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The difference between PTAC and ETAC

The difference between PTAC and ETAC

Everything You Need to Know About Gree Engineered Terminal Air Conditioner (E-TAC)
The Difference Between PTAC and E-TAC
When it comes to cooling and heating solutions for hospitality, healthcare, and commercial orresidential facilities, it’s no secret that Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) is the most widely used and relied upon for cooling and heating single rooms. A self-contained air conditioning and heating unit, PTAC is, indeed, the most ideal system for hotels/motels, hospitals, other healthcare facilities, nursing homes, condominiums, apartments, and other single-family dwellings. Because it can be used independently and separately from a centralized HVAC system, PTAC becomes an effective alternative system for rooms with unique cooling/heating requirements. It is also very efficient, easy to install (through a wall), simple to operate, affordable, extremely reliable, and does not require complex troubleshooting and extensive repair when issues arise. But just like the case with other systems, PTAC needs to evolve to cope with new requirements for efficiency and performance. Today, improved versions of PTAC, like the Engineered Terminal Air Conditioner (E-TAC) from Gree, are offering new capabilities that can effectively tackle new cooling and heating issues on top of financial-related challenges that are associated with using an HVAC system.
Why Gree E-TAC Systems are the Ideal Replacement for Your Old PTAC Units?
PTAC systems have long been the most practical AC solution for spplications like hospitality establishments, healthcare facilities, and commercial and residential properties. The old PTAC systems, however, can be considered today as relatively limited in light of the following various factors:
  • As modern lifestyle changes, the people’s need for comfort has evolved.
  • Advanced features and enhanced capabilities of new systems make older PTACs practically inadequate in terms of functionalities.
  • Smart control and sophisticated features that are understandably lacking in older PTAC units are proven more in-demand and essentially needed today.
  • Requirements for energy-efficiency and cost-savings are more important than ever.
  • There’s a much higher demand for superior performance and cost-effectivity on the systems.
  • Room designs and building orientations highlight the need for enhanced flexibility.
In a way, it could be said that E-TAC and other similar type of upgraded PTAC versions are offshoots of an increasing need for engineers/architects, building owners, and tenants/residents to resolve the new modern HVAC challenges, unique applications, and personal cooling and heating preferences.
What are the Exciting E-TAC Features that are Different from Standard PTAC Units?
As a more advanced system, Gree E-TAC is designed better, smarter, and more intelligent than the standard PTAC units. With Gree E-TAC, you have a system that:
  • Helps lower your utility costs by constantly checking the system for operational failure and correcting itself when a fault is detected.
  • Always keeps your desired comfort level according to your preference by automatically reverting back to its previous settings when the unit is turned on after a power failure.
  • Ensures ultimate quiet comfort by having a 2-fan motors and a tangential blower wheel, as well as for allowing the indoor fan to run a minimum of 10 seconds before the compressor.
  • Helps you avoid wasting energy by preventing power surges through delayed restart after a power outage.
  • Makes sure that your room stays comfortable by effectively reducing the humidity indoors.
  • Helps you avoid costly repairs by preventing short cycling through a 3-minute start-up delay on the compressor after power up and between operating cycles.
  • Allows you to personalize your comfort through adjustable settings that you can control through dip switches and the digital keypad.
  • Protects your room from freezing temperature by automatically turning on the fan motor and electric heater when the water pipes freeze.
  • Ensures that you will consistently enjoy warm comfort even when the outdoor temperature gets too cold by automatically switching to electric heating.
  • Makes sure that you can quickly achieve warm comfort when the room temperature falls to 5°F (2.8°C) below the set point temperature by activating the electric heater instead of running the compressor.
  • Allows you to precisely achieve your desired comfort by choosing from a set of temperature, mode of operation, and fan speed on the touch pad, as well as monitor the set temperature on the unit’s LED.
Enables you to program the fan system to run according to your desired operation. Aside from the aforementioned features, Gree E-TAC ensures that you will:
  • Be able to avoid the sick building syndrome. Gree E-TAC has unique vent system that enables you to enjoy up to 75 CFM of fresh outside air inside the indoor room. This outdoor air ventilation system prevents you from experiencing the so-called sick building syndrome that is often a result of inadequate ventilation.
  • Have complete control over your comfort. Gree E-TAC can be connected to a wired or wireless wall thermostat, which gives you more options to freely and conveniently program the unit according to your desired comfort settings.
  • Enjoy hassle-free installation and maintenance. Gree E-TAC is designed for easy, through-the-wall installation. It comes in standard industry size that makes it easily fit into most 42-inch x 16-inch wall sleeves. Additionally, it is very simple to maintain. It has LED onscreen display for easy troubleshooting as well as easy-to-access and cleanable lifetime air filters and condenser coil. It also has blue fin coating technology for easy rinsing of coils.
If you own or are running a hospitality business, assisted living facility, or a residential building, then you must be aware that everything boils down to providing comfort—whether for your guests, senior residents, or tenants. When things are stripped down to basics, you can’t deny the fact that, ideally, much of your goal has a lot to do with creating the best living atmosphere for the people that you cater to and accommodate. A core part of creating value for your business is providing the best cooling and heating comfort that everyone needs. Choosing the right system, therefore, is very important. With Gree E-TAC, you are provided with an efficient and high-performance cooling and heating solution with all the upgraded capabilities of the PTAC system—and a lot more. Available in 7000, 9000, 12000, and 15000 sizes with an EER ratings of up to 12.2, Gree E-TAC is a proven energy-efficient PTAC model. Boasting of an array of features and powerful functionalities that you would not normally get from a typical PTAC unit, Gree E-TAC is made available to help you consistently meet the demands for maximum comfort and convenience, as well as your business’ cost-saving requirements. Gree ETAC comes standard with the appropriate power cords. With other brands, the power cord is sold separately. Gree E-TAC is also protected by an industry-best five-year limited warranty. Additionally, if you choose to purchase an E-TAC unit, you will enjoy two-year parts and labor limited warranty, three years additional parts and labor coverage on the sealed refrigeration system, and a limited three years (years 3-5) parts-only coverage.
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