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Everything You Need To Know About Gree Rio

Everything You Need To Know About Gree Rio


Introducing Gree RIO Ductless Mini Split System — Your Energy- and Money-saving Solution for Single Zone Heating and Cooling Comfort

How many times you had to whittle down your 'real needs' shopping list, or miss out on better options, because the price is going to make way too big a dent in your already tight budget? Let’s face it -- all too often, cost is the overriding factor in determining your purchasing decisions, and it sometimes compels you to compromise on something you really want -- or worse yet, NEED!. So how do you make a practical choice when your (and your family's) personal indoor comfort is on the line? Remember that when your consideration for cost trumps your preference for value, you’ll only end up getting less. Also, realize that this level of purchase is a long-term proposition... or more correctly, an investment that you'd like to not only make sense, but save you money over the entire service life. That's where Gree's RIO G10 Inverter-driven Heat Pump System fits perfectly into the equation. It gives budget-focused consumers the best combination of price, savings and value. This compact, cost-effective, reliable and energy-efficient system can give you optimal comfort AND savings ... all at an incredibly affordable price.
With Gree RIO you’ll get MORE than what you pay for...
More Efficiency, Even More Savings With an excellent efficiency rating of 16 SEER across all capacities, Gree RIO can easily reduce your energy consumption and help lower your electric bill. The powerful G10 inverter-driven technology integrated into the system, plus an array of energy-saving features (such as sleep mode, low voltage start-up, intelligent defrost, and other functions) all help to make this system one of the most energy-saving and cost-effective personal comfort solutions available today. More Consistent Operation, Better Comfort Experience Gree RIO is equipped with advanced capabilities that make the system perform at a much higher level than comparable systems. It is robustly built and smartly engineered with the very latest in innovative HVAC technology -- such as, whisper-quiet multi-speed air handler fan motor, corrosion resistant blue fin condenser coil, adjustable airflow, Fahrenheit (°F) and Celcius (° C) display, low ambient cooling to 5°F (208-230V systems), and other advanced features. Like all GREE mini split systems, RIO uses eco-friendly R410A refrigerant, which minimizes its carbon footprint. good for you, and good for the environment. Smarter Control, More Convenience Gree RIO gives you precision control over your room or zone comfort through its easy-to-use, intuitive infrared remote controller that comes standard with the system. This convenient device features a distinct set of control functions including --  
  • set temperature to your personal comfort level
  • adjust fan speed, and airflow vertical direction
  • switch between heat and cool
  • set a sleep mode function that gradually adjusts temp lower during your sleep cycle
  • clock, light, timer, memory ... and others
  -- all to enable you full control as to your optimal comfort experience. More Sophistication, Better Reliability, Lower Cost of of Ownership Gree RIO has proven itself to be reliable, efficient, and economical to operate. Each durably constructed RIO system is highly resilient and has an outstanding record of performance, and with minimal basic maintenance, can serve your needs for years to come. It's also designed to blend well into most any living space, giving you a more aesthetically flexible solution, not to mention a quiet system as well. gree-rio-2 Imbued with advanced solid-state components and cost-effective features and capabilities, Gree RIO is an ideal, budget-focused system that can give you both extraordinary comfort and solid value as a single room or single-zone system. RIO is available in 115V 9,000 and 12,000 BtuH and in 230V 9,000, 12,000, 18,000 and 24,000 BtuH configurations. Remember, that ComfortUP also offers direct financing through our reliable partner BREAD. For more information, follow this link.


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