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Everything you need to know about Mitsubishi Cooling Only Systems

Everything you need to know about Mitsubishi Cooling Only Systems

Introducing Mitsubishi Ductless Single-zone Cooling Comfort Systems—Your Cost-effective and Efficient Climate Control Solutions for Defined Home Spaces
There’s no better luxury than the comfort of a well-conditioned space inside your home. But however ingenious most air conditioners are made, structural limitations make things difficult to maximize the efficiencies of these systems. In fact, it’s not unusual for homes with traditional cooling systems to tackle, at some point, any or both of these two single-room challenges:
  1. Cooling specific areas that are just too large to get acclimatized by a limited airflow.
  2. Cooling room additions or areas—like basements and garages—that are renovated as new livable spaces but can’t be practically connected with the existing ductwork.
If you’re facing similar challenges, then take note that unbalanced temperature and the limitations brought by duct networks, or lack thereof, are all-too-common predicaments. This doesn’t mean that you’re not without options. Specific, tailor-made solutions like ductless mini splits have long been around to help you hurdle these cooling challenges; and systems for defined, single spaces like Mitsubishi ductless single-zone cooling solution are the best way to go.
Overcoming Single-room Cooling Challenges with Mitsubishi Ductless Single-zone Solutions
Probably the most striking benefit of single-zone cooling solutions, like Mitsubishi ductless single-zone systems, is to create a perfect workaround when your existing system is deemed ineffective when it comes to cooling specific rooms. As a unique solution, these systems can work in three ways:
  1. As a replacement. If you have an inefficient zonal cooling system, like a wall air conditioner for example, then a Mitsubishi ductless single-zone unit might be a good replacement. In terms of performance and energy-efficiency, Mitsubishi ductless single-zone systems are way better compared with average wall air conditioners or even the typical ceiling units.
  2. As a supplement. A single-zone cooling system is the most economical and practical to implement if you want to manage and control the climate of a specific room without resorting to a major home HVAC system overhaul. The application is perfect for spaces that can’t be reached by the home’s duct network, like new rooms added into a house or existing rooms converted into a new living space.
  3. As a new cooling solution. If you’re renovating your home or building a new one, then choosing the Mitsubishi ductless single-zone solution for a specific room might prove more economical and advantageous. The application frees you up from the requirements of installing a ductwork or connecting the new system to the existing one. And the best thing is, you can have full control over the room’s climate—choosing to turn it on or off whenever you want without affecting the temperature in the rest of the house.
Why It’s Smart to Go with Mitsubishi Ductless Single-zone System?
In view of the cooling challenges that homeowners contend with on top of operational limitations of traditional systems, Mitsubishi’s ductless single-zone systems provide unique solutions, enabling you to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Precise Temperature Control, Customized Comfort. As a zoning solution, Mitsubishi’s ductless single-zone systems enable you to suitably cool a defined home space; allow you to freely control the temperature whenever you want to; and empower you to achieve a more personalized kind of cooling comfort.
  • Powerful Cooling, Enhanced Comfort. When it comes to cooling performance, ductless mini split systems like Mitsubishi ductless single-zone units can cool better. Technologically advanced, these systems can cool larger spaces and operate at higher capacity when cooling and distributing conditioned air. They provide precise temperature control, enabling you to enjoy just the exact level of comfort that you need.
  • Energy-efficient, Cost Saving. Typical of ductless mini split systems, the Mitsubishi ductless single-zone units consume less energy even when cooling your room at full capacity and at longer period than traditional systems. Using these systems also eliminate the usual issues related to loss of cool air. This is a typical occurrence if you are using a traditional system because the ductwork is always prone to leaks. On top of these efficiencies are the high SEER ratings and Energy Star certification that serve as further proof on why these systems are the most ideal and cost-effective solution if you’re looking to drastically cut your utility bills and save more money in the long term.
  • Easy, Low-cost Installation, Versatile Applications. The lack of requirement for ductwork makes Mitsubishi ductless single-zone systems very easy to install. You no longer have to worry about the costly, bulky, and often structurally invasive ductwork. All it takes is a simple mounting of an indoor unit and the placement of outdoor unit. Unlike the ducted systems, installing these units only require a small opening in the wall where electrical wires and the refrigerant lines that connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit pass through. Due to their compact size and unobtrusive designs, they don’t take up a lot of space and can be placed almost anywhere in the room.
What Makes Every Mitsubishi Ductless Single-zone System a Powerful Cooling Solution?
Like the rest of Mitsubishi Electric’s products, the single-zone cooling solutions have a wide range of features that contribute to the systems’ high performance and efficiencies. Some of these are the following:
  • Inverter-driven compressor technology. Enables the system to regulate the speed of the compressor and use only the exact energy needed.
  • Auto-restart. Programs the system to automatically restart when the power is back on after a power outage.
  • Dry mode. The system can be switched from cooling to dry mode to dehumidify the air inside your room.
  • Side discharge. Providing more installation flexibility, the system has an air discharge placed on the side rather than on the top.
  • Econo cool. This feature enables you to adjust the airflow distribution depending on the air outlet temperature. You can even set the system to run at 2° F without any impact on the level of comfort.
  • Multi-layer, anti-allergen filters. These effectively eliminate airborne contaminants inside your home, ensuring cleaner and healthier indoor air. These filters are washable and can last up to 10 years.
  • Adjustable vents for multi-directional airflow. The vents of the unit can be remotely adjusted individually. This enables you to direct the airflow to any part of room.
  • Environment-friendly components. The system is built with recyclable components and uses the ozone-friendly R410A refrigerant.
  • Lockout. The system has a security lock button as safeguard against tampering.
  • Wide vane. A wider horizontal air distribution feature which are available in some indoor units.
  • Start/Stop timer. A feature that enables you to set your system to start up or shut off at a pre-selected time.
  • Wireless remote controllers. Dedicated, smart handheld remote controllers that help you control the system with a simple switch of a button.
  • Smartphone interface. Wi-Fi-enabled, the system can be connected to the internet and be remotely controlled from any smart mobile device.
Despite the advancement in HVAC solutions, there remains some cooling challenges that home owners continue to grapple with. With the changing lifestyle making significant impact in the way people approach comfort, it’s not surprising that the simple, clear-cut methods to cool a home leave a lot to be desired. The limitations posed by every home’s varying structural setup as well the cost considerations associated with ductworks all contribute to the frustrating lack options to resolve common issues, like hot spots in some areas of the home, as well as the unfeasibility or impracticality of extending ductwork for renovated spaces or room additions. It is against this backdrop that Mitsubishi’s ductless single-zone systems come in, offering excellent solutions for single-room applications through targeted cooling. Single-zone systems abound in the market, but there’s no better option than going for top, known brands that have long been at the helm. When it comes to cooling solutions, Mitsubishi Electric is at the cutting edge of innovations, offering higher-efficiency, high-performance, and eco-friendly cooling systems for single-room applications. Mitsubishi Electric has a wide selection of “single-zone cooling only” Ductless Mini Split Systems. It's important to remember that these items do not have a heating option so you'll want to keep that in mind, especially in relation to your geographic location. For further inquiries, you can also contact their customer care hotline: 1-855-337-0001.
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