Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner in Miami?

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner in Miami?

Air conditioning as being synonymous to comfort couldn’t be more true in a sunbelt city like Miami. Located in one of the hottest and most humid states in the country, it is hard to imagine the place rising to what it is today without air conditioners. Like the rest of Florida, the eventual growth of the Sunshine State was practically ushered by the introduction of air conditioners sometime in the 60s. With a new means to survive the scorching heat, the place became more habitable than ever, leading to a surge in population. With a greater demand for air conditioning, the high utility bills become a natural concern for Miamian households. In fact, Florida currently is in the top 5 of those states that consume the largest amount of energy. But then again, no matter the cost of energy, the cost of air conditioning takes much of the family’s monthly budget because of constant usage and the high level of temperature that puts strain on the unit. Essentially, there’s more need for a powerful and high-efficiency air conditioner in Miami. While the extreme need for temperature comfort and energy-efficiency make Miami unique in so many ways, there’s one other factor that makes owning a really good air conditioner a must for every home at 304—health safety. Why? Because in this hot and humid coastal area where the mercury level can reach up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, cooling option is more than a necessary luxury—it’s a matter of survival. In July this year—the hottest single month so far on record—Miami registered an average temperature of about 85.7 degrees, surpassing the previous record of 85.5 degrees which was felt in July 2010. With the unpredictable climate just getting weirder and fiercer each year, many experts sounded alarm that the number of heat-related deaths might spike up in the coming years. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma which battered and devastated most of the Florida Keys and the Caribbean in August 2017, good air conditioning unsurprisingly surfaced as one of the topmost needs by the survivors. With the power lines destroyed, everyone felt helpless in the midst of lack of electricity and and the excessive heat and humidity. It worsened as the days gone by. Tragically, among those counted in the death toll which has caught public attention was the death of 8 nursing home residents in Hollywood, Florida. With no power and air conditioning, all the victims were presumed to have died of heat-related causes. Other residents were treated for dehydration, heat exhaustion, and other heat-induced illnesses. And so, whether you’re a local Miamian or an out-of-towner, having the most powerful, energy-efficient, and truly effective air conditioner is needed to stay comfortable, lower energy bill, and mitigate serious risks to health due to an excessively hot weather. Unfortunately, while you can use traditional air conditioning systems like the typical central air and window units, living in warm weather places like Miami requires you to use a more effective, energy-saving, and robust air conditioning system that can withstand the hot climate year-round. Currently, there’s one type of cooling solution that perfectly fits the bill—the ductless mini split system.

Ductless Mini Split: Ideal Air Conditioner for a Miami Home

In Miami, the temperature challenges are too high that it’s downright impractical to go for a mediocre cooling solution. When you have to beat the heat almost every day and pay a consistently exorbitant energy bill at the end of the month, then having a good and properly working air conditioner is not enough. You need something better other than what your existing conventional systems are capable of providing. Like many other warm weather states in the country, at least 86 percent of Florida homes use central ACs according to a report by the US Energy Information Administration. While this has been a tested cooling solution, it’s no secret that using a central air conditioning comes with a range of issues, whether in terms of system flexibility, costs of ownership, and the level of temperature comfort that it provides. With ductless mini split systems, you will have an easy answer to these challenges.

Achieve Stable and Consistent Temperature

In Florida, where single-family homes and apartments are the common housing types, window units and central AC systems are ubiquitously used. But as many can attest, these hot and cold spot issues are pretty much very common as well. This is a situation where some rooms get hotter or colder than the rest of the house, which is largely a result of inefficient airflow distribution by the ducted AC system. The typical causes of this problem are leaky ductwork and poor insulation. The worst part is the fact that you can’t do anything about it because you have no real control over the system. What you can do is simply to crank the thermostat up and down, which in many situations, even causes arguments among members in the family due to different temperature tolerance and preferences. In the case of Miami residents, the extreme weather temperature also greatly contributes to the poor performance of the unit because the system is usually strained and forced to work harder compared to the same units that are used in locations where the climate is relatively cooler. In other words, temperature inconsistencies spoil your comfort expectations because the system can hardly achieve a hundred-percent cooling. With ductless mini split system, you would not have any of these issues. As a non-ducted system, mini splits will enable you to directly place the unit where you exactly need it and effectively manage the temperature in any specific area that needs stable and consistent cooling. Take note that mini split systems are designed for more effective targeted cooling, which make them very reliable in providing comfort in spaces that can’t be conditioned by your existing central air system. It comes with a range of smart control options as well, and these allow you to set the unit to your desired temperature without affecting the level of temperature in the rest of the house.

Forget Ductwork Issues…You Can Install a Mini Split Anywhere

One of the main complaints with conventional air conditioners is the lack of versatility. In many cases, the used of ducted systems creates predicaments when you decide to condition a certain room which is out of the path of your home’s existing ductwork. It could be a garage, a sunroom, a man cave, a converted shed, a pool house, a home gym, or any repurposed space that you might want to use as an additional livable space inside your house. Even if, let’s say, you’ll find a workaround, don’t forget that it comes at a cost. The more complicated the work that’s required, the costlier it gets. With ductless mini splits, you would have none of these headaches because the lack of ductwork requirement makes them very easy to install anywhere you need to. In fact, you can install them seamlessly in any parts of your house, whether as a primary cooling solution or as a supplementary cooling unit.

