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Mini Split A/C Accessories

Mini Split A/C Accessories

Let’s face it – buying a Ductless Mini Split can be intimidating if you’re not a professional, and knowing all the extra parts and pieces you might need can be a daunting task. Never Fear! We’re experts in this field and we’re here to help make the process much easier for you. Our goal is always 100% Customer Satisfaction and to ensure you’re a Happy Customer – we want to make sure you have all the necessary information to make an educated decision and buy all the necessary items that you’ll need – nothing more, nothing less!

We fully understand that each buyer’s situation is unique to his or her specific circumstances, so below is a list of:

  • Required Items – Items that are necessary for ALL Ductless Mini Split Installations
  • Recommended Items – Items that we strongly recommend to all of our customers
  • Possible Items – Items you may or may not need – depending on your application
  • Other Items – Other accessories or upgrades that you might want to consider


  • Mini Split Line Set KitREQUIRED – A Line Set Kit consists of the necessary copper tubing and wiring needed to connect the indoor air handler to the outdoor condenser. Without a Line Set, you will not be able to install your mini split. We recommend the JMF Line Set Kit for ease of use and installation, plus it’s your complete kit containing both the liquid and the suction copper lines with pre-flared ends all with ½” insulation in addition to the required wiring. These line sets come in different sizes (your Ductless Mini Split system will require a specific size) and different lengths (you pick the necessary length based on your application). We offer these in a range of 15’ – 75’ long. Each system will specify a “MAX Line Run” – you will need to pay attention to this specification to make sure that you’re not buying a line set that is too long. Most single zone systems will have a MAX Line Run of around 65’.
  • Mini Split Disconnect Switch  RECOMMENDED – A disconnect switch mounts in the wall and provides a physical power disconnect for indoor units.  This accessory is REQUIRED by code in many geographical areas throughout the country - your local HVAC Technician will know if it's required in your area.  We like the First America DFS-SWITCH-A because it's specifically built for mini split systems - we recommend this item on all systems, even if not required by law.  
  • HVAC Surge ProtectorRECOMMENDED – A Ductless Mini Split is an investment in your home and your comfort – it’s very wise to protect that investment against those power surges that can kill your home appliances and turn into very costly repairs or replacements. We recommend the Intermatic AG3000 for our Ductless Mini Split Systems because it’s specific for Mini Split HVAC units, easy to install, reliable and rated for outdoor use.
  • 2 ½” SpeediChannel Wall Sleeve - RECOMMENDED – This is simple sleeve that runs through the wall, where you need to insert your lineset, control wires and drain lines. This little piece just makes it cleaner and easier to run those lines through when completing the installation – without tearing up your drywall and making a mess – they’re also highly recommended for use with Stucco and Brick installations.
  • Thread Sealant - RECOMMENDED - This product is an inexpensive add-on to ensure you're getting a tight seal at all your connection points to avoid leaks and prevent system failure down the line.
  • Green Mini StripsRECOMMENDED – With no harsh chemicals or biocides, we recommend the PurCool Green Mini Strips as a very inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to prevent slime and sludge build-up in your air handler – which will also assist in making sure the air that is circulating is cleaner. These strips last up to 6 months for large systems or can be cut in half for smaller tonnage evaporators giving you up to a year of protection.
  • Somewhere to put your condenserPOSSIBLE – Often overlooked – where are you going to put your condenser? If you’re replacing an existing Mini Split, this is probably less of a concern for you. If you’re changing out central air for a Mini Split – then you likely have an existing concrete pad. Since condensers on Ductless Mini Split systems are so much smaller, this pad may be too large. Some of our customers don’t care, but many of them tear that up and replace with a mini split condenser pad. If you’re adding a mini split as a supplemental HVAC source, you may want a pad, or even a wall bracket. Below is the information on the two options we have.
    • Plastic Condenser Pad – This Diversitech Outdoor Condenser Mounting pad is specially engineered to provide self-leveling support on the ground and has a textured surface to keep your condenser stable at all times. This pad is highly recommended for most applications as it is compact and lightweight, yet sturdy and designed specifically for your Ductless Mini Split.
    • Wall Mount Bracket – This Diversitech sturdy bracket provides flexibility of installation for your outdoor A/C or Heat Pump mini-split condenser when ground space is not an option. The cross bar mounts directly to the exterior wall, and the L-shaped brackets are connected securely to it and the condenser, using bolts and vibration-proof washers provided with the system. This bracket is highly recommended for 2nd story applications, or in areas where winter snowfall can be excessive.
  • Condenser RisersPOSSIBLE – While these aren’t necessary for many applications, it is important to know that they are required by code in some areas of the country. If you’re using a wall-mount bracket, you shouldn’t need these, but if you’re using a condenser pad, you may need to consider them. Your local licensed HVAC installer should be familiar with the laws/rules in your area to determine if these are necessary by code; also, your local permit office should be able to help with this question. These are a good add-on to consider if you’re in an area where snowfall can be significant, if you’re in a flood-zone, or if the space where you’re keeping your condenser doesn’t have the best drainage and can sometimes get “swampy.”
