contained unit. This means that every component of the air conditioning system—whether it is the compressor, the fan system, the coils, the evaporator, and others—is housed in a single, standalone unit, making the unit a unitary system.

Why Use a Window Air Conditioner?


  • Easy to install. Unlike ducted systems, window air conditioners can be easily mounted on an AC sleeve which is placed and installed in a small hole in a wall.
  • Can be used in any single room environment. Window air conditioners are designed for single rooms regardless of type or location.
  • Augments your existing cooling system. Being designed for single-room application, window air conditioners is commonly used as a supplementary solution to a home’s already existing climate control system.
  • More affordable than other systems. Window air conditioners have lower upfront costs than any other type of air conditioning systems. This notwithstanding the variations on price in terms of size, capacity, brand, or any other price-influencing factors. In fact, while the price range of most air conditioners runs in the thousands of dollars, you can find window air conditioners priced between $150 to $500. With installation costs included, the most you can expect to pay for the lowest-priced window air conditioner is less than a thousand bucks.

What Brands Offer the Best Window Air Conditioners?

Being a common type of comfort system, the window air conditioners are offered by almost all of the top brands, although there are some that are more focused on manufacturing a specific type of AC system. The fact that there are many brands out there make finding your top window air conditioner a little bit difficult. Nonetheless, in no particular order, here are three of the best brands that you can choose from for your next window AC purchase:

Friedrich Air Conditioning

One of the oldest industry leaders in HVAC industry, Friedrich Air Conditioning has the reputation as one of the biggest producers of commercial-grade refrigeration products since the 1950s, although the company has been established as early as 1883. The company’s successful foray in room air conditioning solutions started in 1952 and help itched the Friedrich brand as almost synonymous to durable and energy-efficient room air conditioning products. After moving its manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico in 2006, it became the only North American brand that produces room air conditioners, which only proved its steady rise. Today, Friedrich has one of the best lines of commercial-grade room air conditioners which are made suitable for a variety of applications, including residential. These models range in different capacities (up to 3 tons). Specifically, Friedrich offers two premium lines of highly efficient, durable, and quality room air conditioners—the powerful and highly durable Kühl and the lightweight and energy-efficient Chill®.

Kühl® Series


Kuhl consists of highly advanced industrial and commercial room air conditioner models that are available in three types:
  1. Cooling only (from 5800 to 36000 Btu)
  2. Heat pumps (from 10000 to 24000 Btu for cooling and 8800 to 22000 Btu for heating)
  3. Cooling plus electric heat (7500 TO 36000 Btu for cooling and 4000 to 17300 Btu for heating)
The Kuhl SQ/EQ models can easily fit in a 22" to 42"-wide windows while the Kühl SS, SM, SL, Kühl+ ES, YS, EM, YM, EL, and YL models can fit in a 27 3/8" to 42"-wide windows. Kuhl models also come with the following accessories:
  • FriedrichLink® Wi-Fi Adapter to enable remote and wireless access from computer or smart mobile device.
  • Premium carbon filters with a MERV 6 rating for deodorizing bad odors and eliminating air contaminants.
  • Wireless thermostat which can be used to control up to 8 Kühl units.
  • Communication module that allows seamless communication with the KWW thermostat/management system.
  • Drain kit which is used to catch the condensate that is being released.
  • Window mounting kits for installation

The Kuhl Difference: Rugged, Robust, and Durable Construction

Kühl models are known for being rugged, robust, and durable, making the ideal room air conditioner solution in room environments where the average comfort system would not last. Attesting to its durability, all Kuhl units are subjected to up to 120 successive days of strict performance tests, which include running the air conditioners in excessive temperature environments that are set up inside Friedrich’s UL-certified laboratories. The other important components of these units were extensively tested as well, which include the following:
  • Air flow systems. Strictly evaluated and tested through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), a sophisticated simulation tool that helps visualize the air capability of the air conditioning units.
  • Air filters. Tested and made sure to have the best adsorption capacities to ensure cleaner, healthier, and fresher air.
  • Level of sound generated. Properly measured and adjusted to be at the lowest noise level possible. In fact, Kuhl air conditioners are among the quietest room AC solutions.
  • Control system. Tested and evaluated for operational reliability.
  • Extensively subjected to package-performance tests to ensure that the units would be able to withstand the strains and hazards of transportation, as well as all the associated challenges typically posed by transportation environments.
With the integration of highly advanced technology into their systems as well as the battery of performance tests that they were subjected to, there is really no doubt that Kuhl room air conditioners is one the toughest AC systems that you can own at a reasonable cost.