Lower Your Energy Bills

High energy cost is a real concern in places where the air conditioning unit is used almost year-round. And it’s no different in Miami. Based on the data released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the electricity costs paid by households in the Miami area has increased from 10.8 cents/kWh in November 2016 to 11.9 cents/kWh in November 2017. Although these amounts are still less than the national average (13.6 cents/kWh), it does not negate the fact that the electricity consumption has a huge impact on the overall family budget. Interestingly, space cooling is responsible for the highest percentage of a typical household’s energy consumption. In a place like Miami where an air conditioner is used on a daily basis, you can just imagine the amount electricity bill that homeowners have to pay every month. With that said, owning a truly energy-efficient air conditioner is really essential to lower the utility bills. Unfortunately, most traditional air conditioners that are commonly used in the Miami area are not as energy-saving as the ductless mini split systems. Remember that air conditioning systems vary in terms of energy-efficiencies, and most of these systems are not actually built for extreme climate conditions such as that which is normally experienced in Miami. As a result, the units get strained operationally and consume more energy than necessary. And more likely, many homes are currently using traditional systems that are 10-15 years old already which are not working as efficiently and as powerful than what’s needed. If you are one of these households with an aging cooling system, what makes sense is replacing the system with a more energy-saving air conditioner. And when you do, you need not look far. A ductless mini split is your smartest option. Mini splits are specifically designed as high-performance and high-efficiency systems. This means that they are built with energy-saving components, features, functionalities, and capabilities. They are also usually available with high energy-efficiency ratings. With all of these, you can be certain that using ductless mini splits will help you save more energy while getting the maximum comfort that your family needs.

Flexible Application: Single-zone and Multi-zone

Combining and even surpassing the advantages that you get both from the central air system and window-type units, ductless mini splits can be used in two-ways: single-zone installation and multi-zone installation.

Single-zone Mini Split Application

In the single-room configuration, you are basically installing the mini split system as a specific cooling solution for an individual room. By design, a single-room mini split installation only requires one outdoor compressor unit and one indoor air handler unit along with the other components, such as the refrigerant line, power cable, and condensate drain line that are used to link both of main units together as a single, powerfully integrated air conditioning system. Basically, the goal is targeted cooling. Given the Miami climate, this option is more advantageous than using a typical room air conditioner that delivers a much lower level of efficiency and performance. The best thing about ductless mini splits when used as a single-room cooling system is you will not only achieve the best level of comfort possible but will also be able to effectively condition rooms, and this is normally difficult to do when you use a ducted system.

Multi-zone Mini Split Application

In a mini split multi-zone configuration, you are installing the system using one outdoor compressor unit and a number of indoor air handlers that are mounted in each individual rooms inside your home. Unlike central air systems, your mini split multi-zone application enables you to have more control over your comfort and energy usage because you can easily set the temperature and manage the indoor unit independently from the others. In short, you can operate the system using different temperatures for different rooms and even turn the individual units on or off depending on your family’s needs. If you need to cool a specific room, definitely your best and most cost-effective option is a single-zone mini split system. Conversely, if you need an easier-to-manage and cost-saving whole-home comfort system, then a multi-zone mini split would be an excellent alternative or supplement to the central air system.

Why Choose a Gree Mini Split

Due to its innovative capabilities, a mini split system is actually one of the most advanced air conditioning technologies right now, and it’s not surprising that the top AC brands are offering a range of different models with varying features and capabilities. It’s easy to get confused with this plethora of choices, but if you really want to get your hands on one of the best mini split choices available, then you should go for any of the Gree mini split models. Compared with the mini splits from the other brands, the Gree mini split solutions are relatively more powerful, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, cost-effective, and feature-rich. Overall, the Gree ductless models offer the best value for money, providing excellent performance and energy-saving capabilities. If you are living in Miami, then this is definitely the right climate control solution for your home. Take note that the Gree models are all built with high-efficiency refrigeration, airflow, and control systems. They also come with outstanding energy-efficiency ratings (41 SEER, 16.7 EER, and 15 HSPF) including an Energy Star certification. Powered by the powerful G10 inverter, the Gree mini splits can give you precise cooling operation and help you reduce your heating and cooling energy consumption by up to 65%. Choosing a Gree mini split unit for your cooling needs at home gives you the advantages of a highly advanced air conditioning system that promises you with the best cooling comfort experience and lower energy consumption.

Get Your Gree Mini Split from ComfortUp

Gree mini split units are available in different HVAC stores, distribution centers, and even e-commerce sites that carry the brand. There’s nothing wrong with availing the system from any of these sources, but if you need a hassle-free purchase that allows you to get the unit immediately including free installation and maintenance without upfront cost, then the ComfortUp’s concierge service is the best place to go to. A major distributor of a range of mini split brands, ComfortUp offers a range of mini split brands through this concierge service where you basically enter into a contract for a system purchase. Similar to a subscription model, you will only have to pay a monthly payment option which starts at $67 a month. The agreement includes free delivery of the system, free installation, and even free maintenance. Basically, the ComfortUp staff will handle everything for you. The contract also includes an extensive 5-year warranty coverage on the labor for repairs as well on parts and compressor replacements. For more information, you can visit .
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