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Four Benefits of Using Carbontec Heating

Four Benefits of Using Carbontec Heating

Even though it has been around for centuries, radiant heating is sweeping the nation as a “new” way to efficiently heat and cool your home. In short, it uses infrared heating to heat the objects in the room rather than the air in the room. The heat from the objects, walls and ceiling is then transferred to the occupants in the room to equalize their temperature and thermal comfort, which is your body’s assessment of the external environment’s temperature. Carbontec is the industry’s gold standard for radiant heating with a variety of advantages over its competitors. Read below to learn more about the many benefits of Carbontec heating.


One of the main benefits of Carbontec is its high level of efficiency relative to other heating and cooling methods. Carbontec’s heating efficiency is 2.5-3 times faster than conventional systems, such as gas-powered models. Central HVAC systems with comprehensive ductwork are inefficient because approximately 30% of the energy is lost as it travels along with the ductwork from the air handler or furnace to the desired room in your home. Conversely, Carbontec heats at 95% radiant efficiency and is 98% energy efficient. With these high levels of efficiency, no energy is wasted while heating your home. Additionally, you reduce your impact on the environment while also decreasing our home’s energy bill. Carbontec technology can also be powered by renewable energy sources. If you install a solar panel on your roof, the energy from this can be transferred to the Carbontec system in your home. Therefore, you’ll be using the sun to heat the inside of your home! Despite a potential high initial cost of installation for said solar panel, the long term energy savings make it a very worthwhile option. Carbontec also operates silently in both standby and active mode. Other HVAC systems are obnoxiously loud, but Carbontec works in silence and lets the results speak for themselves. carbontec radiant heaters in living room


Carbontec radiant heating also takes up little to no space in your home. Part of the reason radiant heating is so popular is that it does not utilize the boilers, pipes, ducts, or radiators of other heating and cooling methods. It hides under your floor, or ceiling and it’s only .21 millimeters thick. Therefore, it does not impede on the aesthetic of the room. Some window air conditioner units and heaters take up an unnecessary amount of space in the room, but not Carbontec! Carbontec also requires only 20-25% space coverage in the room when it is installed onto ceiling space meaning that it only needs to be installed under ¼ of the room’s ceiling space.

Easy Installation

Homeowners love Carbontec because the installation process is very simple and straightforward. Since it does not require the aforementioned larger parts of other heating units, Carbontec can be installed quickly and effortlessly in your home or business. It can be installed under ceilings and floors of most building materials. The longest part of Carbontec installation is waiting for the plaster to dry, as this takes about 12-24 hours before a contractor can begin the finishing process. However, using your new heating technology accelerates this process and guarantees proper adhesion to the ceiling or floor. Despite this ease, Carbontec must be installed by a trained professional or if you’re an experienced DIY home owner, Carbontec can train you on the installation process in order to secure the product’s 25 year warranty.

Health and Safety Benefits

Carbontec thermal heating also has a positive impact on your health and safety by deterring mold and mildew growth. The radiant heating technology enables permeability, which is transferring humidity from surface to surface. This prevents any dampness from being trapped in the walls while also decreasing the room’s humidity levels. Carbontec heats the ceiling and floor faster than the air, which eliminates the chance for mold or mildew growth because no steam condenses. Carbontec also has anti-allergenic properties because the system does not recirculate dust, mold spores, or VOCs unlike some other HVAC options. Carbontec is also UL-Listed, which means it meets specific safety guidelines and requirements. It is also constructed with flame-retardant material, and there is no potential for electric shock. Carbontec does not require much voltage for adequate power, which is powered through a safety certified and approved transformer. carbontec products Now that you know all the benefits of Carbontec radiant heating, you’re ready to take the next step! Ditch your outdated and obsolete HVAC system for a state of the art heating system. ComfortUp has trained product specialists ready to answer any of your questions, and we can determine how Carbontec will work in your home and/or business. Give us a call at (855) 337-0001 or contact us online today!




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