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Mini Split Cleaning Do's & Don'ts

As with any machine or piece of equipment, your mini-split system needs to be cleaned regularly. Excess grime and other debris can significantly reduce the effectiveness of a unit. While the process for cleaning a mini-split is simple after you have done it a few times, there is a slight learning curve after your initial mini-split installation. There are a few problematic things to avoid and some best practices to adhere to. By the end of this guide from ComfortUp, you will know what to look out for when cleaning your HVAC mini split system.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Mini Split System

A ductless mini-split system must remain clean to work at optimal capacity for its lifespan. Dirt, dust, and other foreign substances will slow the airflow through the system. If left unchecked, the air quality throughout your home or commercial building will decrease. as foreign substances proliferate through each room. In some cases, mold can form in your ventilation channels. The presence of mold can produce harmful effects on the human body. Your lungs will thank you for cleaning your mini-split systems consistently.

Mini Split Cleaning Dos

1. Set a Schedule

A logical first step is to determine a schedule for cleaning any mini-splits under your care. It would be best to clean the interior and exterior components around once a month. Inspect your equipment every few weeks to ensure the dirt and dust are not building up too quickly. Once you determine it is time to clean, unplug your mini splits to avoid electrical hazards.

2. Use the Right Supplies

You will need to gather the necessary supplies for cleaning a mini-split system. The tools include a dry cloth, a slightly wet cloth, a household cleaning solution, a vacuum with a brush nozzle, and an adjustable water hose. While most cleaning solutions will suffice, consult your product manual for a safe recommendation on what to use. Use a high-quality ductless mini split cleaning kit that helps protect your system from mold, mildew, and odor causing bacteria. We like the BBJ Ductless First Aid Kit.

3. Clean and Dry the Interior Components

Cleaning the inside components involves wiping them down with your wet cloth. Follow this up by drying off each part with a dry cloth. You will then need to remove the filter by lifting the front-facing door of the unit. Clean the filter with your household cleaning solution before giving it time to air dry. Next, locate the evaporator coils by removing the mini split cabinet. Your dry cloth should be enough to remove any debris from the coils. If not, dowsing your cloth in a coil cleaning liquid will clear up any blockages.

4. Clean and Dry the Exterior Components

Use your water hose to dislodge any objects caught inside the unit to clean the exterior components. Spraying down the grille is also an intelligent practice. Next, take your wet cloth and wipe off the fan blades. Be careful to avoid bending or damaging the fan blades while you work. Give the exterior components some time to dry, and then use your vacuum to suck up any remaining debris within the unit.

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Mini Split Cleaning Don'ts

1. Don't Leave the Power On

You should only start cleaning your equipment once you verify that it’s powered off and unplugged.

2. Don't Skip Steps

You should also avoid skipping any of the steps in the above section. Refrain from doing anything out of order, either. Use the same process each time for a reliable result.

3. Don't Use Harsh Chemicals

Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning a Gree mini split or an accessory such as a UV light. When selecting which cleaning products to use, always consult the owner's manual. You will learn which solutions will effectively clean your unit without undue damage. If you use the proper supplies, your mini splits and HVAC accessories will function well for a significant period.

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Consistent Maintenance for Maximum Lifespan

Proper maintenance will help ensure the long life of your mini split. The key is to follow these dos and don'ts. Most important is to clean it consistently. Mark your calendar now with your next desired cleaning date. That way, you will not forget as the days and weeks progress.

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