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a hand holding a remote for an air conditioner

How to Unlock Gree AC Remote Control

a hand holding a remote for an air conditioner

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A Gree mini split air conditioner comes with a convenient remote control with numerous features. These features allow you to program the interior temperature, operation mode, fan speed, and timers.

However, your Gree remote control may become locked or unresponsive in some cases. Typically, this is due to the privacy lock, a standard feature on all Gree mini split systems. Here’s how to recognize when your remote control is locked, how to unlock it, and what to do if you need to troubleshoot any remote control issues.

What Is the Privacy Lock Function?

The privacy lock is a standard function found on virtually all Gree mini split air conditioners and heat pumps, regardless of size and capacity. On some Gree remote control models, the privacy lock may be referred to by your instruction manual as the child lock, control lock, or lock.

Specific models, such as the Gree 12,000 BTU mini split with built-in Wi-Fi, may also allow you to access the privacy lock from your connected smartphone or smart tablet.

When the privacy lock is enabled, the mini split’s controls and features are locked and cannot be changed even when pressing the corresponding buttons. To access your AC’s commands, you must disable the privacy lock.

The privacy lock is effectively a child safety feature, ideal for households with children. Enabling the privacy lock lets you keep your mini split at your preferred temperature and fan settings, even if children or guests accidentally press the wrong buttons. 

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How to Use and Recognize the Privacy Lock

The privacy lock feature is explicitly designed to avoid enabling or disabling the feature by accident. To turn the privacy lock on, you must press your remote’s Up ▲ and Down ▼ buttons simultaneously for several seconds (three to five, depending on the model) until the lock symbol (represented by a padlock) appears on the remote’s display.

If the lock symbol is on, the privacy lock is enabled. Pressing any button while this mode is enabled causes the lock symbol to flash or blink, and the button’s corresponding function will not work. 

The only way to restore your remote’s functions is to disable the privacy lock. To turn it off, use the same procedure as when turning it on: Press Up ▲ and Down ▼ simultaneously for three to  five seconds until the lock symbol disappears. Your remote should regain its normal functions.

Some Gree mini split remotes (such as the Gree Universal Remote, compatible with any Gree 9,000 to 30,000 BTU air conditioner) feature plus (+) and minus (-) symbols instead of Up ▲ and Down ▼ symbols. The procedure to enable and disable the privacy lock is the same: Simply hold (+) and (-) down simultaneously.

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Remote Control Troubleshooting

If your remote appears locked or non-responsive, there are several potential solutions you can try to unlock your remote control.

  • Before attempting any other troubleshooting method, verify that the privacy lock is disabled. If it is enabled, try disabling it first.
  • Ensure you point the remote at your indoor unit’s receiver or receiving window when pressing buttons. The wireless signal uses a short-ranged and directional infrared (IR) beam like a TV remote.
  • The indoor unit must be within range. Gree remotes have a maximum signal range of approximately 8.7 yards (8 meters), beyond which the IR beam may not reach.
  • Clear away any obstacles blocking the IR beam’s path. Infrared signals cannot pass through walls or obstructions.
  • Switch off fluorescent lamps or light sources in the room when using the remote. Fluorescent light is a source of visible and infrared light that can disturb all IR beam emitters, such as your AC’s remote. Try turning the fluorescent light off, or get closer to the indoor unit’s receiver.
  • Check the remote’s display and verify that it works correctly, with the symbols and digits appearing clearly and sharply. If the display seems fuzzy or fails to show any characters or numbers, your remote’s batteries may be low or dead, locking up the controls or causing them to fail. Replace your batteries, and then try again. Most Gree remotes use either two AAA or two AA batteries.
  • If your remote’s display is still off even after replacing the batteries, your remote may be damaged or defective. Replace your remote with a newer unit.
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