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Features and Benefits of Mitsubishi Mini Splits

Features and Benefits of Mitsubishi Mini Splits

Achieve Complete Control Over Your Comfort, Tackle Hot and Cold Spot Issues with Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solutions™—the Future of Home Comfort
Imagine this for a moment: You arrived home after a hard day’s work, parked yourself in the living room, and tried to cozy up on the couch. And then it hit you—something didn't feel right. So you lethargically got up, found the thermostat, and turned it down a few degrees colder. Barely an hour past, your spouse emerged from the den, tiptoed toward the thermostat, and turned it up a few degrees warmer. Sounds familiar? Now, check out this other scenario: You wanted to create an extra living space out of your garage, but it always gets too hot in the summer and too cold the winter. So you planned to connect it to your climate control system. It was a plausible idea…it really was, except for a little downer—your current system can't handle the extra load, there’s no way to connect to your existing system or you realize that it's just too costly to rerun the d uctwork to add another space. The problem? The complicated and costly ductwork expansion.
Zone-by Zone Comfort—Designed for Your Unique Comfort Needs
If similar situations are stressing you out, well it’s time to dwell on them no longer. All you need is the right climate control solution. Mitsubishi Electric can help you do away with all these snafu with ductless mini split systems, and they are available in the following configurations:
  • Single-zone cooling. Cooling a room doesn’t get any better with these powerful units. Now you can effectively tackle hot spots inside your home without resorting to expensive options. In fact, you can save more. Powered by inverter-driven compressors, they can bring you high-energy efficiency that you would never find in any traditional cooling systems.
  • Single-zone cooling and heating. The single-zone ductless systems give you a perfect workaround when you want to cool or heat a room (like garages, attics, basements, etc.) but duct work is not possible or cost-effective.v
  • Multi-zone cooling and heating. You can finally say bye to hot orcold spots.Designed for your whole-home comfort, these systems
    can be connected to up to eight indoor units. Now, you can finally set a different temperature for every room in your house depending on your preference.
Uncompromising Comfort
With Mitsubishi ductless mini split solutions, you don't have to choose between comfort and cost. Giving you uncompromising comfort, these systems empower you to:
  • Personalize your comfort. Unlike traditional systems, Mitsubishi Electric’s mini split units don't need a duct network to deliver air into your rooms. Comprised of one outdoor unit and one or more indoor air handling units mounted separately on different rooms, the systems enable you to effectively establish zone-based cooling and heating inside the house. This means that you can now set different temperatures for different rooms.
  • Eliminate hot and cold spots. Any unit from Mitsubishi Electric’s line of single-zone cooling and heating systems can perfectly resolve your issues with uncomfortable spaces. Powered by Mitsubishi Electric inverter technology, you can simply set the temperature you prefer and the system will maintain it for you without consuming too much energy.
  • Achieve the right amount of comfort all-year-round. Whether it’s for heating or for cooling, each of the Mitsubishi Electric systems is powerful and efficient enough to give you the exact degree of comfort that you need whatever the season. The Mitsubishi hyper-heating inverter™ heat pumps can even provide you maximum warm comfort even during extreme climates.
  • Cut your energy costs without reducing your level of comfort. Mitsubishi Electric mini split systems use just the exact energy needed. This prevents energy losses and reduces energy your consumption. The high-efficiency performance is also further enhanced by the system’ array of smart energy-saving features that help you to significantly cut your utility bills.
  • Breathe cleaner, healthier air. Mitsubishi Electric’s mini split systems ensure that you’ll get quality indoor air. They are built with advanced, multi-stage filtration system that uses highly effective filters that can screen out airborne particles, deodorize the air, and eliminate the harmful air contaminants and allergens that circulate inside your home. These systems are washable and can last up to 10 years.
  • Enjoy hassle-free installation. Being a mini split solution, the Mitsubishi comfort systems do not require the costly installation of those bulky duct network. All it takes is a small wall opening for the wires that will connect both the indoor and outdoor units.
  • Lower your carbon footprint. Mitsubishi Electric mini split systems are completely environment-friendly. Aside from using an ozone-friendly refrigerant called R410A, they are built with recyclable components. The efficient use of energy also contributes to lesser amount of carbon output.
Smart Features for Greater Comfort, Efficiency, and Savings
Mitsubishi Electric’s mini split systems are characterized by a full range of powerful functionalities. Some of the major features are the following:
  • i-See Sensor™. Using thermal imaging, it scans the room, finds the hot and cold spots, and directs the airflow where it is needed.
  • Inverter-driven compressor technology. Enables the system to control the speed of the compressor, matching it based on your cooling and heating needs. It means it only uses the exact energy needed.
  • Hyper-Heating INVERTER (H2i) ® technology. Provides you with the best indoor warm comfort even when the outside temperature plunges down to -13° F.
  • Hot-start technology. Enables the system to quickly heat the room (with no drafts) the exact moment when the unit is turned on.
  • Smart, wireless remote controllers. Smart wired, wireless, and handheld remote controllers that enable you to have complete control over your comfort with simple switch of a button.
  • Remote access via smart mobile devices. The units can be connected to the internet and remotely controlled from any smart mobile device through the applicable apps, like kumo cloud™ and remote HVAC system access portals like Redlink™ Internet Getaway.
Ductless systems have long been a proven comfort solution in many parts of the world. If you're looking for the advanced, efficient, and effective cooling and heating technology for your home, you would not go wrong with Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini split systems. As one of the pioneering leaders in mini split technology, Mitsubishi Electric has, arguably, the best ductless heat pumps and air conditioning systems that are available in the market today. These systems are proven to be at least 40% more efficient than traditional systems and built using innovative technologies that deliver the highest level of comfort, performance, efficiency, and savings. So, no matter the type of your heating and cooling issues is—whether you're grappling with hot and cold spots or struggling to find a way to have better control over your comfort—Mitsubishi Electric's ductless zoned comfort solutions might just be your best choice. Mitsubishi offers a range of powerful air handlers that vary in types. These include the wall-mounted, horizontal-ducted, ceiling-cassette, ducted air handler, and floor-mounted. If you’re not sure what fits your unique needs, you can seek guidance from your HVAC contractor or contact our knowledgeable Product Experts at 855-337-0001 for more assistance.
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