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Gree Mini Split vs. Mitsubishi Mini Split: Pros & Cons to Each

ComfortUp provides customers nationwide with HVAC systems and accessories from the industry’s most trustworthy and reputable brands, such as GREE and Mitsubishi. These two brands manufacture some of the highest quality ductless mini splits on the market, and each one has benefits and disadvantages. Read below to learn about the pros and cons to GREE mini splits and Mitsubishi mini splits, and then order your own today!

GREE Mini Splits

One of every three air conditioners in the world is manufactured by GREE. This widespread popularity is not accidental, as their patented GREE Difference is used to ensure their products provide top-quality heating and cooling in any indoor area.

GREE products are highly efficient, as their SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings go as high as 38. With this heightened efficiency comes significantly lower energy costs. The GREE Difference states that their products can help reduce your energy consumption by as much as 65%!

GREE products also use smart technology to provide customers with even more control over their mini split system. You can control directional airflow, humidity, and other settings rather than just temperature. For example, their I FEEL technology adjusts the temperature and airflow to the remote’s exact location in the room. You can also download their smartphone app and control your GREE system when you’re outside of the home.

ComfortUp sells a variety of GREE single- and multi-zone mini split systems, each designed with peak performance in mind. The Multi + Ultra, Vireo + Ultra, and Sapphire are three of the many different GREE models available.

Mini split air conditioners are also available in many different styles to meet the different design and spatial needs of each customer. GREE mini splits are available in traditional wall mounts, concealed duct, floor/ceiling, floor console, ceiling cassette, and ceiling. This versatility means there is a GREE system that can meet your needs. For example, a ceiling cassette model is an excellent option for those with limited wall space.

GREE U-Crown

One drawback of GREE mini split systems is their cost. As a brand-name product made of high-quality components, they will have higher unit costs than other brands and products. More efficient GREE mini splits will also be more expensive than others, and multi-zone systems will be costly due to their higher number of indoor units. However, these higher upfront costs are offset by lower energy bills in the future.

Mitsubishi Mini Splits

Mitsubishi is another of the top brand names within the HVAC industry. Their patented Zoned Comfort Solutions helps create a comfortable indoor environment by offering advanced control over temperature, climate, airflow, and more. Their i-See sensor uses thermal imaging to scan the room and find any temperature imbalances, which it then remedies by adjusting airflow.

The Hyper Heat inverter can keep any indoor area hot even when the outside temperatures drop to -13 ℉! They even improve indoor air quality by filtering harmful airborne bacteria to create a healthier indoor area. Mitsubishi systems can be also adjusted wirelessly through smartphone applications to provide homeowners with heightened control.

ComfortUp sells Mitsubishi single- and multi-zone mini split systems with SEER ratings as high as 33.1. Multi-zone systems are available with up to five mini splits, and specific models available include Mr. Slim and Hyper Heat.

Like GREE, their products and systems are expensive due to their status as a top brand. The lower labor costs for installation and maintenance help offset the higher upfront cost, in addition to lower energy bills. Mitsubishi mini splits are available in wall mount, ceiling cassette, floor console, and concealed duct. While still offering variety in look and function, these options may be limiting when compared to competitors. 

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Purchase a Mini Split from ComfortUp Today!

When purchasing a mini split from ComfortUp, you should also include an Extended Product Warranty. Even though both brands come with comprehensive product warranties that cover part replacements, extended product warranties cover labor costs in addition to part replacements.

With so many different GREE and Mitsubishi mini splits available, there is certainly a system that can meet the heating and cooling needs for your home or business. If you are unsure of your exact heating and cooling needs, contact the team at ComfortUp today! We have a team of trained product specialists who can answer any questions and help you find the perfect GREE or Mitsubishi system!


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