  • Condensate PumpPOSSIBLE – By design, ductless mini split systems remove excess humidity from the air – potentially having the need to remove a lot of excess condensation. In many applications, a condensate Pump kit would be required and a welcome addition to assist in keeping your system dry – which in the long run, will help keep it clean. Most often, our customers add these pumps when gravity cannot be used to drain all of the condensation – or if your drain lines are long (to ensure they keep dry and avoid mold from growing). We recommend the following three ASPEN Pumps for ease of use and installation. Note – each one has a specific installation application.
    • Mini Aqua Condensate Pump Kit – This pump is our most popular and versatile kit – it can be used in systems that are less than 30,000 BTU’s. (Note, if you have a multi-zone system, size the pump to each air handler). This compact pump mounts inside the air handler and is extremely quiet. Conveniently, it can be added to your system even after your initial installation is complete, if it is decided that you need it later.
    • Mini White Condensate Pump Kit – Like the Aqua pump, this kit is recommended for use with systems that are less than 30,000 BTU’s. This pump will mount on the wall near the air handler, but not internally to the system. This makes it extremely easy to install and especially great for ceiling suspended indoor units. We also love the snap-on/off cover for simple access to clean the filter.
    • Maxi Orange Condensate Pump Kit – This pump is specific for systems that are 30,000 BTU’s and higher. Like the Aqua pump, it’s extremely quiet and mounts inside the air handler. This pump is designed for higher performance to give you more power when you need it.
  • Condensate Drain LinePOSSIBLE– If you’re adding a Condensate Pump to your application, you’ll most definitely need additional drain line. Each system comes with anywhere from 12-30” of drain line in each air handler. Most applications will require additional drain line – even if you’re not using a pump. We recommend the inexpensive Diversitech 5/8” line and we offer it in 20’ lengths. We love this drain line because of its unique no-kink design and large diameter – also you can easily cut it down to size, or buy multiples and couple them together; very user friendly.
  • Drain Line Adapter - POSSIBLE– If you’re adding drain line, we highly recommend a Condensate Drain Line Adapter to connect the typical fitting found on a mini split to the standard size drain line. We like the Diversitech drain line adapter b/c the rubber connector and tapered PVC connector are specifically designed to tightly seal the two lines to avoid leaks and potential damage.
  • Base Pan HeaterPOSSIBLE – IF YOU’RE BUYING A MITSUBISHI SYSTEM AND YOU LIVE IN A CLIMATE WHERE THE TEMPERATURES ARE BELOW FREEZING MORE THAN ONE NIGHT IN A ROW, you NEED to add a Base Pan Heater. Most other manufacturers add this in to all systems at the factory, but it’s an add-on for Mitsubishi. This is a very important part to keep your condenser from literally freezing up in the winter.
  • Mini Split Complete Care KitOTHER – This Mini Split Care Kit is the perfect set to keep your system running cleanly and efficiently. To avoid the buildup of dirt, grime, mold and mildew that can occur over time, this kit will clean, deodorize and disinfect your evaporator, as well as prevent overflows in your drain pan. The simplest way to maintain your system, we recommend using this kit at least once or twice a year.
  • Additional Remote(s) - OTHER – We like to recommend our customers to buy an additional handheld remote. Each system can have multiple remotes programmed to it – additionally, if you have a multi-zone system, a remote for one air handler, will work for multiple air handlers (provided they’re from the same model family). We have found that it’s common for our customers to want to keep one remote mounted to the wall, and have a second one more portable. You may also consider a wired controller, instead of (or in additional to) a handheld remote. Need a remote that you don’t see here? Call our Customer Care Team at 855-337-0001 so we can help get you the right product.
  • Filter Upgrade - OTHER – All of our systems come with a filter, some have different capabilities than others. We recommend looking through all of the filter options to make sure that you have the filter that suits your needs best. For example, Gree’s Active Carbon filter is used to deodorize and absorb unpleasant smells while their Catechin filter features excellent antioxidation and sterilization properties, in addition to absorbing unpleasant smells and inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria, germs and others contaminants.
  • Extended Warranty - RECOMMENDED – Each system we sell is backed by the manufacturer's warranty, provided you can prove it was properly installed by a state licensed HVAC Contractor.  While this sounds good, it's important to note that the manufacturer's warranty DOES NOT COVER Labor Expenses on repairs.  We offer Extended Warranties to cover all mini split systems that we carry to cover out of pocket labor expenses for a system repair when a failure occurs during normal use due to manufacturer defect.  You can choose from 3yr, 5yr, 7yr or 10yr coverage for your single or multi one system.  With no deductibles to pay on service calls, this add-on will give you peace of mind knowing you are protected against future out-of-pocket expenses if the system should fail within your coverage period.  
There are many options available when it comes to mini split accessories; you want to make sure you’re getting everything that you need, and exactly what you need to reach your comfort goals. This list shows our most popular items and what we recommend to most of our customers for their specific application. It’s our goal to help you understand all of your options and why you may (or may not) need any given item.
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