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Home Office Air Conditioners

People’s work lives are changing, and as flexible working schedule, home-based business, and telecommuting emerge as among the biggest trends among professional workers over the years, it’s not surprising at all that home office has become more valuable than ever—a necessary home amenity that we all expect to be as conducive for work as possible. And when we’re talking about a comfortable home office, we’re not simply describing a cozy, well-organized work area propped with all of the stuff we need to do our business. It means having a space where we can stay as long as we need to and churn out things as smoothly as we can without being stressed out by any type of uncomfortable climate inside. Because let’s face it, if you happen to have a home office, it’s most likely a room that is originally designed for other purpose other than being a truly livable area. It could be a converted or renovated space; or maybe a room addition. In fact, most home offices are repurposed spaces, such a garage, a basement, or even an attic which are usually difficult to heat or cool due to the lack of connection to the centralized home HVAC system. To resolve the need for air conditioning, many turn to systems that are readily available and commonly used, such as space heaters or room air conditioners. While these systems may work according to their limited capacities, they are mostly not powerful enough to give you the exact needed comfort that you expect to have in a workspace environment. Just like any traditional systems, these piecemeal HVAC solutions are often noisy when running, which is a big downer when quiet is what you’re after. Worse, these typical heating and cooling units are known energy-hogs. They consume too much energy when used, which naturally would have a huge impact on your energy bill. With all these said, your best option is a powerful, energy-saving system that can work both as a cooling and heating system. And as far as the available cooling and heating systems today are concerned, nothing meets these basic criteria for your home office other than the ductless mini split air conditioner.

Why Ductless Mini Split System is Ideal for Your Home Office?

It is important to emphasize that your home office is supposed to be an ideal environment for work. It must be a place where you will be able to work as comfortably as you can—climate-wise, which means it doesn’t have to be too hot during the hot days or too cold during the cold days. The last thing you need is working in a place where you can’t really concentrate due to harsh temperature, noisy AC operation, poor air quality, and high level of humidity inside the room. And so, when these things become overarching issues, you know that the importance of having a more effective and efficient heating and cooling system at home can never be overstated. Quite simply, with ductless mini split system, you would have none of these concerns. And here are the 5 reasons why:
  1. Easy to Install: No Need for Costly Connection to Your Ducted System

Designed compact and not requiring the usual ductwork, mini splits are very easy to install, which is perfect especially if your home office is a repurposed room with a limited space and completely out of the path of your home’s HVAC duct network. Instead of spending good money in extending the ductwork just to accommodate this space, using a ductless mini split will save you a lot of money and dollars. With this split-type AC system, you will only have to install a perfectly unobtrusive air handler inside your home office. Because the compressor unit sits outside, it does not only help you save space but also help you get rid of the annoying noise that we all normally endure when using the traditional, self-contained units like a window air conditioner. If your home office is detached from your main house, this makes mini split system even more applicable and cost-effective.
  1. Year-round Comfort: Stay in the Room Any Time You Want Regardless of Weather Condition

When you’re working from home, you normally work based on your own pace and schedule. And so, you can’t really say when you will have to be in your office or not most of the time. Sometimes, the workload may be too big or too small, but the point is, your home office has to be comfortable enough for you to stay whenever you need to. With a ductless mini split system, you will be able to use your home office any time of the day or any day throughout the year regardless of the season. Why? Because when it comes to performance, a ductless mini split functions both as an air conditioning system and a heat pump solution. Keep in mind that many mini split models are designed to provide cooling or heating comfort even during extreme weather condition, a capability that only makes this system completely ideal for your home office. Just imagine now being able to stay at your office even when the outside weather is at sub-zero temperature because you have a heating solution that can keep you warm despite the climate. Of course, this is something that you would not be able to do if you are using an average room air conditioner.
  1. Energy-efficient: Lower Your Utility Bills

Here’s a fact: air conditioning is responsible for most of your energy consumption at home. And having another room that needs to be air conditioned only increases your energy use, which in turn results to much higher electricity bills. By using a highly energy-efficient cooling and heating system like a ductless mini split instead of energy-hog systems like room ACs, you will be able to save more energy and money. In fact, using mini splits can effectively slash your energy use by at least 20% up to 50%. Now, how about if you extend your existing ductwork to your home office? Even if that’s possible, your energy bill would still skyrocket because it means your home office will consume energy even if you’re not using it. With a ductless mini split, you will have better control not only of the room temperature but of your energy use as well. Why? Because you can choose to turn the mini split on or off anytime you need to without any impact on the temperature comfort that your centralized cooling or heating system provides. Through this regulated use of energy, you can be assured of lower energy bills. Now add the fact that ductless mini splits are naturally energy-efficient units as attested by their high energy-efficiency ratings and you would have the benefit of owning a certified cost-saving cooling and heating solution.
  1. Quality Indoor Air: Breathe Clean, Healthier Air

Ductless mini split systems are also very effective in terms of humidity control and providing quality indoor air. This would be very helpful if you’re expecting you home office to be totally comfortable for you while working. Also known for having better filtration technology, the mini split systems are also very efficient in filtering out airborne contaminants, assuring you of a clean, healthy air.
  1. Protection for Your Work Stuff: Keep Your Documents and Other Valuables in Best Condition

 Most of the time, home office does not only function as a place for work, but also serves as a storage space for some important items and documents. In fact, many people even use their home office to store valuable possessions that have no chance of withstanding moisture, humidity, and even the growth of molds and mildew when placed in a non-climate-controlled environment. Some of these things normally start to crack, curl, shrink, stick, accumulate dust, become rusted, lose their original colors, or just totally degrade in quality when kept just anywhere inside the house. By having an efficient cooling and heating system for your home office where these items can be stored, you will be able to shield them from fluctuating temperatures that cause all kinds of damage and deterioration. With all these advantages coupled with greater performance and efficiency, a mini split system is not only your best alternative to traditional systems but certainly your best choice as a cooling and heating system for your workspace at home.

Time to Jumpstart Your Mini Split Project

Whether you’re working from home fulltime or just have some side jobs that you like doing at home over the weekends, you know that having a comfortable workspace at home is something that you can’t afford to live without. And through the years, the increasing value ascribed to a home office environment has effectively shifted the focus from just having a functional workplace to having a comfortable one. This makes having an effective climate control system for your home office very important. Of course, there are many options that you can use or choose from, but when it comes to home office application, ductless mini split system is the most efficient and cost-effective option, even trumping all other systems in terms of enhancing your comfort level while reducing your energy costs at the same time. For the best selection of ductless mini split air conditioners for your home office, you can visit or call us at 1-855-887-0280 for inquiries and assistance.



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