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It's a GREAT Idea: What Sets Gree Mini Splits Systems Apart from the Rest

GREE has been a dominant force in the HVAC industry since its establishment in 1991. In fact, roughly one third of all air conditioners in the world are GREE manufactured products, and the company’s market presence continues to grow. An independent study showed that by the end of 2019, the company had the fourth most popular ductless mini split brand in the United States. A 6% market share in Q1 of 2019 had doubled to 12% by the end of Q4, and this substantial growth will only continue into 2020 and beyond.


What exactly has helped GREE mini split systems separate themselves from the pack? Read below to find out, and then browse our collection of GREE ductless HVAC products to find the perfect system for your home or business!

The GREE Difference

With three research institutions, nine product development centers, and over three hundred labs featuring over five thousand engineers, GREE is constantly working on developing highly efficient and durable HVAC products for home and business owners across the world.

GREE dedicates 3% of its annual budget to research and development, which has led to innovations such as corrosion-resistant components. GREE condenser coils and other mini split parts are covered with an anti-corrosion coating that prevents damage from the constant exposure to water, oxygen, hydrogen, and other elements. This keeps your mini split operating efficiently and extends its life-cycle by several years.

The main reason GREE mini splits have separated themselves from the pack is their heightened efficiency. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) determines your mini split’s efficiency, and HVAC professionals recommend installing an air conditioner with a SEER rating of no less than 16. GREE currently has both the single and multi-zone systems with the highest SEER rating on the market, as their SEER ratings go as high as 38.4.

Two GREE mini split components that help contribute to this increased efficiency are their R410A refrigerants and G10 inverters. Refrigerant is a chemical, most often in the form of a liquid, put into your mini split that helps produce a cooling effect. The R410A refrigerant is much more environmentally friendly than the old standard R22 refrigerant, and it helps keep your system operating efficiently. The G10 inverter leads to less power consumption and a heightened system performance.

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This heightened efficiency allows a GREE mini split to reduce your home’s energy consumption by up to 65%. Therefore, installing a GREE ductless mini split in your home leads to a significantly reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact. You’ll also see significant savings on your home’s energy costs and electric bills. Coupled with a lower price point relative to competitors, GREE mini splits offer homeowners financial savings in both the short and long term.

All GREE mini splits come with a remote control, but their Wi-Fi capabilities help them stand out from the pack. By downloading the GREE app to your smartphone, you can control your mini split system from anywhere! You can turn on your system before getting home so you arrive to a hot or cool room, and you can also program specific temperature cycles.

GREE Products at ComfortUp

ComfortUp sells a variety of GREE ductless mini split products and accessories. GREE mini splits are available in single and multi-zone systems, making them viable for areas of all sizes. There are also specialized indoor units, such as ceiling cassette and concealed ducts, available to meet the aesthetic wants and space limitations of customers.

Sapphire is one of the excellent GREE ductless mini split systems sold by ComfortUp. All GREE mini split systems can heat and cool your home in even the most extreme outdoor climates, and the Sapphire leads the industry in colder climate situations. It can keep you warm in temperatures down to -22℉! The Multi + Ultra and Vireo + Ultra are two more of the highly efficient GREE products carried by ComfortUp. Regardless of your heating and cooling needs, there is a GREE ductless mini split for you. For a complete list of products, click here.

Buy a GREE Mini Split from ComfortUp Today!

ComfortUp has trained product specialists standing by ready to answer any questions about our GREE products! Give us a call at 1-855-337-0001 or contact us online today to take the first step of purchasing a GREE ductless mini split!


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