Why Choose a Kuhl Room Air Conditioner?

Kuhl room air conditioners are designed and built with smart functionalities, excellent features, quality and innovative components, and unique capabilities that enable you to achieve total comfort and convenience. To give you a glimpse of this excellent system, here are some of the cool things about Kuhl room air conditioners:
  • Smart control options for convenience and personalized comfort. You can remotely access, control, and manage Kuhl room air conditioners from computer or any smart mobile device, like your smartphone or tablet and set the unit’s operation using your desired settings.
  • Durable construction and superior components. Kuhl room air conditioners are built using the highest-grade materials.
  • Quiet operation. Built using the sophisticated sound reduction technology, the Kuhl room air conditioners operate at a very low sound levels.
  • Energy-efficient. All Energy Star-rated, the Kuhl room air conditioners also boast of energy-saving components and functionalities.
  • Safe and secure system. The Kuhl room air conditioners are built with EntryGard™ anti-intrusion protection that helps guard against unauthorized access, LCDI power cord that prevents current leakage, aluminum-made protective rear griller that secures the outdoor coil, as well as an insect barrier.
  • Easy installation. Easy to install, the Kuhl room air conditioners can be easily mounted in the window or through the wall and come with excellent installation options.
  • Superior filtration system. The Kuhl room air conditioners have advanced filtration capability, thanks to enhanced air filtration function, quality filters, high MERV rating, and well-designed ventilation system both for fresh air and exhaust.
  • Environment-friendly. The Kuhl room air conditioners use the ozone-friendly refrigerant called R-410A, RoHS compliant, and packed in recyclable materials.

Chill® Series


The Chill® series is a premium line of energy-saving room air conditioners from Friedrich Air Conditioning Company is available in “cooling-only models” with the capacities that range from 5450 to 23500 Btu/h. A Chill+ models, however, are also available, which are best to use as a primary heating source in areas with moderate climates. If you live in a colder region, a Chill+ unit can also work as a great supplement to your existing heating system. in colder climates.  A Chill+ electric heat model has a capacity that range from 7500 to 23000 Btu for cooling and 3850 to 12000 Btu for heating. The Chill units are lightweight room air conditioners that are designed as powerful cooling solution for residential applications. A Chill AC is ideal both for small and large room environment. Energy Star®-rated, these line of energy efficient air conditioners are available in different capacities—from 5450 Btu/h to 23500 Btu/h—enabling you to cool any type and size of room environment, whether it is a small room or large one. Each Chill unit come in sleek design and white color and include a remote control when purchased. The Chill CP06, CP08, CP10, CP12, CP15, CP18, and CP24 models can fit into a window with a width size of 20 1/8” TO 42", while the CP05 model can fit into a 20 1/8" to 36"-wide windows.

Why Choose a Chill Room Air Conditioner?

Just like Kuhl room air conditioners, Chill models are specifically designed by Friedrich Air Conditioning to have the following advantages:
  • Control over comfort. Chill room air conditioners are built with an array of smart control options that include 24-hour timer, 3 cooling and fan speeds, 4-way airflow control, and digital remote control for convenience and customized comfort.
  • Low energy consumption. The Chill room air conditioners are Energy Star-rated and have high energy efficiency ratings.
  • Money-saving capability. Aside low energy consumption, the Chill units have a MoneySaver® setting that helps you manage your energy use.
  • Easy installation. All Chill room air conditioners are easy to install, thanks slide-out chassis, sleeve that’s built into the unit, standard installation materials, curtains on the side that can be expanded, power cord that can run either on left side or right side of the unit, and the flexibility of the system to be installed as thru-the wall or window unit.
  • Better filtration technology. Chill air conditioners are built with advanced, washable air filters.
  • Environment-friendly. Using the ozone-friendly refrigerant R32 refrigerant, the Chill room air conditioners will enable you to reduce your household’s carbon footprint.
  • Secure system. The Chill room air conditioners are designed with EntryGard™ anti-intrusion
  • Protection that helps prevent unauthorized access of the system.
  • Ultra-quiet operation. The Chill room air conditioners operate quietly.



