Simple Ways to Effectively Clean Your Ductless Mini Split?

If you are using a ductless mini split system at home and you want it to keep running smoothly, then cleaning the unit regularly should be one of your top priorities. Keeping your mini split clean at all times will make it last longer and operate better and more efficiently. Just like your other appliances and mechanical devices at home, your installed ductless mini split system can accumulate dirt, dust, molds, and grime. Long-use and exposure to elements impact their physical integrity and affect their efficiency and performance in the long run. As you probably know, a mini split system has two main components—the outdoor compressor/condenser unit and the indoor air handler or evaporator unit. It follows that cleaning the mini split system requires you to take care of both units. If you want to properly clean your ductless mini split system, you might need to observe a couple of pre-cleaning procedures, prepare some cleaning materials, follow certain steps in cleaning the two main components of the unit.


1. Turn the Unit Off

Safety is very important, so before you do anything at all, you might want to make sure that your ductless mini split unit is not turned on or not connected to any power supply. If the circuit breaker is used, you can start by switching it off. For good measure, you can also check the power cable and unplug it from the outlet or the main electrical panel to shut the system off entirely.

2. Make the Cleaning Materials Available

Cleaning your ductless unit doesn’t have to cost you much. Your cleaning materials may have to include a combination of items that you readily have at home and items that might you have to buy if they’re not available at your home. The common items that you can certainly get at home are a damp cloth and a dry cloth, leather gloves, shop vacuum, soap, household cleaners, water, and the water hose with sprayer or water spray. The items that you might have to purchase are fin comb, air conditioner coil cleaner, cleaning brush, spray bottle, wash bag, scrubs, condensate drain pump treatment, and a condensate drain cleaner among others. At ComfortUp, we have several great products available to help you with cleaning your mini split, but you can use materials you see fit.

Cleaning the Outdoor Compressor/Condenser Unit

1. Clear the Debris Around the Unit

Clean the surrounding area of the unit. Remove the dry leaves, twigs, grass, and all objects that you can find anywhere the unit.

2. Wash the Outdoor Cabinet

Wash the outdoor cabinet with the damp cloth. You can use soap and water and rinse afterward. Dry the housing with the dry cloth.

3. Remove the Dirt Collected from the Exterior of the Unit

Remove by hand all the debris that is found in the unit. When large objects are removed, use the water hose or water spray to clean the unit so you can remove all the dirt on the exterior surface. You can use soap and water for cleaning.

4. Scrub and Wash the Grille or Fan Cage

Spray the grille with water and remove as much as possible all the dirt that accumulated in the grille or fan cage. You can use the brush to scrub the whole surface.

5. Clean the Fan Blades.

If you can unscrew the grille, remove it. You will find the blades inside. Clean the blades with the damp cloth. You can use soap. Rinse afterward and wipe the blades with a dry cloth.

6. Clean the Interior of the Unit

Check the inside of the unit and remove all the dirt. Use the dry cloth to clean the interior surface. You can use a vacuum to remove the dust and other dirt inside.

7. Clean Condensate Pan

Check the condensate pan remove any growth of mold. You can wash it with soap or use a bleach solution. Rinse with clean water afterward.

8. Clear the Drain Hose with Dirt

Check the drain hose and remove any objects that might block the free flow of water. Wash it with soap and clean water.

Cleaning the Indoor Air Handler Unit

1. Clean the Exterior Surface of the Air Handler
Wipe the air handler unit with the damp cloth and immediately dry it with a dry cloth.
2. Remove and Clean the Air Filters
Remove the air filters from the unit and remove all the dirt. You can wipe them with clean and dry cloth or wash them with soap and clean water. Either way, you should make sure that you consulted the owner’s manual and followed the stated correct way of cleaning the filters. Also, keep in mind the frequency of cleaning the filters so you would know when to clean it again.
3. Clean the Evaporator Coil
Remove the unit’s cabinet to have easy access to the evaporator coil. Clean the coils by removing all the dirt and accumulated molds. You can simply wipe it with clean dry cloth or use a coil cleaner for more effective results.
Create or Prepare a Cleaning Checklist

For your guidance and easier cleaning, you can create a simple ductless mini split cleaning checklist that details the important components of the unit that you should not miss to clean. Here’s a sample checklist for your reference:

Surrounding Space
Exterior Surface
Grille/Fan Cage
Fan Blades
Unit Interior
Condensate Pan
Surrounding Space
Exterior Surface
Air Filters
Evaporator Coil
Unit Interior
Drain Hose

While you can certainly avail of cleaning services from HVAC professional, it is important to note that cleaning your mini split unit is not a hard task at all. It is a simple chore that you can easily accomplish on your own. Keep in mind that a regularly-cleaned ductless mini split system runs more smoothly, quietly and efficiently. Consider cleaning of your ductless mini split system as an important type of preventative maintenance that will help extend the life of your unit and save you money on costly system repairs or replacement.



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