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Cheap Window Air Conditioners?

Cheap Window Air Conditioners?


Sometimes, choosing the right system is not always about viability or preference. In the real world, our choices over products are also mostly influenced by costs. Take central air conditioning, for instance. There are times when even if it’s structurally possible, it’s just doesn’t feel right for us, financially. So, when you’re in dire need to beat the heat but a ducted system is hardly an option, what would you do? When choosing central air conditioner or any type of a costly system is a tough proposition, going for the window air conditioner is your best option. Why? Because sticking to the most basic, the simplest, and the most available is oftentimes the smartest choice. And window air conditioners are no exception—they are proven, familiar system. And very affordable.

How Affordable is a Window Air Conditioner?

To give you a better grasp how cheap a window air conditioner is, let’s try a few mind-blowing comparisons. One window air conditioner is about a quarter of a cost that you’d pay for one of the latest smartphone today—and we’re talking here the about the most popular brand as sold in the United States. That’s right, a single smartphone is worth at least four times than the average window air conditioner. Four times! With some extra change. Or think about this: you can actually buy a unit of window air conditioner at a cost of a pound of beef. Or 10 pounds of sugar. Or 3 pairs of jeans. Or 2 pairs or running shoes. If you and your partner can afford to eat a three-course meal in mid-range restaurant, multiply the bill three times and that’s about the amount you can expect to pay for single window AC. If you’re a pet lover, the amount it costs you during a single visit to the vet is almost equal to one window air conditioner as well. We can go on and on with these comparisons, but for sure you get the idea. Simple: Window air conditioner can be as cheap or ever cheaper as any of your usual expenditures.

How Window Air Conditioners Are Priced?

Like any type of heating or cooling systems, the price of window air conditioners varies depending on the following:
  • Energy-efficiency. How a unit is capable is saving energy greatly influences the price of a unit. The more energy-efficient the unit, the higher the price.
  • Size of the unit. When it comes to air conditioners, size refers to capacity to heat or cool. The higher the capacity of a unit, the more it is expensive.
  • Features and capabilities. Different models of window air conditioners may be different in terms of built-in features and designed capabilities. The more upgraded the system is in terms of these two aspects, the more the unit is expensive.
  • Brand. Like any commercial product, some brands of air conditioners are more established. The more a brand is known and perceived to have greater value, the more it is able to command higher price.

Why Choose Window Air Conditioners?

Quick to find and not difficult to purchase, a window air conditioner always works when you need it most. Unlike high-cost systems like central air conditioner, you don’t need any type of financing just to buy a window air conditioner. If you have an extra few hundred bucks to a thousand bucks from your budget, it would be enough for you to go to any HVAC store and bring home one later without any hassle at all. Buying it could be an out-of-pocket expense—pure and simple.

How Much Does a Window AC Really Cost?