Unquestionably, LG brings the same level of mastery of innovations in electronics systems to its HVAC solutions, eventually emerging as one the top brands in the HVAC industry. While it manufacturers different type of refrigeration systems, LG has one of the best window air conditioners that are available in the market today. Specifically, the company, produced its highly versatile, efficient, and powerful window air conditioning model named LW1016ER. So, let’s take a look, break down, and find out what this system is.

LG BTU Window Air Conditioner (LW1016ER)

Designed with varying speeds and control system, the LG window air conditioning unit can fit into window frame. Available in standard white colors, the unit is ENERGY STAR®-certified, has a cooling capacity of 10,000 Btu/hour, a Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio (CEER) of 12, Energy Efficiency Ratio of 12.1, a 2.7 dehumidification points per hour, and a 280 dry airflow (CFM). The LG window air conditioner also operate quietly with noise level of 52 dBA for the indoor unit and 60 dBA for the outdoor unit. It uses the ozone-friendly refrigerant called R32 and can cool an estimated area of at least 450 square-feet. It consists of an array of features that include a thermostat control, auto-restart function that helps revert the system back to original settings after a power interruption, a 24-hour timer, 3 fan only speed options, 3 fan speed cooling options, filter alarm function, slide in-out chassis feature, slide-out washable air filter,  outdoor or exhaust vent, rotary compressor, turbo indoor fan, energy-saving function, a 4-way air deflection capability, top air discharge, and a standard remote controller.



Lennox is also one of the industry leaders in HVAC manufacturing industry and has been around since 1895. Aimed to provide a low-cost alternative to air conditioning systems, Lennox window air conditioners—also called the Lennox reverse cycle window ACs—are energy-efficient, easy-to-install residential and commercial AC systems that have the following features:
  • Digital display that shows the accurate level of temperature inside the room.
  • Sleep mode functionality that works to adjust the temperature inside the room based on your need while you’re resting.
  • Auto-restart function that enables the system to reset to original settings the power is back on after a power outage.
  • Fresh air circulation function that helps reduce the humidity level inside your room by enabling the system to distribute fresh air.
  • Remote controller that you can use to conveniently operate the system wherever you are inside the room.
  • Turbo mode that helps speed up the cooling/heating process.
  • Uniform air distribution that enables the even distribution of conditioned air throughout the room.
  • Active carbon filter for protecting the system, deodorizing air, and eliminating airborne contaminants.

When Should You Opt for a Window Air Conditioner?

Window air conditioners are best to use if you have a need to cool/heat a single room but looking for a system that works just effectively but wouldn’t cost you a lot of money. If you already have an existing HVAC system at home, a window air conditioner can serve as a supplementary solution to col/heat particular spaces where ductwork expansion is costly, impossible, or just plain impractical.

What are the Things to Consider When Purchasing a Window Air Conditioner?

Aside from aforementioned brands, remember that there are still many other topnotch window air conditioning brands. In the grand scheme of things, brand is not always the primary consideration when it comes to getting the best window air conditioner. There are many important things to consider, such as the size of the place that you need to cool, the amount that you can afford for the project, the climate of the area where you live, and many other things. In the end, when you are out looking for the best window air conditioning system, always consider the option that can give you the best performance, efficiency, savings, flexibility, and ease of operation. In the end, what’s going to matter is your comfort and the convenience that you’re aiming to enjoy.

Looking for the Best Window Air Conditioner? Start Your Search

Overwhelmed by many choices? Bothered by the high cost of new air conditioners? Check out   for your low-cost but highly energy-efficient and powerful window air conditioning options.


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