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Friedrich Air Conditioner Review

Friedrich Air Conditioner Review


Sometimes, finding the best air conditioner for your own unique needs is not as easy as you’d expect. You’d have to admit that the plethora of options and the availability of many sources are a little bit overwhelming. But remember that getting the right system is not always about getting the most expensive, the most advanced, and the most powerful; it’s about finding the most perfectly fit to your needs and requirements. As today’s climate gets harsher than ever, it is very important to be able to find the right cooling or heating solution that will give you consistent and uncompromising temperature comfort and significant energy-savings. Out of the many excellent systems available out there, among your best options are the easy-to-use, simple-to-operate, but highly efficient systems from Friedrich Air Conditioning Company. For commercial and residential use, two of the best and unique systems from Friedrich are the Uni-Fit® and Chill® Series. To help you determine what suits best your specific needs, this article discusses what these systems are about. 


If you’re planning to replace your old through-wall air conditioner but worries about all installation hassles and high costs involved, then fret not. With Uni-Fit®, you can accomplish the job in no time. Imagine having an air conditioning system that you can just easily slide, fix, and fit into your old wall sleeve—it’s quick and it’s easy; no sweat at all. That’s what makes Uni-Fit® cool.

So, what is Uni-Fit®?

Uni-Fit is a series of highly efficient and versatile thru-the-wall air conditioners from Friedrich Air Conditioning Company. These models are specifically designed as easy replacement solutions especially if you have a 24 1/2”, 26”, or 27” sleeves. Worried that you sleeve wouldn’t fit? Well, guess what? The size of your existing sleeve wouldn’t matter. Uni-Fit will be perfect for that hole in your room’s wall, no matter what; and here’s why.

Universal-Fit Trim Ring

If you have other sleeve size requirements, then you have an easy option to use a decorative trim ring. These universal-fit trim rings come standard with the chassis and will enable you to fit a Unit-Fit unit regardless of sleeve size. How? The trim ring serves to bridge even a very small gap between the sleeve and the chassis. More specifically, it can fill a gap of 1” on all sides and 1/2” gap at the top of the unit, enabling you have a perfectly-fit chassis on an otherwise smaller or bigger sleeve. That nice finish will provide a 100% semblance of a professionally done installation. Some might ask, wouldn’t this cover side vents and cause a constrained air flow? Well, never. Friedrich Air Conditioning Company has created a really solid side sleeve without side vents; thus, you wouldn’t have to worry about the airflow getting restricted. The performance of the system will be as excellent as always. In fact, you can mount and install this sleeve through the wall with up to 16 1/4" and there would be no problem at all—no issues in installation, and definitely no problem in performance. If you’re not sure what’s the best mounting option, go with the flush mount for a cleaner look. Otherwise, you can do some little positioning adjustments until you deem it perfect. For sleeve exterior grille, Uni-Fit units can be used with the aluminum standard grille (for USC sleeve), replacement exterior grille, and extruded brushed aluminum grille.

Different Sizes, Many Options

Uni-Fit comes in different sizes and capacities. For cooling, the units are available at 8000 to 13000 Btu/h, while for heating it’s available at 3850 to 11200 Btu/h.

What are the Bells and Whistles?

The models in the Uni-Fit series are built with different features and capabilities, which include the following:
  • Remote control
  • 6-way air flow control
  • 24-hour timer
  • Check filter reminder
  • 3-speed fan on cool only models
  • 2-speed fan on heat/cool models
  • Auto restart
  • Defrost control
  • MoneySaver® setting
  • Rotary compressors
  • Seacoast protection
Take note that all units are also UL and C-UL-US-listed and ENERGY STAR® qualified. Their performance is also AHAM-certified.

Chill® Series

There’s no better way to chill out and stay cool at home than having a powerful and highly efficient comfort system. If you’re looking for the best model to be used either as a primary heating solution or a supplementary unit to your existing HVAC system, then you might have to take a look at Chill® air conditioners.

So, what is Chill®?

Chill® is a series of energy-saving room air conditioners from Friedrich Air Conditioning Company. These lightweight units are specifically designed for residential applications and engineered to give you powerful cooling solution that is capable of giving you the maximum cooling comfort at a low cost. Energy Star®-rated, these line of energy efficient air conditioners are available in different capacities—from 5450 Btu/h to 23500 Btu/h—enabling you to cool any type and size of room environment, whether it is a small room or large one.

So, What Does the Chill Series Deliver?

Chill room air conditioners have the following advantages:
  • Energy-efficient through high energy efficiency ratings
  • Money-saving, thanks to low energy consumption capability and MoneySaver® setting that enables you to effectively manage your energy use.
  • Highly flexible and easy to install due to simple design slide-out chassis, and versatility to be mounted as thru-the wall or window unit
  • Feature-rich as evidenced by an array of advanced functionalities that include a 24-hour timer, auto air sweep swing louvers, side air discharge, multiple cooling and fan speeds, ultra-quiet operation, 4-way air-flow control, auto-restart function, digital remote control, and robust and secure system through excellent security features like the EntryGard™ anti-intrusion protection.
Giving you an option for heating, Chill+ has models designed for electric heating. These units can a room with a size that ranges from 300 square-feet to 1500 square-feet.

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