Product Spotlight: 5 Reasons Why We Love Gree Mini Split Systems

Product Spotlight: 5 Reasons Why We Love Gree Mini Split Systems

Recently, the popularity of mini split air conditioners has increased in the United States. They are the norm in European and Asian domiciles, but Americans are just now coming around and realizing their many benefits. Many reputable companies already offer mini-split systems, but some stand out from the pack for their efficiency, versatility, and more. Already an industry standard in HVAC technology, Gree mini-split systems stand head and shoulders above the competition. We sell a variety of Gree products at ComfortUp, such as their top-of-the-line mini splits! Our team of professionally trained and certified HVAC technicians can handle any installation, maintenance, and service work related to your Gree mini split system. Read below to find out five main reasons we love Gree Mini Split systems, then schedule an appointment today!

Increased Efficiency

One of the main reasons we love Gree mini splits is their high levels of efficiency. Gree mini splits are more appealing than their competitors because they do not sacrifice any of their heating and cooling capabilities with this increased efficiency. For reference, the Gree Sapphire model offers up to . This is among the highest levels of operating efficiency available for a ductless mini-split. A direct result of this increased efficiency is a lower electric bill. Even if their installation and base cost is higher than some competitors, it balances out in the long run due to high savings on energy costs. As their name implies, ductless mini split systems do not require ducts for operation. Ductwork has been used in modern homes for over 50 years but there are often energy losses associated with ductwork of central air systems. These , which is incredibly inefficient and wasteful. If your home lacks ducts, a Gree mini split is perfect for you! Simply mount one on the wall to enjoy their heating and cooling power!
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Environmentally Conscious

With high levels of efficiency comes an increased environmental consciousness. For example, Gree mini-split models are constructed with an ozone-friendly refrigerant called R410A and G10 inverter technology. With the help of those eco-friendly technologies, they are proven to reduce your home’s energy consumption by up to 65%. With a Gree mini-split system, you can rest easy as you heat and cool your home while reducing your carbon footprint.

Many Different Models for Rooms of All Sizes

On the surface, there does not seem to be much variation between mini-split systems. However, this is not the case. Gree has a variety of different mini-split models, each with its own unique specifications and benefits. The top Gree models include but are not limited to Sapphire, Vireo+, and Liyo+. Older models include Crown, Terra, Neo, Rio. There are several factors to consider when deciding between models, such as the . Each model provides the optimal amount of BTUs to rooms of certain square footage.

Innovative Technology

Additionally, Gree mini splits utilize top of the line technology to increase their efficiency and provide homeowners with an excellent source of hot or cold air. While all models come with a handheld remote, the Sapphire, Vireo+ and Livo+ models are all are controllable with a smartphone app. This technology allows you to control your device from anywhere. You can turn it on as you’re leaving work or if you forgot to turn if off before leaving the house, it’s all accessible on your phone! Gree mini splits are also constructed with the highest quality components and parts so you’ll never be left hot and uncomfortable when you need it the most.
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Extended Coverage and Warranty

The last reason we love Gree mini-split systems is their extended coverage and warranty. Older models such as the Crown, Terra, Neo and Rio have a 7 year compressor and a 5 year parts warranty. Newer models such as Livo+, Vireo+ and Sapphire have both a 5 year parts and compressor coverage. Few competing brands offer warranties and coverage this extensive. However, homeowners must pay careful attention to the details of the warranty. Many manufacturer warranties are voided by faulty repair work or installation, which is often caused when homeowners try to install and service the product themselves. That’s why you should always call a professional HVAC technician for any maintenance, repairs, and installation for your Gree ductless mini-split.

Contact ComfortUp Today!

At ComfortUp, we only recommend the highest quality brands for homeowners. That’s why we endorse Gree ductless mini split systems! Their efficiency, environmental consciousness, a large number of different models, technology, and extensive warranty coverage help them pull away from the pack of HVAC competitors. We not only carry their mini-splits but a variety of other products as well! Don’t wait any longer, to learn more about Gree mini split systems!
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