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Design & Build Custom Mini Split System

For years, ComfortUp has proudly offered customers their choice of ductless mini split systems from the HVAC industry’s most trusted brands. Because every customer's need is different, we decided to take it a step further and give our customers the ability to build their own CUSTOM multi-zone mini split system specifically for their application! Read below to learn more about our custom multi-zone mini split system resources, and then build your own today!

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Multi-Zone Systems and Different Indoor-Air-Handling Units

Ductless mini split systems feature an outdoor condenser connected to one or more indoor-air-handling units by a series of copper wires and pipes. Single-zone systems feature one outdoor unit connected to one indoor air conditioner, while a multi-zone system features upto eight indoor air conditioners connected to the same outdoor condenser. NOTE: for applications needing more than five indoor air handlers, please contact our customer support. Those systems are far more complex and require technical knowledge to design.

Multi-zone systems are ideal for home and business owners looking to create different climate zones in multiple rooms, floors, or areas. Each indoor unit can be controlled independently of the others, meaning that you can adjust the temperature, airflow, and other settings of one air conditioner without impacting the others. Additionally, you can use this to save on energy expenses as you do not need to heat or cool the whole building, you can choose to focus on areas that are being used at any given time.

There are several types of indoor air conditioner units available. Wall mount units are the most common, but there are also floor and ceiling mount units with similar looks. Ceiling cassettes resemble cassette types, as their name implies, and they disperse air throughout the room from the ceiling.

Some ceiling cassette mini splits are recessed, meaning they sit virtually flat in the ceiling. Slim duct units are similar in look to traditional wall-mount units, but they are much smaller and lighter. Concealed mount units are another mini-split type that sit in the ceilings of rooms or closets.

Mix and Match

Each air-handling unit is designed with different aesthetic and functional needs in mind. When you build your own mini-split system with us, you can mix and match different air conditioner styles. This allows you to design the perfect system tailored to your specific needs.

For example, if you are tight on wall space, you could opt for floor or ceiling mounts. You could also choose a ceiling cassette or concealed mount if you do not want the air conditioner to clash with the room’s interior design. You could have a ceiling cassette in a kitchen, a slim duct in the living room, and a wall-mount in a bedroom on the same system … the options are endless!

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How Does Our Build Your Own Multi Split System Work?

We designed a simple questionnaire to guide customers through the process of building their own multi-zone mini-split system. You begin by choosing an HVAC brand. ComfortUp proudly sells mini-split systems and accessories from the industry’s most trusted brands such as Rheem, Gree, Mitsubishi, LG, Boreal, and more.

You then decide on the number of indoor units in your system. This will vary from customer to customer based on specific needs. Outdoor units can typically handle up to eight air conditioners, but this will also vary depending on the condenser’s specifications.  Our builder allows you to select up to five zones.

Next, you must provide the square footage for each zone. Mini-split size is measured in tons and expressed in BTUs (British Thermal Units and they are designed for use in rooms of a specific size to maximize their efficiency.  When selecting square footage, please remember that our size recommendations are based on standard 8-foot ceilings, an average amount of windows and standard insulation.  If your space has higher ceilings or a lot of windows, you will want to consider sizing-up for each indoor unit.  For assistance with selecting the perfect size air handler for each zone, we recommend you have a state-licensed HVAC/R contractor perform a Manual J Calculation on the area. 

The next step involves choosing the type of air-handler for each zone. You can mix and match air-handlers as you please, but remember that there are many factors to consider when selecting air-handling units, such as design wants and space requirements in the area. You can also specify any other needs for your mini-split system, such as extra heating or heightened efficiency.

ComfortUp provides several condenser options and highlights preferred options based on your given answers, and you can select the one you want. At the end, all of the necessary products will be added to your cart. Then all you have to do is go to checkout - AND as an added bonus, you will see automatic savings on your custom made bundle (note this offer can not be combined with other offers).

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Talk to a Trained Product Specialist with ComfortUp Today!

We’re here to help if you are ready to build your own custom multi-zone mini-split system. ComfortUp has a team of highly-trained product specialists ready to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. Give us a call at 1-855-337-0001, schedule a FREE Product Consultation or contact us online today!

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