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Man Cave Cooling & Heating

Man Cave Cooling & Heating

If you have one, then you know how that little space keeps you at peace, sane, and balanced; a place of your own where you can sneak in anytime, and the wife and kids can’t just barge in; a place where the fridge is full of beer and the game is always on.  That’s right, a man cave. How cool does that sound? Basically, a little sanctuary where all of your fave stuff is in their right place—probably some of your old mementos in the wall, big HD TV for your dose of viewing entertainment (hello Super Bowl Sunday), a kegerator or a dry bar, a handy little kitchen, a comfy couch, some of your computer stuff and video games, and maybe even a comfortable bed so you’d not have to trudge back upstairs or downstairs when you feel like dosing off.

As is often said, men will be men, and whether Science or your wife backs you up on this or not, you know that you have some Neanderthal streak hidden deep inside that’s always aching to come out. And when work, family obligations, and some crazy adult chores start to stress you out, it’s just part of your DNA to look for a place where you can retreat, reflect, recharge, relax, and scrape all of the worries or put them aside even for a while. And as cool as it has always been, a man cave can be real handy. Big-time handy!

Well, a man cave is actually not a new concept, and if you don’t have one yet but looking to set it up, be mindful of the fact that not all attempts turned out alright or as perfectly as it should have been for many people. The truth is, most of the time, it’s a case of forgetting what the place is really meant for. And what is it for, really? Comfort. And there lies the problem—when setting it up without considering all the aspects of comfort, which is most essential to make sure that everything is going to work. And when we’re talking about comfort, don’t forget that it is not just about the feeling of comfort that you’d get from having a nice, comfy, personal space. Comfort, if it has to be experienced at all, will have to come from something that you can feel—temperature. Temperature comfort or the lack of it determines the success or failure of creating a perfect man cave. And so climate control is very important. The question is: What type of cooling and heating solution should you choose for your man cave? Many options are possible and available, but nothing comes near as perfect as ductless mini split system. Read on to learn why.

Climate Control is Essential to Your Man Cave

Most man caves are unused or rarely used home spaces that are converted into a new livable space, like a garage or a basement. Since most of these types or room environment are secondary fixtures of a house, it is very common that climate control in these spaces is not really a priority. It doesn’t matter whether the room is detached or connected from the main house. The thing is, for most homes with a centralized HVAC system, extending the ductwork to a repurposed space like a garage or basement is oftentimes problematic. While it is not completely impossible, some situations call for extensive structural modifications.

When this happens, the cost and labor that the project entails become too costly and complex—to a point of being impractical. In some instances, some households get a little bit creative and find a workaround, but still get frustrated. Why? Because despite the system that they installed, the re-purposed and renovated basement or garage often gets dreadfully hot during summer and excruciatingly cold in the winter? The result is a man cave where a poor guy has to constantly endure the heat or cold, depending on the season. The worst part is not being able to really achieve the comfort and convenience that is expected from this room while also paying for high electricity cost that comes out of high energy consumption that is actually wasted. So, what does this tell us? It means that having the most effective, energy-efficient climate control system is really needed to successfully create a comfortable man cave. As mentioned earlier, many systems can be used. You would not lack of options. In fact, many have settled for the easiest route—using window air conditioners or portable AC systems for cooling and electric heaters or gas heaters for heating. But as has long been proven, these traditional systems are not always effective and efficient. But all is not lost. For your man cave’s cooling and heating, the best option is a ductless mini split system.

Why a Ductless Mini Split System is Ideal for Your Man Cave?

