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Checkout with Coupon Code: 20-OFF-623
Gree Wifi App Configuration

Gree+: Gree Wifi App Configuration


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If you own a Gree mini-split system with Wifi functionality, you can control it remotely from any compatible mobile device with the Gree+ application. The application functions with select Gree air conditioning and heat pump units. Learn everything you need to know about the Gree+ application, from installation to configuration.

Where to Obtain the Gree+ App

Gree+ is a free application for Android and iOS mobile devices, such as smartphones and smart tablets. It is compatible with a select range of Wifi-enabled Gree mini-split units, from small-displacement single-zone systems to a multi-zone 30,000 BTU air conditioner system.


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Setting Up a Gree Account

First, you must activate Wifi mode from your Gree unit’s remote. The process depends on your remote type: One features a dedicated Wifi button, while the other does not.

  • If your remote has a Wifi button: Turn on your Gree mini split, and then press and hold the Wifi button for 10 seconds until you hear a beeping sound. You should see a Wifi icon appearing on the remote’s display.
  • If your remote doesn’t have a Wifi button: Turn on your Gree unit, and then press and hold the MODE and TURBO buttons for 10 seconds until you hear a beeping sound. You should then see a Wifi symbol on the remote’s display screen.

After activating Wifi mode, open the Gree+ application from your smartphone or smart-tablet. The application will open at the login page for the Gree Universal Wifi Access service. Controlling your Gree unit from your smartphone requires you to create a Gree+ account.

Tap the “Sign Up” button if you are a first-time user. You will need to enter a username, a valid email address, a strong password, and the region (e.g., North America). Once you have entered your details, tap “Sign Up” again.

Memorize your username, email address, and password: Next time you open the application, tap “Sign In” and enter your account details to access your mini split controls.

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Configuring the Application

After signing into the application, you are ready to connect and configure your Gree mini split with your application.

First, your application must find your local Wifi network. From the “My Home” menu, tap the “+” button, and then select “Search device.” Gree+ will use your device to scan for available networks. Select your home Wifi network and, if prompted, enter your Wifi password. Gree+ should now be connected to your Wifi.

Once connected, your application will automatically search for connected Gree AC units, and then register them to your application, displaying their default factory name (e.g., AC5bcf).


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Changing Settings on Your Gree Units

You can turn each unit on and off directly from the My Home menu by tapping the Power symbol in the corresponding window.

Tap the window corresponding to a specific Gree mini split unit to configure its settings. When inside a unit’s window, tap the pencil symbol to open the Settings. From this menu, you can do the following:

  • Set a custom name for the unit to identify it quickly from My Home (e.g., living room, bedroom, kitchen).
  • Turn privacy lock mode (or device lock) on or off. If set to “On” (green bar), the device will not allow unauthorized users to change its settings.
  • Read the current firmware version (e.g., v3.5).
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Configuring Your Gree Mini Split

From My Home, tap the unit window you wish to configure. You can adjust the following:

  • Temperature: Press and scroll the temperature value left or right to adjust it. You can select any temperature between 61°F and 86°F.
  • Operating Mode: Press and scroll the operating mode icon left or right to switch between Auto, Cool, Dry, Fan, or Heat modes.
  • Fan Mode: Press and scroll the fan mode icon left or right to switch between Auto and the different fan speed modes.
  • Degrees: Gree+ uses Degrees Fahrenheit by default. To change it to Celsius, tap “°F.” Tap “°C” to change it back to Fahrenheit.

You may also tap the Special Functions icon to access additional settings:

  • Display Light: Turn the mini split unit’s onboard lights on or off.
  • X-Fan: If you live in a humid environment, enabling X-Fan allows the fan to run for a preset length of time after turning the unit off, eliminating additional moisture from the coil.
  • Energy Saving Mode: If turned on, your mini split unit will automatically change its compressor and fan speeds to save the most energy possible.
  • Timer Mode and Sleep Mode: Enable to let your Gree mini splits automatically adjust room temperature during designated hour intervals, helping you save energy.
  • Freeze Guard: This function is your Gree unit’s vacation mode. Turn it on before leaving your home for an extended period to maintain indoor temperature above 46°F (7°C).

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