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Everything You Need To Know About Gree Livo

Everything You Need To Know About Gree Livo

Introducing Gree Livo+ Ductless Mini Split System — The Powerful, Efficient Climate Control Solution Ideal for Raising your Comfort Level While Keeping Your Energy Costs Low

Old, clunky, energy-hog HVAC system started slowing down, or leaking, or making noise? Have a space that needs a supplemental HVAC solution? You know it's time; now you need to explore your options.

You probably have already scoured online, talked with friends and family; maybe even made a trek out to a few 'big-box' stores. Trouble is, you really don't know what you should be looking for, or how you determine what's the right comfort solution for you. Sound familiar?

Well, we're here to help, and we're glad you've found us. Now, let us offer a recommendation that so many in your situation have found very helpful.


We proudly introduce you to Gree Livo+... a G10 inverter-driven, high efficiency, high-wall ductless mini split heat pump, which you might just find to be one of your very best options. And it comes at a great price. But that's just the start....

What does Gree Livo+ deliver?

Superior Technology at Work
As is true with Gree’s other ductless mini split solutions, Gree Livo+ delivers powerful capabilities that only advanced technology can pull off. Designed and built around the ultra-powerful G10 inverter and variable compressor technology, Livo+ is more intelligent than ever, capable of controlling the speed of the compressor and regulating the electricity that it consumes. As a result, it can give you just the right amount of heating or cooling that you expect, using only just enough power that it needs. Additionally, Livo+ is effective when it comes to managing energy usage, making it easy on your wallet.

Powerful Performance, Compared to Low Energy Draw
Let's say your desired temperature is already achieved. Most traditional systems use 100% of energy during their running cycle, which actually is wasteful. Then they usually shut down, and wait for the thermostat to sense enough of a temperature change to then trigger the next full-force cycle, again and again. Here's where G10 inverter-powered Livo+ differs. Livo+ efficiently and quickly brings rooms to proper temperatures, and then use a tiny fraction of only the precise amount of power needed to run continually at a very controlled rate, maintaining a constant comfortable temperature. Here's the amazing part: that continual stable comfort runs at LESS THAN 1W of electricity! That makes for serious energy savings compared to other systems.

Stable, Consistent Temperatures Inside, Whatever the Outdoor Weather
Gree Livo+ has a jaw-dropping cooling capacity ranging from 0 to 115°F, and a heating capacity that ranges from -4 to 75°F. During extreme seasonal weather, your Gree system will reliably maintain the set indoor temperature to within ±0.5°C. In winter season, even at its coldest and when your home is unoccupied for instance, it will just run in the most efficiency way it can, giving your home a maintained temperature 8°C (or around 45°F) at a minimum.

Convenient Comfort While Keeping You in Control
Available in a full range of capacities, Gree Livo+ is equipped with features that enable you to set your choice of fan speed and adjust the temperature level and airflow. You can also choose how long the unit will run through the time settings. For maximum comfort during warm, humid conditions, you can select the dry mode function to enhance the unit's capability to remove moisture. All these are aided by the convenient, easy-to-use wireless remote controller (or an optional wired wall-mount controller if you prefer) to keep full in control right at your fingertips.

20% More Energy Savings Year after Year
Gree Livo+ packs a combination of high efficiency ratings, energy savings features, and optimum heating and cooling capacities that ensure you’ll be able to keep your electricity costs low while consistently getting the best level of comfort. It is Energy Star-rated and designed with an energy efficiency of up to 16 SEER, 10.55 EER, 9.0 HSPF, and 3.5 COP. With Livo+ at your command, know that on a monthly basis you can put a serious dent in your power bill. Many very satisfied LIVO+ customers have reported on average about 20% more savings in annual energy costs, compared to their original fixed speed air conditioner (or other conventional system).

Livo+ Runs So Quietly that If There Will Be Any Noise, It’s from You Sleeping Soundly
Capable of operating at as low as 28 dB(A) in terms of sound pressure level (about the level of a whisper), Gree Livo+ does its job quietly and reliably in the background, whether running in low, medium, high, or even turbo speed. Meaning, you can stay rested and comfortable, or even sleep soundlessly, without annoying disturbance.


In summary: With heating and cooling costs eating up the largest chunk of your energy use, your Livo+ purchase & installation will positively affect that portion of your family budget from that point forward. feature-rich Gree Livo+ is an excellent choice that can give you peace-of-mind and full confidence in knowing that, compared with traditional systems, it can give you more energy savings, and more uniform comfort, year after year. Livo+ is an awesome dollar-for-dollar overall value, and a very savvy option. Like all our G10 inverter-driven fine quality systems, choosing the high-performance Gree Livo+ is a very prudent move on your part. It can provide you more overall long-term benefits, both in comfort and in energy savings, day-in and day-out. You may find yourself asking, "Why didn't I do this sooner?..."

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