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Four Reasons Why Your Daycare Center Needs a Ductless Mini Split HVAC System

More and more homeowners are replacing their old HVAC units with a ductless mini split system because they are the best heating and cooling option available today. However, ductless mini split systems are not just for homes; they are also excellent ways to heat and cool business buildings such as daycare centers. Read below to find out why your daycare center needs a ductless mini split system!


Ductless mini splits are the most efficient HVAC units on the market. Roughly 30% of energy created by central HVAC systems is lost as it travels through the ducts. Fortunately, mini splits eliminate this waste since they do not require any extensive ductwork. Eliminating this waste leads to reduced carbon emissions.

This heightened efficiency also leads to reduced heating and cooling costs. Mini split systems can help business owners reduce their operation costs. The excessive and unnecessary waste created by a ducted HVAC system costs money that could increase profits or be spent improving other areas of the daycare. The money saved on your heating and cooling costs can now be spent on toys, books, and other items to enhance the daycare.

Single and Multi-Zone Systems

Ductless mini split systems are also very versatile, as they are available in single and multi-zone systems. A single-zone system consists of one outdoor unit connected to one indoor unit while a multi-zone system features one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units. A single-zone system gives you complete temperature control over the room or level where the indoor unit is physically located. Each indoor unit in a multi-zone system can be controlled independently of the others, meaning you can adjust the temperature in one zone without impacting the others.

Regardless of your daycare center’s size, there is a mini split system that can adequately heat and cool the entire area. A single-zone system is perfect if your daycare center is only one floor or room, while a multi-zone system is great for daycares with multiple rooms or areas.

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Improved Indoor Air Quality

Ductless mini splits are more than just air conditioners ... they are also air filters, purifiers, and dehumidifiers! Each indoor air-handling unit features a filter that removes any harmful airborne materials such as dust, dirt, debris, allergens, and pathogens to improve your indoor air quality. They also remove any moisture from the air to help stunt the growth of mold and mildew. This is another advantage of ductless mini split systems over other HVAC alternatives, and some systems may be harming your indoor air quality. The aforementioned harmful materials build up in the ductwork of central HVAC systems over time and are spread throughout the building during operation.

Indoor air has been shown to have a higher concentration of pollutants than outdoor air, so improving indoor air quality is always a priority. It is especially important in daycare centers, as young children have developing lungs. Therefore, they are more at risk to chronic illnesses caused by airborne pathogens such as asthma, bronchitis, and allergies.

Regularly maintaining your mini split’s filter will help keep your children healthy and your system working efficiently. Remove it and wipe it clean with a cloth every four to six weeks and replace it annually. However, these instructions may vary slightly depending on the specific make and model of your system or filter.

Heightened Comfort

A ductless mini split in your daycare equals comfortable children. Mini splits can heat or cool any indoor area in even the most extreme climates. Children can come inside and warm up after playing in the snow or cool down and escape the hot summer’s sun.

Mini splits also help create comfortable nap spaces for toddlers. Young children need a quiet and cool place that is around 65 ℉ to 70 ℉ for their midday nap, as temperatures have been shown to help toddlers sleep better. While mini splits can obviously meet those temperature needs, some are as quiet as rustling leaves, meaning they won’t disturb any sleeping children. You can also program your mini split to a sleep cycle to create an optimal environment.

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Call ComfortUp Today!

ComfortUp carries single and multi-zone ductless mini splits that are perfect for your daycare center, and we sell extended product warranties that provide more coverage than manufacturer warranties.  Contact us today for anyquestions!

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