How Indirect Heating Sources Can Help Decrease Your Energy Bill

 While cooking, you can use both direct and indirect heat to prepare food. Direct heat involves cooking the food directly over the heat source, such as a piece of meat directly on a grill. Cooking with indirect heat means the food is still on or near the stove or grill. However, it heats in an area that is not directly in contact with the flame. Think of a rotisserie chicken rotating over a flame or potatoes wrapped in foil and placed next to a campfire’s hot coals as examples of indirect heating.

Direct/indirect heat is also a concept in the HVAC world. Some technologies such as air conditioners use direct heating to alter the temperature of the room’s occupants directly. Others sources such as Carbontec use indirect heating to heat a room. Indirect heating has a variety of benefits on your home, such as a decreased energy bill. Read below to learn more about how to decrease your home’s energy bill through indirect heating.

What Is Indirect Heating?

Radiant heating is one of the best examples of indirect heating in your home. A special cloth installed under the ceiling or floor uses infrared heating to warm the objects in the room. The heat from the objects transfers to the occupants in the room and alters their body temperature accordingly. This technology has been around since the Roman Empire but has recently seen a popularity increase in the United States.

Carbontec is the industry’s gold standard in radiant heating, as they stand head and shoulders above their competitors for a variety of reasons. The often high upfront installation cost of radiant heating systems is offset by significant long-term savings on your energy bill.

High Levels of Efficiency

Carbontec’s efficiency is one of the most obvious advantages that directly decreases your home’s energy bill. One significant problem of HVAC systems is inefficiency and wasted energy, especially in older ducted units. Since radiant heating does not require the extensive ductwork, boilers, pipes, and radiators of other HVAC systems, there is no wasted energy.

Although unrelated to energy savings, there is another reason that Carbontec radiant heating is so popular. Other components can take up a significant amount of room in your house and clash with the room’s desired aesthetic. Carbontec remains out of sight under the floor, ceiling, or wall.

The efficiency numbers of Carbontec speak for themselves. It operates at 98% energy efficiency and can deliver heat with 95% radiant efficiency. On the other hand, the radiant efficiency of traditional heating systems is around 30%. This results in about three times less energy needed related to the energy required by conventional systems. This heightened operating efficiency directly causes significant savings on your home’s energy bill.

radiant heating in bathroom

Reduced Stress on Your HVAC System

Radiant heating and EnergySTAR-approved HVAC systems can coexist in your home, and utilizing both these technologies at once can significantly reduce your home’s energy bill. With this increased efficiency, radiant heating drastically reduces how hard your HVAC system must work to heat the room.

You can afford to lower the temperature or power settings on your thermostat while the radiant heating system picks up the slack. Pairing an HVAC unit and radiant heating system also extends the longevity of both systems by reducing their stress and increasing their efficiency.

Renewable Energy Capabilities

Renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, and water are growing in popularity, but often homeowners will shy away from them because of many different misconceptions. For example, many do not think they can adequately power their appliances. However, this is not the case with Carbontec. Carbontec can be completely powered by renewable energy sources and can heat your entire home. Use a solar panel or another form of technology and feel the warmth from your Carbontec system immediately!

There is a direct correlation between renewable energy use and a lower energy bill. Electricity, coal, and other traditional energy sources are significantly more expensive than natural sources such as wind, water, and the sun. Not only does this lead to reduced energy savings, it significantly reduces your carbon footprint ... you’re saving money and the environment!

photovoltaic solar panels

With a variety of benefits that directly lead to a decreased energy bill, it’s no wonder people are switching to Carbontec radiant heating. To speak with a trained product specialist, contact ComfortUp online or call 1-855-337-0001 today. We can answer any and all questions you may have concerning radiant and indirect heating sources.




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