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Checkout with Coupon Code: 20-OFF-623
LG Wall Air Conditioner Review

LG Wall Air Conditioner Review


Let’s say you want to convert a specific room as a new, livable space by installing a new cooling/heating system. Now, let’s suppose that this area has 450 square footage or 18x25 feet, totally detached from the main house, and way out of the path of your existing ductwork. Right, you can imagine a garage, or maybe a room addition. For this particular space, all it requires is a decent system; something that’s not too expensive but powerful enough to keep you cool even during the hottest days of summer. So, what’s your best bet? Some would say a portable unit; a window air conditioner; or maybe a ductless mini split system, which could be an excellent choice—and very efficient, too. Then again, despite their amazing qualities, portable, window, and ductless systems are not the only available options for a single-room cooling. What if you’re not ready to pay a high upfront cost even if you think the system can pay for itself? What if you just want to stick to a traditional system but something’s that’s more powerful and efficient? Get this, your best option here is a wall air conditioner. And if you’ll have to choose one, we recommend that you take a look at LG wall air conditioners. These systems might just have what you’re looking for.

What is an LG Wall Air Conditioner?

Upping the ante on comfort, LG wall air conditioners, specifically the through-the-wall air conditioners, are model solutions in terms of power, performance, and price. Coming in with sleek, stylish, and sophisticated designs, as well as superior components and capabilities, these systems exhibit some of the highest degree of innovations in refrigeration and heating technology. To help you find out if a wall air conditioner is a perfect fit for your needs and application, we’ll use the LG thru-the-wall cooling and heating air conditioner model LT1235HNRas an example. This will help you have a general idea about this exemplary system.

So what does an LG wall air conditioner bring to the table?

Powerful Performance

LG wall air conditioners work both as powerful cooling and heating systems. In terms of cooling capability, these systems have some really excellent levels of capacity. The LG model LT1235HNR, for instance, has a capacity of 11,900/11,500 BTU. When it comes to heating, it boasts a capacity of 11,200/9,200 BTU. Also, it is capable of dehumidifying your room up to 3.8 pints per hours and can quickly cool areas of up to 550 square feet. If you’re not a fan of your old system’s noisy operation, then you can have relief with this type of LG wall air conditioning unit. With 55 dBA for indoor and 62 dBA for outdoor, the system can let you rest, relax, and enjoy the temperature comfort inside your home without the annoying sounds that are typically generated by many average air conditioners while in operational mode.

Excellent Efficiency Ratings

LG wall air conditioners come with excellent efficiency ratings. The LT1235HNR model, for example, has a 9.8 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and 9.7 Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio (CEER), ensuring you of significant energy and cost-savings.

Innovative Features

LG wall air conditioning units are engineered with highly innovative features and functionalities that will give other advanced climate control systems a run for their money. These state-of-the-art wall air conditioning systems specifically deliver the following innovative features: • The universal through-the-wall air conditioners fit competitive wall sleeves that are available at a standard size of 26”. • The Gold Fin™ process, an anti-corrosion coating that help protect and prolong the lifespan of the system. • The dual cooling and multiple fan speeds that enable you to personalize your comfort by setting the temperature according to your own needs or preference. Aside from the aforementioned features, the LG wall air conditioners also boast of the following features: • Thermostat control • Remote controller • 4-way air deflection capability • Auto-restart function • Energy-saving functionality • 24-hour on/off timer • Filter alarm function • Rotary compressor • Turbo Indoor fan type • Outdoor vent/exhaust • Rear plastic mesh grille • Trim kit

Materials, Dimensions, Price, Cost-savings, Accessories, and Warranty

All the LG wall air conditioners are available in white colors. As for the dimensions, the standard product size for a unit like LT1235HNR is 24 21/32" x 14 13/32" x 19 21/32" (refers to WxHxD) with a net weight of 87 pounds. During shipping, the dimensions are adjusted to 27 23/32" x 18 4/32" x 22 13/32" and the weight gets heavier up to 97 pounds. So far, the lowest price for an LG through-the-wall air conditioner is $459.99, which has a capacity of 8,000 BTU. The most expensive LG through-the-wall air AC unit costs around $499.99. This also has a capacity of 8,000 BTU and obviously is still relatively cheaper than the other system with the same capacities. For the LG thru-the-wall air conditioner with a model name LT1236CER with a capacity of 11,800 BTU, for example, having a 10.6 EER gives it an estimated yearly energy cost of $100 compared with similar systems with the same capacity in which the annual energy cost may reach up to $138. These amounts were determined using the national average electricity cost which is 12 cents for every kilowatt per hour and the assumption that the system was used for at least 8 hours a day for three months or during a particular season. Remember, that the capacities, efficiency ratings, and other aspects of the system upgrade to a much higher level depending on the model. The capacities for LG air conditioners range from 5,000 BTU to 25,000 BTU, but everything will depend on the availability of the unit. When you purchase a wall air conditioning unit, you will have the standard easy-to-use installation kit. The wall sleeve and stamped aluminum grille, however, are sold separately from the package so you need to purchase them if you need to. As for the warranty, you can have a one-year protection for parts and labor.

Comfort at Great Value with LG Wall AC Units

Take note that being a common system, you’ll find a lot of options when you start looking for the right wall air conditioner. Somehow, these solutions vary in so many aspects—whether from features to functionalities, from energy-efficiency to cost-effectiveness, or from price to performance. The best way to really get the best system is to just focus on what you really need and what meets your general requirements. Nonetheless, given everything that was discussed, there’s one thing that we can say with certainty—that when it comes to performance, style, and innovativeness, you wouldn’t go wrong with LG wall air conditioners.  
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