While other heating and cooling options can be installed on your man cave, what separate ductless systems from the rest is the high level of flexibility, cost-savings, efficiency, and assurance of total comfort experience. Specifically, here are the main reasons why ductless mini split system is the most ideal system for your man cave.
  • Easy to Install. A ductless mini split system consists of an air handler unit which is installed indoors and a compressor or condenser unit that is installed outdoors. Because garages and basements that are converted into a man cave can hardly be accommodated by the existing ductwork of a centralized HVAC system in the main house, what is needed is a more flexible system where ductwork is not required. A ductless mini split system delivers that kind of flexibility. In a typical ductless mini split installation, the outdoor condenser is installed in a convenient spot outside the man cave, while the indoor unit is mounted inside the room. The refrigerant line set and a power cable are passed through a small hole and these link the two units together as one integrated system. Basically, it is a very simple installation procedure. But while it is easy to do, it would be wise to get help from a licensed HVAC contractor who has the skills, license, and certifications to handle HVAC projects, especially those that involve ductless mini split installations.
  • Excellent Heating and Cooling Performance. Ductless mini split systems are highly advanced HVAC systems. Available in a full range of capacities, equipped with state-of-the-art features, and built with the best air conditioning and heat pump technology available, these systems ensure powerful performance, enabling you to experience the best level of temperature comfort that you need.
  • Energy-saving. Ductless mini splits are high-efficiency systems. Aside from energy-saving components and functionalities, they are built with powerful, highly efficient compressor system that only uses the exact amount of energy that is needed to achieve the set temperature. In effect, your energy use would be perfectly regulated with no wasted energy whatsoever. This, of course, will translate to lower energy bill for your household.
  • Precise Temperature Control. Ductless mini split units are designed with capabilities that enable you to set the system to run based on your desired or preferred level of comfort. For example, with a mini split unit, you can practically choose the fan speed, adjust the temperature level, and regulate the airflow. In other words, ductless systems can give you total control over your comfort.
  • Quiet Operation. Unlike traditional systems, ductless mini split systems operate with a very low noise. This is perfect for a man cave where a relax environment is a must.
  • Quality Indoor Air. As already mentioned earlier, man caves are normally repurposed garages or basements in a house. These places are the same areas where there is a high concentration of harmful airborne particles. Compared with other systems, ductless mini splits are normally built with highly advanced filter systems that are specifically designed to eliminate these air pollutants and even work to deodorize air. For a highly contained space like a man cave, this type of filtration system definitely offers great benefits.

What are the Long-term Benefits of Installing a Ductless Mini Split System in Your Man Cave?

While a ductless mini split system is capable of providing you the best comfort and convenience, installing this solution in your man cave can give you the following long-term benefits.
  • Year-round Comfort. With a ductless mini split system, you no longer have to use two separate systems for cooling and heating. Because mini splits can be used both as an air conditioner and as a heat pump, you can simply operate it depending on the type of climate or season. This capability enables you to enjoy having an all-climate, all-season climate control solution that you can practically use year-round. This also means that you can now stay inside your man cave no matter the weather outside.
  • Extra Protection to Your Valuable Stuff. If you have some valuable items, like collectibles and memorabilia for example, your man cave which is installed with a ductless mini split system becomes their best place for storage. Using a typical garage or basement as storage unit for these items make them susceptible to damage due to excessive level of moisture, humidity, and even the growth of molds and mildew. In this type of environment where heat and cold are often extreme, some of your valuable stuff might not last. This is the reason why some stored items crack, shrink, curl, stick, and get rusted. Some of their colors even fade. Your stored electronic items may be damaged as well. With a mini split system installed in the room, however, this would not happen because you would now be able to avoid the fluctuating temperatures that normally cause the damage and deterioration to many materials.
  • Save Significant Amount of Money. Having a ductless mini split system in your man cave gives you an opportunity to avoid the costs and complexities that are normally associated with huge structural modifications just to install a climate control system. Add to the fact that a mini split system is a highly-efficient and energy-saving solution, your energy costs would be very low. In fact, so low that when you add up all the savings that you would earn monthly from low energy consumption, the total savings can already match the amount that you paid for the unit itself. Additionally, ductless mini splits are easy to maintain and not too prone to system failures, which of course, is a great capability that can help you avoid losing money on occasional repairs.
  • Increase Your Home’s Market Value. While having a repurposed space is enough big boost to the market value of your home, having it installed with an efficient, environment-friendly climate control system like a ductless mini split would enhance its market value even further. Versatile, efficient, and high-performance, a ductless mini split system is today’s answer to unique cooling and heating applications in which traditional systems normally fail due to a whole range of limitations—both in terms of costs and installation. Installing a better climate control system in a man cave is no different. With a ductless mini split, your man cave will be equipped with a better and cost-effective cooling and heating solution that will enable you to achieve the comfort that you’re looking for any time of day.
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