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Gree UMatch

Gree UMatch

Introducing Gree U-MATCH Heat Pump Series — Your Flexible, All-environment Climate Control Solutions for Commercial Applications
If you are managing a commercial or light industrial facility, consider these questions:
  • Does your current climate control system adequately provide enough of a sense of comfort to your workspace?...And if so, at what dollars-and-cents cost? And energy cost?
  • Does it adversely affect the performance of the employees it's meant to serve?
  • Might it actually negatively impact the efficacy of your office or workspace operations?
Suffice to say, the adequacy of your facility’s indoor environment comfort definitely can have a direct impact on not just your employees' productivity, but also the competitiveness of your business as a whole. And this brings us to perhaps the most pressing question(s): What is a better option for my situation? What climate control system should I choose? With advancements in technology happening at a frenetic pace, environmental control systems that were 'models of efficiency' just five or ten years ago are now more like ravenous dinosaurs that likely are eating into your energy costs, and probably impacting your company's productivity in ways you haven't really even thought of. Today's state-of-the-art workspace environment management systems are better and smarter designed, more powerful, far more efficient, way more cost-effective, and much more eco-friendly.
If you’re ready to invest in your company's overall productivity, Gree’s U-MATCH series, a next-generation inverter-driven heat pump system is one of the smartest moves you can make!
Offering you three sleekly designed indoor options—Ceiling Cassette, Slim Duct, and Universal Floor/ Ceiling-mount units—Gree U-Match Series can ideally match your specific heating and cooling needs, regardless of the size of your commercial space and no matter the nature of your required application. Ceiling Cassette A high-performance system, this is most commonly the preferred choice for those who are not sure what kind of solution will best fit their commercial facility. Designed for flexibility, it’s perfectly capable of acclimatizing commercial indoor space whether it is relatively small, mid-sized, or needs to adequately serve an expansive open area. Thanks to its discreet mounting 'footprint' you can easily install it in suspended ceilings in any room without appearing obtrusive. With only the decorative discharge grille visible, it blends in so well that the heart of the workhorse system virtually disappears into the drop ceiling. And with its intuitive hand-help IR remote, all the control you need is right at your fingertips. (Optional wall-mount 'tethered' controller available; sold separately.) Slim Duct Highly flexible and at just under eight inches high, this can be an ideal solution for spaces with limited access, like above closets and/or storage areas. But don't let the slim-case design fool you; this powerful yet compact unit can effectively acclimatize the room by placing it above the surface of a suspended ceiling or in closet space. You can also duct this system to any inconspicuous wall or ceiling grille, when it makes sense to do so. When installed, it looks almost completely concealed, other than perhaps the discharge grille. When using this system, you can choose where to direct the return air (whether from the rear or from the bottom) and what type of grille or diffuser to be used for optimal aesthetics. Wall-mount wired 'tethered' control included. Universal Floor/Ceiling Slender, lightweight, and completely flexible, this is another excellent pick if your space is very limited. This model can be suspended from a ceiling or mounted low on a wall. Aesthetically elegant, it can adapt to virtually any environment, and is often the preferred choice for restaurants or small commerical or retail spaces, or even in hallways. It's also a great fit beneath display windows or above doors, and suits light commercial applications ideally. Intuitive, easy-to-operate IR remote control included.
And what do these remarkably powerful yet discrete systems offer?
  • Quiet performance. Noise affects productivity. With U-MATCH heat pump's low-noise operation, your workers and employees can finally stay 'in the groove' and get more work done without the distracting noise generated by a typical air conditioner (which typically does not also heat, by the way). When in operation, the system only emits a minimum sound of 37 db(A) and 53 db(A) at the maximum; at the low end, that's pretty close to a whisper.
  • Better, broader air distribution. Nothing beats balance, and you could say the same thing with Gree Ceiling Cassette’s answer to uneven temperature. It discharges air in four directions, ensuring that the air is properly yet quietly distributed throughout the full range of your workspace.Slim-case cassette and ceiling/floor-mount units and do an exceptional job of dispersing and circulating conditioned air throughout the space.
  • Well-balanced airflow. Featuring multi-fan speed and adjustable swing louvers, each of the three models enable you to choose how much airflow is discharged to adequately accommodate your workspace square footage.
  • Advanced recovery and security features. Sophistication goes a long way for Gree Ceiling Cassette. After every event of power failure, once power is restored the unit intelligently returns to its its previous memorized operational settings. Additionally, you can use the IR remote controller to activate the Lock Mode function to make all the buttons inoperable. This will prevent unauthorized access or tampering with the system’s settings.
  • Easy-to-clean, highly advanced air filters. Using low-maintenance, easy-to-clean, but highly engineered air filters, Gree Ceiling Cassette ensures that you’ll get superior indoor air quality all the workday long.
  • Smart control over your comfort. When it comes to sophisticated HVAC systems, more control means greater convenience and contributes toward more energy savings. Gree U-MATCH modes come with smart IR remote controllers (ceiling cassette and ceiling/floor-mount models) or wired wall-mount controllers (slim-case model). Optional tethered controllers sold separately for cassette and c/f-mount models.
  • Always clean, always clear condensate line. To help prevent bacteria and/or mold build-up in condensate, Gree U-MATCH air handler units include an internal condensate drain pump which reliably moves water to a safe location.
Effective climate control is a critical component of commercial space management. Using powerful and highly efficient systems like Gree’s U-MATCH gives you all the flexibility you need to enhance your climate control infrastructure. Best-tailored for different commercial applications, each of the three available U-MATCH units can adapt readily to any indoor environment. Buyers often design their systems using more than one model style, whether for structural and/or aesthetic purposes... or both. Powered by Gree’s energy-efficient G10 inverter and a variable speed compressor which eliminate the stop-start operation typical of fixed-speed systems, U-MATCH systems can significantly improve the comfort level throughout your facility, AND help you cut your energy consumption in the process. It can also heat or cool your space down to 5° Fahrenheit or -15° Celsius. Additionally, the system uses ozone-friendly R410A refrigerant, making it your best “green” option... 'one more feather in your company cap."
Gree's U-MATCH systems are a great alternative to the popular wall-mount option of ductless mini split and might just be exactly what you need... a powerful inducement to help improve your workspace environment and potentially enhance productivity, while saving on your energy costs. Its a really smart move. 



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