Everything you need to know about Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Systems

Introducing Mitsubishi Hyper-heating™ Heat Pumps—Your Ductless, High-efficiency, Year-round Solutions for Any Room, in Any Climate
Today's winter climate is harsher than ever, and as the temperature keeps plunging year after year, your heating source's performance will determine how well you can achieve the comfort you need and how much energy you can save while staying cozy at home. With Mitsubishi Electric hyper-heating inverter™ heat pumps, you can have year-round comfort even during extreme climates without too much energy expense. mitsubishi-hyper-heat-systems

Pioneering Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) Technology

In recent years, while innovations in cold climate solutions have been among the definitive changes seen in the HVAC industry, Mitsubishi Electric emerged once again as the towering leader, introducing Hyper-heating inverter (H2i) technology that led to the production of heat pumps tailored-fit to provide you with the following excellent benefits:
  • Warm Comfort even at -13° Fahrenheit. Hate the cold? Dreading the below-zero wind chill? Can’t stand the extra layers? Fret not. These hyper-heating solutions use an enhanced compressor system that can keep you comfortable even when the outside temperature plummets down to a sub-zero level of -13° F.
  • Industry-leading Efficiencies. Available up to 30.5 SEER, these hyper-heating systems offer you significant energy savings. That’s right, they can freeze your soaring energy costs, too. With their highly advanced energy-efficiency capabilities, the heat pump units go beyond the ENERGY STAR's minimum requirements for efficiency, effectively qualifying them for the much coveted ENERGY STAR Tier 2 level.
  • Superior Heating. Now you don’t have to be overly bundled up. These systems can provide you with 100% heating capacity at between 0° F and 5° F outdoor ambient, and up to 85% heating performance down to -13° F outdoor ambient. With these levels of indoor heating, you would almost forget that the freakish winter chill is blowing just right outside your door.
  • Quiet Operation. These hyper-heating systems operate at very low sound levels. The indoor units only produce 19-34 decibels. That’s barely a whisper!
  • Super-high Cost Savings. As a ductless solution, these hyper-heating solutions would not require you to use ducts nor spend on typical fuel sources like oil, gas, or propane which are mostly associated with the traditional heating systems. They are also powered by the inverter-driven compressor that regulates their use of energy. These features, along with the tax incentives and rebates that you will be qualified for, will enable you to significantly reduce your utility bills and save more money in the long-term.
  • Complete Control Over Comfort. As a mini split system, these hyper-heating systems provide zone control, enabling you to only heat the room you want and choose the temperature you prefer. This will not only save you energy but also give your family members an option to enjoy any temperature they desire. Additionally, any of these hyper-heat solutions would be a great supplement to your existing system, especially if you have rooms that you want to use, like a garage for example, but cannot be connected to the duct network.
  • Total Convenience. Aside from easy installation due to the lack of requirements for the bulky ductwork, these hyper-heating heat pumps exhibit intelligent capabilities that will enable you to personalize your comfort. They can be installed unobtrusive to any design and can be seamlessly integrated with any climate control system. Each system also comes with smart remote controllers and sensor that enable you to easily control the unit and regulate your usage in whatever way you prefer.
Smart, Powerful Features for Efficient Operation, Easy Control, and Maximum Comfort
As a highly advanced cold climate solution, Mitsubishi Electric hyper-heating systems are packed with intelligent capabilities that include the following:
  • Inverter-driven Compressor. Ensures precise temperature control by automatically sensing room temperature and adjusting the speed of the compressor. In other words, it only uses the energy needed. This significantly helps in reducing your energy consumption.
  • Hot-Start Technology. Quickly delivers warmth when turned on. This reduces drafts and enables you to enjoy the warm comfort immediately.
  • i-see Sensor™ 3D. Reads the room temperature, senses your heat signature to find where you are located, and then adjust the indoor climate accordingly to give you the right amount of warm comfort.
  • 3-Part Filtration System. Provides-action filtration through the washable hybrid catechin pre-filter, platinum catalyst deodorizing filter, and blue-enzyme anti-allergen filter. These filters work together to provide you with a healthier breathing environment by removing airborne contaminants like allergens, viruses, and bacteria.
  • 7 Horizontal Airflow Directions. Provides 150° of lateral airflowfor greater air circulation.
  • Double-vane Air Delivery. Helps maximize airflow and enhance air circulation by enabling you to set each vane individually.
  • Intelligent and Multifunctional Wireless Controllers and Sensor. Ensure that you will have easy and convenient control over the units. Each of the system comes with the handheld remote controller, wired wall-mounted remote controller, and a wireless receiver. As additional options, you can also have the wireless wall-mounted controller, portable central controller, and an outside air sensor for monitoring outdoor air temperature and humidity.
  • Redlink™ Internet Getaway. Connects the unit to the internet so you can remotely access the system either from your PC, smartphone, or tablet. This is perfect if you have a busy lifestyle but still want to control how your heating source performs.
  • Built-in Base Pan Heater. Prevents freezing of defrost discharge inside the compressor.
Not all heat pumps are designed to deal with subzero climate. So when the temperature plunges down to super low outdoor ambient, you can’t expect a typical heating system to give you the best warm comfort you expect. So as today’s cold weather is getting colder and colder, and your level of comfort and tolerance are declining faster than those crumbling ice in the Arctic, you know that you’ll have to do something with your heating source. With Mitsubishi Electric hyper-heating inverter™ heat pumps, you can ensure that you'll have consistent warm comfort without worrying about high-energy costs. High-performance, cost-effective, and highly advanced, these systems can finally let you put those duvets away and still stay comfortably warm even in the dead of winter. While Mitsubishi Electric hyper-heating inverter™ heat pumps are referred to as hyper-heating systems due to their excellent heating capabilities, they are not all about heat. As ductless mini split solutions, they can work both as a heat pump and air conditioning systems. Meaning, they can also effectively cool just as they can excellently generate heat.


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