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3 Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems for Commercial Buildings


With energy prices constantly rising, every business wants to maximize its energy efficiency to lower costs. One effective way to reduce energy consumption is to reevaluate your heating and cooling system. HVAC systems vary in energy efficiency, features, and performance, requiring due diligence to select the best option for the needs of your commercial property or business.

Disadvantages of Central Air/Heating

Central air-conditioning and heating systems that use ductwork have several disadvantages compared to more modern mini split systems. These include loss of cooling or heating power through leakage, conduction to adjacent surfaces, and increased maintenance requirements. Ducts can accumulate dust and airborne allergens, requiring routine cleaning to maintain high-quality indoor air. The presence of stale air can also cause an unpleasant odor due to a combination of microbial volatile organic compounds and carbon dioxide.

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Commercial Mini Split Systems

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A standard mini split system comprises two major components: the indoor air-handling unit, which cools your home, and the outdoor condenser/compressor unit. Mini split systems are divided into two subcategories: single-zone and multi-zone.

In a single-zone mini split system, one indoor unit can cool or heat one room. You can use this to supplement a central air/central heating system that does not provide adequate air conditioning capabilities to a specific location. Alternatively, there may be commercial buildings where one room requires heating or cooling as a priority, such as a server room or supply space with sensitive equipment.

However, a multi-zone mini split system is the best choice in many commercial buildings. Multi-zone mini splits have multiple air-handling units, allowing you to control the climate in several rooms at once. For example, a 4-zone mini split can cool four rooms simultaneously. A multi-zone mini split is ideal if you need to regulate temperatures in offices, board rooms, conference rooms, and reception areas at once.

1. LG Multi-Zone Mini Split

LG is a multinational manufacturer of premium electronics, including high-quality mini split ductless HVAC systems. LG multi-zone mini split systems are renowned for their reliability and low energy consumption to power ratio, ensuring your commercial heating and cooling bills won’t skyrocket. 

The LG 36,000 BTU Quad Zone Wall Mount Ductless Mini Split System provides four indoor air-handling units, each with a BTU rating of 9,000. Suitable for commercial buildings, the LG uses a variable-speed compressor to ensure that your energy costs are kept to a minimum, a 3M Micro Dust filter to keep particulates to a minimum, a self-cleaning evaporator coil for easy maintenance, and a 24-hour on/off timer.

2. Gree Multi21+ Dual-Zone VIREO 24,000 BTU System

The Gree Multi21+ Dual-Zone VIREO is a 24,000-BTU system ideal for cooling two areas simultaneously.

Using the company’s patented G10 inverter-driven compressor technology and environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, the VIREO has a seasonal energy-efficiency rating (SEER) of 21. At this rating, you can rest assured that the VIREO will meet your cooling needs without exceeding your energy budget. In addition to reducing energy usage, the G10 also reduces noise.

However, energy efficiency isn’t the only factor when selecting a suitable air-conditioning system. The VIREO’s compact, sleek design is also compatible with a variety of décor.

If you’d like to remotely control the VIREO’s temperature settings using your smartphone or tablet. As long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to control the system remotely with a push of a button.

3. Mitsubishi 42,000 BTU MR SLIM Quad-Zone Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of air conditioning systems, and the MR SLIM Quad-Zone Ductless Mini Split is part of the MXZ Series.

Providing 42,000 BTUs, the MR SLIM Quad-Zone allows you to cool four rooms individually. The MXZ series can cool between two and five zones, depending on the model. This is ideal for businesses where multiple offices need to be cooled simultaneously. As individual preferences determine the ideal office temperature, multi-zone systems can satisfy a variety of workers.

As with the other models on the list, the MR SLIM uses R410A refrigerant for a more eco-friendly approach to heating and cooling.

Mitsubishi uses an inverter-driven compressor to maximize energy efficiency. The system only uses the energy needed for cooling or heating, reducing waste.

Mitsubishi Electric also offers a remote controller that allows you to adjust the temperature and fan speed. You choose from four different settings: cool, heat, auto, and dry. A ductless system, the MR SLIM is easy to maintain and clean.

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Cooling Your Commercial Building

Whether you need to protect delicate equipment, keep merchandise fresh, or ensure your employees’ comfort, a multi-zone mini split air conditioning unit is one of the best solutions to the problem of climate control in a modern commercial building.

When it comes to the ideal office temperature, individual preferences vary considerably. Some workers will invariably find a universal temperature setting too cold, whereas others will find it too hot. Selecting an air conditioning system that lets you cool separate rooms individually allows you to bypass these problems and focus on your work.


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