Estimated Cost BreakdownFriedrich Chill CP05G10A Window AC Cooling capacity: 5,450 BTU Cooling area: 100-150 square foot Friedrich Chill CP08G10A Window AC Cooling capacity: 7,800 BTU Cooling area: 250-350 square foot Friedrich Chill+EP18G33B Window AC Cooling capacity: 17,500 BTU Cooling area: 750-100 square foot First of all, take note that one decent window air conditioner is priced at $150. It can go upward, of course, depending on the capacity. The most that you can pay for one decent, high-capacity window air conditioner is $600. When you throw in the additional accessories, such as the bracket or insulation materials, that normally cost around $10 up to $15 at most, then your system plus accessories expense would range from $160 at the minimum and $615 at the maximum. And then, lest we forget, there’s the costs related to installation. But unlike ducted systems, a window AC is very easy to install and doesn’t need any complex configuration. This makes the installation cost is very minimal. If you have enough knowledge about installing a window AC, then you can forget about this cost. If not, you might have to hire an HVAC professional. At the minimum, the installation costs, which already includes labor cost, would amount to just a few hundred bucks. On the average, you can expect to pay around $300 to $600, depending on the set charges. If you will opt for an average-sized, high-efficiency window air conditioner, the cost of everything—from system and accessories to installation cost—would be less than a thousand bucks. Sometimes, it could go up to $1500, but very rarely unless you are installing a super-high-efficiency window AC. Looking for the Best Pick? Try the Cost-effective Friedrich Chill® Room ACs There are too many window air conditioners that are available in the market. They come in different brands, capacities, sizes, efficiencies, and whatnots. This plethora of choices is both an upside and downside of a window AC. On the one hand, you would not have any difficulty buying one because window air conditioners are always available—whether in an HVAC store, retailer, manufacturer, or even appliance store. On the other hand, having too many options makes it very hard to choice and find the best window air conditioner that fits right for your needs and exactly suits your budget. To help you save you time sorting out the best from the mix, we find it best to discuss one of the best systems that you can consider—the Friedrich Chill® Series of room air conditioners. Friedrich Chill® Series of room ACs are commercial-grade units that are designed to work for residential and commercial applications—regardless whether it is a small room or large one. Built sleek, lightweight, and ultra-efficient, the units in this premium line of room air conditioners are all Energy Star®-rated and come in different capacities that range from 5450 to 23500 Btu/h. While these systems are excellent as a cooling solution in any small or light residential spaces, they are also uniquely manufactured as high-efficiency, high-performance heating system. These units are best to use as a supplementary heating solution especially if you live in areas with moderate to cold climate. As a great option for heating, Friedrich offers Chill+ which consists of units that can effectively heat any room with a size of 300 square-feet up to 1500 square-feet. This Chill+ electric heat models have a capacity that range from 7500 to 23000 Btu for cooling and 3850 to 12000 Btu for heating. With Friedrich Chill® Series, you’ll find an array of cooling and heating systems that are highly energy-efficient, versatile, and feature-rich, and equipped with advanced functionalities that include a 24-hour timer, auto air sweep swing louvers, side air discharge, multiple cooling and fan speeds, ultra-quiet operation, 4-way air-flow control, auto-restart function, digital remote control, and robust and secure system through excellent security features like the EntryGard™ anti-intrusion protection.

Get Your Friedrich Chill Unit from ComfortUp

With Chill systems from Friedrich, you can have a variety of options. These include the CP06, CP08, CP10, CP12, CP15, CP18, and CP24 models that can perfectly fit into a window with a width size of 20 1/8” to 42". If you’re looking for a unit that can fit into a 20 1/8" to 36"-wide windows, then the CP05 model might be a good choice. For your best Friedrich Chill option, ComfortUp offers a unit as low as $305.53. With the original price valued at $339.48, you can have a savings of $33.95. This is model CP05G10A and has a capacity of 5,450 BTU, which is best enough to cool a room with a size of 100 up to 150 square foot with normal insulation, average number of sun-exposed windows, and designed for two-person occupancy. A 115V model, CP05G10A window AC is equipped with excellent features, such as 4-way air flow control, 3 cooling speeds, plus 3 fan-only settings for cooling only models, 2 cooling speeds, 2 heating speeds, plus fan-only setting for electric heat models, auto air sweep swing louvers for balanced air distribution, ultra-quiet operation, check filter alert, and auto-restart. It also uses the eco-friendly refrigerant called R-410A. Additionally, the energy-saving CP05G10A model has a Money Saver setting that enables you to regulate the flow of temperature. It also consists of a washable antimicrobial air filter, stale air exhaust, slide-out chassis, expandable side curtains, standard installation hardware, EntryGard anti-intrusion protection, and a power cord that can run either left or right out of the side of the front panel. The most expensive Friedrich Chill model that is available at ComfortUp (but still low-cost in comparison with other air conditioning systems is the Friedrich Chill model EP18G33B. This window air conditioner has a rated cooling capacity of 18,000 BTU and has a rated heating capacity of 12,000 BTU. With its cooling capacity, it is capable enough to cool a 750 to 1000 square foot room. As a system, it consists of similar advanced components as the previously mentioned model. For more information on Friedrich Chill , you can visit.
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