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Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Systems

Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Systems

Everything You Need to Know About Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini Split Specialty Systems
Introducing Mitsubishi Specialty Systems—Your Powerful, Energy-efficient, and Cost-effective Cooling and Heating Solutions for Rooms with Limited Wall Space and Design Considerations
When buying an air conditioner, most people don’t get it right for two simple reasons—either they forgot what they really needed or didn’t know what they were looking for at the onset. These are tough mistakes that you might want to avoid. If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, what’s supposed to influence your buying decision is not just how cutting-edge and powerful the system is, how awesome and cost-saving the features are, or how the unit fits right into your budget. More importantly, you must also decide based on how the system meets your specific needs and application. In other words, always consider on the basis of why you need it in the first place and where you need it for. For specifically unique applications, Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini split specialty systems offer you an alternative option, providing you a perfect workaround over common HVAC challenges—like space limitations and aesthetic considerations—that you can’t normally tackle with traditional systems.
What are the Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini Split Specialty Systems?
Mitsubishi specialty comfort systems vary in the type of application, size, configuration, and installation. Purposely designed to accommodate different unique application requirements, these systems include indoor units that are identified as:
  • Horizontal-ducted. Designed low-profile, unobtrusive, and require very little ductwork, you can practically conceal these units in the ceiling or in the floor. If you’re constructing a new home, these would be great to try.
  • Ceiling-cassette. Also superbly unobtrusive, these compact units can be placed discreetly in a hard ceiling and no one would even notice. They don’t need any ductwork, too. All you need is a small access panel for servicing purposes or you can simply fit them into a 2ft x 2ft drop ceiling.
  • Ducted air handler. Perfect for large areas, these durable, multi-position systems are capable of providing up to three tons of cooling and heating. Despite their solid, galvanized metal-made cabinet frame, these units can be disassembled and reassembled on site and be installed vertically or horizontally even in cramped spaces.
  • Floor-mounted. Designed for areas with a limited space, these units can be conveniently installed on the lower wall, directly on or just above the floor.
When It’s Best to Use a Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini Split Specialty System?
Highly-efficient and powerful, Mitsubishi mini split specialty systems are best to use if you are:
  • Grappling with hot and cold spots.
  • Renovating your home.
  • Constructing a new house.
  • Replacing your HVAC system.
  • Looking for a flexible solution for residential or light commercial applications.
As their name suggests, these specialty systems are made for specialized applications. They are most ideal when:
  • Extending the existing ductwork is impractical and costly. Expanding the ductwork when you want to cool or heat a converted space often requires complex and costly adjustments.
  • The ceiling access is not available for ducting. Some ceilings are just not designed for an effective ductwork, either because access is not possible, the space is too narrow, or the retrofit is just plain impractical.
  • There’s a limited wall space. Not having enough wall space for an indoor unit is a common problem, especially if the room that you want to heat or cool has space and aesthetic considerations.
  • The central HVAC system is not your best option. Even the widely popular central HVAC system falls short at some point, especially when you have a unique need or application.
What are the Direct Benefits of Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini Split Specialty Systems?
Mitsubishi mini split specialty systems do not only offer a simple, cost-effective fix for uncomfortable spaces, but also provide you with the following benefits:
  • Zoned, year-round comfort. The systems enable you to independently control the temperature in every room in your house and enjoy maximum comfort all-year-round.
  • Precise temperature control. Supported by highly advanced HVAC technologies, these systems have a range of smart options that enable you to achieve the most precise level of temperature comfort.
  • Energy-efficiency and cost-savings. Powered by inverter technology, these systems use the minimum energy required without impact on performance. Given this excellent degree of energy-efficiency, coupled with SEER ratings that go as high as 30.5, you can expect significant cut on your electricity bills.
  • Easy, non-costly installation. You wouldn’t be hassled by the cost and installation complexities that are normally associated with traditional systems that require bulky ductwork.
  • Convenience. Being highly flexible, these systems can be installed in a variety of ways, applications, set-up, and configurations in all types of room or space. They can be installed anywhere—from floor to ceiling or any tight spaces.
What are the Unique Features of Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini Split Specialty Systems?
Built with powerful features, Mitsubishi mini split specialty systems are highly touted when it comes to efficiency, performance, and control over comfort. Among the systems’ most notable features are the following:
  • Highly-efficient, inverter technology. Helps adjust the speed of the compressor and fan to maintain the desired temperature by only using the exact energy needed.
  • Hot-start technology. Enables the system to quickly heat the room immediately after the unit is turned on.
  • Hyper-heating INVERTER (H2i) ® technology. Provides the best level of warm comfort down to -13° F outdoor ambient and with 100% heating capacity at 5° F outdoor ambient.
  • Whisper-quiet operation. The system operates quietly, generating a sound that’s almost quitter than a whisper or as low as 19 dB(A).
  • Washable air filters. Each system is built with easy-to-access, easy-to clean air filters that are effective in ensuring that you’ll achieve healthy and cleaner indoor air.
  • Remote control. The systems come with wireless remote controllers and can be controlled from any smart mobile device, like a smart phone or tablet.
  • Environment-friendly refrigerant. The systems use the R410A refrigerant which has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).
No doubt that as our comfort needs evolve, so are the HVAC challenges. The ever-reliable traditional systems that have been widely used for so many years are now proving to be limited in view of these changing comfort needs. Thanks to the rising popularity of ductless mini split systems, we are introduced to more innovative ways of smart cooling and heating that effectively resolve the most common HVAC problems. Today, advanced solutions like Mitsubishi specialty systems emerge as the best alternative when it comes to hurdling HVAC challenges. Consisting of a range of versatile indoor units and high capacity outdoor units, these systems can completely meet your cooling and heating needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Powerful and highly versatile, these systems are your best choice for cooling and heating, especially when limited space is a major consideration or when the application is unique by itself that you would need a more reliable solution. Mitsubishi ductless mini split specialty systems provide great heating and cooling coverage for non-standard applications where a wall-mount option may not be the ideal solution. These systems are fully backed by a manufacturer's warranty. To qualify for this warranty, make sure that your Mitsubishi specialty system will be installed by a licensed contractor with an EPA Refrigerant Certification. When claiming the warranty, you can provide the receipt/invoice from your contractor as proof of licensed installation. As an authorized online seller of Mitsubishi specialty systems, ComfortUp, through our Customer Care Team, can provide you assistance when you decide to file a warranty claim. Feel free to call 855-337-0001 anytime for assistance.
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