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Electrician repairing air conditioner indoors

DIY-Capable Mini Split Installation Guide

Electrician repairing air conditioner indoors

Are you looking for an efficient way to cool and heat your home without having to install ductwork? Using a DIY-capable mini-split from Boreal could be the perfect solution. These compact, energy-efficient, and budget-friendly systems are easy to install and can provide reliable heating and cooling year-round. This guide will take you through the steps to install a DIY-capable mini split so that you're ready for any weather.

Understanding a DIY-Capable Mini Split System

A mini-split system is an air conditioner and heater rolled into one product. It's called a split system because it has two distinct parts. An indoor unit like the Boreal Brisa 24,000 BTU wall mount single zone ductless mini split, that rests on the wall provides either warm or cool air based on its setting. This part is also called an air handler. An outdoor unit rests on the ground or is bolted to the wall. This section contains the compressor, which is the workhorse component of the entire system. It heats or cools the air as necessary. With piping and wiring connecting the two sections, you have a system that's efficient and quiet.

When you purchase this type of system, such as a Boreal mini split, you'll notice there are no ducts to set up. Unlike central air systems, mini splits don't use ducts because the air handler pushes the air directly into the room from the exterior unit. You can choose to purchase a single-zone system or a multi-room setup.

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Getting to Know the Mini Split Parts

Basic tools around the home are all you need to install the best ductless heating and cooling system. Some of the tools required are a drill, drill bits, and a hole saw. Be sure your system comes with indoor and outdoor sections, a piping/wiring set, a bracket, and corresponding fasteners. Ideally, ask a friend to help with the installation. One person can be inside, with the other person helping out on the outside. It makes the installation more efficient when you can connect the lines from the interior to the exterior without running around the entire property on your own. Be aware of the electrical connections as these can be hazardous and always have licensed electricians handle all electrical requirements. This is especially true in the case of adding the mini split to an open circuit on the electrical panel so that there's enough current for daily operations.

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DIY-Capable Mini Split System Installation

Select an area to install the system. Ideally, choose an outside wall with no immediate obstructions, such as bushes or trees. Keep in mind that the air handler and outdoor unit like the Boreal Brisa 24,000 BTU single zone ductless mini split, must be on adjacent sides of this wall. Use a stud finder to locate the wood beams within the wall. Drill four holes into the studs on the interior wall so that you can mount the air handler's mounting bracket.

Depending on the model of your Boreal DIY-capable mini split, drill a hole either to the left or right of the installed mounting bracket. Make sure this hole has a downward angle to it so that condensation can drain to the exterior. This pilot hole gives you a starting point to run the piping and wiring between the interior and exterior units.

Use a hole saw to cut a hole over the pilot hole on the interior wall. Repeat this process on the exterior wall. Remove any obstructions, such as drywall pieces and insulation. There should be a clear hole from the inside to the outside now. Insert the piping and wiring set into the hole. Feed it through the hole so that you have half of the line on the interior and the other half hanging outside. Repeat the mounting bracket steps on the exterior of the home for the outdoor unit. Then, attach the air handler to the indoor bracket, and connect the outdoor unit to its bracket. Attach the line set to each unit. You will need to have a licensed electrician connect the system to power and test its operations.

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Enjoying Your DIY-Capable Mini Split System

With a proper installation under your belt, your DIY-capable mini-split system should operate with ease. Simply take care with each step so that no part or adjustment is overlooked. These easy-to-install ductless mini split systems have a range of benefits and keep you comfortable in any season.

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