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Everything You Need To Know About Gree Vireo+

Everything You Need To Know About Gree Vireo+

Introducing the Gree Vireo+ High-wall Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump — Your All-weather, All-season, Inverter-driven Heating/Cooling Solution for Consistent Year-round Comfort and Energy-savings

Cognizant of ongoing challenges in home comfort, HVAC global leader Gree introduces the ultra-powerful and energy-saving Vireo, an inverter-driven heat pump system that can consistently and reliably cool/heat your room no matter the weather and regardless of the season—year-in and year-out. Amidst the reality of changing weather patterns and skyrocketing energy rates, a zoned climate control system like Vireo serves as an ideal solution without any need for compromise, either on cost or comfort.

Why Choose Vireo+?

Very few systems do it better than Vireo+ —keeping your home comfortable, giving you energy savings, and reducing your utility costs in more powerful and efficient ways that you wouldn’t not get from traditional systems. Here are some of the best reason why Gree Vireo is a smart choice: gree-vireo

More Warm Comfort, Less Energy Use, Big Energy Savings

A powerful heat pump system, Gree Vireo will give you more heat without consuming too much energy. It will only cost you 1/3 of the electricity that you would normally consume if you’re using an electric heater. Specifically, it gives out a little more than 4 watts of heat for every watt of electricity consumed, an exceptional thermal performance and energy-saving capability that can surely bring you the best level of warm comfort and energy-savings.

More than just a Heat Pump—It’s a Powerful Cooling Solution, too!

Gree Vireo+ is as much an air conditioner as it is a heat pump, making it your perfect all-weather and all-season comfort system. From being used as a heat pump during winter, you can easily reverse its operating mode to work as an air conditioner. As a cooling system, Gree Vireo is a certified high-efficiency cooling system. Boasting up to 23 SEER, it is perfectly capable of helping you achieve energy savings while being used during summer.

Made for Extreme Weather

Extreme weather? No problem. Gree Vireo+ can help you survive severe weather conditions. Unlike most regular systems that are deemed ineffective and inefficient when the temperature reaches a certain point, Vireo offers far better threshold. It can heat your room even when the outside temperature is at subfreezing point of -4°F and can cool the place even when the outdoor climate reaches 115°F. With a maximum heating and cooling capacities of 34,600 Btu/hr and 33,600, respectively, Vireo proves to be highly capable of providing you consistent, maximum warm comfort regardless of how cold or hot the climate is.

What Makes Vireo+ an Excellent Option?

Like any of the systems included in the GREE family of mini split solutions, GREE Vireo is specifically engineered and designed using some of the most advanced HVAC technologies available today. It may not be the only advanced heat pump system that you can get your hands on, but it’s a class of its own, thanks to the following:

  • G10 inverter. Departing from the overused, less-efficient fixed-speed operation of traditional compressors, Gree Vireo+ makes use of the powerful advantages of one of the most advanced inverter technologies today—the G10 Inverter. Operating at different capacities, the integrated G10 inverter makes it possible to control the speed of the compressor, and consequently regulate the temperature. This eliminates the energy-wasting start/stop cycles that are typical of average systems. Through the G10 inverter, Vireo is able to quickly reach your desired temperature without consuming too much energy. This in turn, enables you to achieve maximum comfort, higher energy-efficiency, significant costs savings in terms of electricity consumption.

  • A range of energy-saving features. As if the amazing efficiencies that the G10 inverter are not enough, Gree Vireo+ is packed with energy-saving features that help you save money on electricity bills. The system, for instance, can automatically slow down when the room temperature already reaches the set point (Energy Saving Mode). It can even monitor frost build up on the outdoor coil and automatically defrost when necessary (intelligent defrost).

  • High-quality components. Gree Vireo+ is also built with powerful components that further boost its operational performance. Inside its robust, heavy gauge steel frame construction are the outstanding internal workings of an array of components such as the blue fin condenser coating that helps protect the unit from the corrosive effects of weather elements and the washable and economical polymeric air filters that help protect the system and improve indoor air quality.

  • Smart control options. Packed with advanced functionalities, Gree Vireo+ brings personalized comfort to a whole new level, providing smart control options that allow for easier operation of the system and results to a better comfort experience. This couldn’t be more evident than on the level of convenience offered by such features that enable you to choose the fan speed (Multi-fan Speed), adjust the direction of airflow (Adjustable Airflow), run the unit at ultra-high speeds to quickly achieve the desired temperature (Turbo Mode), program the unit to turn ON or OFF after a specific period of time (Timer Mode), decide on what mode the system will operate (Mode Button/Operating Mode), make the unit adjust the room temperature while you are asleep (Sleep Mode), and even program the unit to adjust the temperature according to your need by enabling it sense room temperature at the remote controller instead of at the indoor unit (I Feel Mode). All these are made possible by the easy-to-use and multi-functional infrared hand held remote controller that comes with the unit. An optional XK-41 wired controller is also available. Additionally, the Vireo+ system is Wi-Fi-capable (with an add-on accessory). Through the dedicated app, you can control the unit from your smartphone or any compatible smart mobile devices (Smartphone Interface).

  • An array of functionalities that ensure a reliable and secure system. As a highly advanced system, Gree Vireo is designed with an array of features that make it one of the most reliable and secure climate control systems today. These features bring powerful functionalities to the system, which include the capability to prevent cold air from blowing into the room when the unit is turned on (Intelligent Pre-heating), keep the room from getting too cold (Room Freeze Guard Protection), automatically diagnose itself or system errors (Self-diagnosis), reset to the last operating when the power is back after a power outage (Power Failure Mode), operate quietly at a sound pressure level as low as 26 dB(A) (Whisper-quiet Operation), and even prevent unauthorized accessed to the system (Privacy Lock Mode).

gree-vireo-2 Highly innovative, energy-efficient, and cost-effective, Gree Vireo is a uniquely advanced climate control solution that is perfectly capable of meeting all your cooling and heating challenges. On top of all the smart features and advanced capabilities, Gree Vireo exhibits veritable versatility through its unobtrusive design which makes it fit perfect—aesthetically or structurally—into any type of home décor or room environment. Slim and compact, you easily can hang it inconspicuously on the wall where it would naturally blend. Moreover, Gree Vireo is your greener option, thanks to the ozone-friendly R410A refrigerant. Remember that there’s power in consistency, and it holds true with climate control systems. With Energy Star-rated Gree Vireo, you’ll experience one of the most consistent heating and cooling capabilities no matter the weather, the season, the time of day, or the month of the year. Quite simply, Gree Vireo delivers in ways that enable you to cut your energy use, save more money, lower your utility costs, and experience the best comfort possible.


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