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3 Financial Benefits of Switching to LG Mini Split Multi Zone

 couple lounging under mini split

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Switching to mini split multi zone heating and cooling can help you save money while becoming more energy efficient. Mini splits use energy-efficient heat pump technology to transfer heat to and from the air instead of using electricity or natural gas to produce heat or cool the air. All mini split units are ductless and operate more efficiently than traditional ducted HVAC systems. 

Mini splits can be placed in rooms throughout your house to heat or cool individual rooms. You can create separate zones in your home using multiple indoor air units paired with a compressor unit installed outdoors. Mini splits can be added to your existing HVAC system to create more comfortable zones or be used as your primary cooling system when multiple units are paired together. 

Our team can help you customize your zone and find mini split units that fit your needs. We offer our customers products from leaders in the air conditioning field, including LG ductless mini split units. Installing multi zone mini splits can help save you money while keeping you more comfortable. At ComfortUp, we provide efficient multi zone LG units for up to four rooms in your home.

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1. Lower Your Energy Bills

Ductless multi zone mini split units can immediately save you up to 30% since they don’t lose air to leaks from poorly connected ducts. Your mini split system won’t have to work as hard since it doesn’t need to replace lost air. This allows multi zone mini splits to heat and cool your home using less energy than a traditional ducted system, saving you money. 

Replacing window AC units with multi zone mini splits also saves you money. On average, a ductless mini split consumes 40% less energy than typical window AC units. Less energy consumption means lower utility bills for you.

Multi zone mini splits also save you money by heating or cooling the rooms you’re using. You don’t have to adjust your thermostat and heat or cool your entire house if your basement or bedroom isn’t at a comfortable temperature. Zone control means you can heat a cold basement and cool an upstairs guest room simultaneously. 

Find Ductless Multi Zone Mini Splits at ComfortUp

2. Save Money Through Tax Credits and Rebates

Your state may offer tax credits or rebates if you replace older, less-efficient HVAC units with Energy Star certified products. This includes switching to a multi zone mini split ductless system. 

Mini splits are very energy efficient, receiving Energy Star certification for their high SEER ratings. Systems are considered energy efficient at 13 SEER or higher, and mini splits have higher SEER ratings than traditional ducted systems, sometimes reaching as high as 38 SEER - 9k Single.

Consider replacing your HVAC system if it’s older than 10 years or if it’s not properly heating or cooling your home. Replacing older systems with Energy Star products can save you up to $140 annually in operating costs alone. 

Visit ComfortUp to Purchase Your LG Mini Split Multi Zone

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3. Lower Cost of Installation

Mini splits are built to operate without ductwork, making them faster and less expensive to install. Unlike the weeks it takes to install a ducted HVAC system, mini splits can be installed in one day or less. Workers don’t have to access the interiors of walls or ceilings to make repairs to them. Less time means the cost of labor and installation is lower, saving you money.

Mini splits can be installed in areas of your home where ducted cooling systems aren’t allowed, such as garages. They can also be installed in additions to your home and cost less than having your ducted HVAC expanded to the new space. 

Mini split units are also great additions to existing rooms in your home that are hard to keep comfortable. Units can be installed in your basement, attic, or spaces at the end of your ducted HVAC run that don’t heat or cool as well. 

Build a Multi Zone Mini Split System 

A multi zone mini split system can provide more even cooling throughout your home than traditional HVAC units. Mini splits are more energy efficient to run and cost less to install than ducted units. If you’re looking to upgrade your old HVAC system or save money by installing a more energy-efficient system, consider building a multi zone mini split system from ComfortUp.

ComfortUp offers a large selection of ductless mini split units. Our team helps customers build a mini split system specific to their home’s needs. We can help you determine how many indoor units your multi zone system will need to ensure you’ll be comfortable in your home. 

Contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your heating and cooling needs. 

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