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Room Air Conditioner Reviews

Room Air Conditioner Reviews


Central air conditioning system is not for everyone. And even if you are currently using a centralized unit at home, there are times when you will have to look for a supplementary solution for specific applications. Quite often, these particular needs come when you’ve determined that utilizing your existing centralized air conditioning will either be costly, complex, or impossible. The point is, larger home HVAC systems do not work out for us all the time.  And so, knowing a good system that can properly augment our cooling needs, especially during summer, would certainly go a long way. If you are caught in the same situation, you’d be better off doing what most people do—use a room air conditioner.

Being the most basic type of air conditioning system, room air conditioners have been around like almost forever. While the technology behind this system has gone through a lot of developments and upgrades over the years, it remains the same at the very basic level—simple, reliable, and 100% affordable. Add to the fact that they are easy to install and simple to operate, room air conditioners are your best go-to solutions if you need to quickly get hold of a low-cost cooling system without going through the usual purchasing and installation hassles. If you are looking for a good room air conditioning system, you must remember that gone are those days when you can just pick any system from the shelve without any need to think whether you’re getting the right system or not. Basically, those were the days when room air conditioners are almost the same, except for capacities and a couple of top brand names. But not today, when all you need is a quick look online or a swift dash to retail store and you will find out that room air conditioners now come in many different brands, sizes, features, and capabilities. There are just too many options. Sometimes, finding the best one for your home becomes a bit of a challenge. To help guide you in making a smart choice, we reviewed two of the best brands when it comes to room air conditioners: Gree and Friedrich. Find out what suits best your needs and applications as we take a look at your different room air conditioner options from these two top room AC manufacturers.

Gree 2600 TTW

Gree is a top HVAC leader, globally, and so while it is more known today for its array of highly advanced, top-of-the-line ductless mini split systems, it is not in the least surprising that it still carries in its product line some room air conditioning solutions. In the room air conditioner arena, Gree introduces 2600 TTW, a series of high-efficiency through-the-wall air conditioners. These systems consist of four cooling only models, two cooling with electric heat models, and four heat pump models.  Let’s examine the “cooling only” and “cooling with electric heat” models.

Gree 2600 TTW Cooling Only Systems

With 9.8 EER, Gree TTW2600 cooling only models pass the high-efficiency threshold, making them among Gree’s certified energy saving solutions. Available with 9100 up to 12,00 cooling BtuH, these systems can perfectly cool any room with a size that ranges from 350 square feet to 550 square feet. Check out the table below for some more technical details about these systems.

Gree 2600 TTW Cooling with Electric Heat Systems

Just like the “cooling only” systems, Gree’s two TTW2600 cooling with electric heat models are high-efficiency system with energy efficiency rating of 9.8. As a solution for cooling, these units have capacities that range from 9,100 BtuH up to 12,000 BtuH. As a heating system, they have capacities that range from 8600 BtuH up to 11,000 BtuH. These capacities make them also capable of cooling or heating rooms with a size of 350 square feet to 550 square feet. Again, also check out the table below for some more technical details about these systems
To save more money, you can purchase these room air conditioners at ComfortUp at discounted price. The cooling only model 26TTW12AC115V1A, for example, is now only available at $514.98. From the original price of $692.00, your purchase would enable you to save $177.02. If you will choose the cooling only system 26TTW12AC230V1A, on the other hand, you will only have to pay $500.98. With the original price of $673.00, your purchase will also allow you to save $172.02. With regard to the cooling with electric heat models, ComfortUp offers the 26TTW09HC230V1A system at a price of $518.98. With its original price of $698.00, you can save $179.02. The model 26TTW12HC230V1A, on the other hand, is priced at $557.98. The original price of this system is $750.oo, giving you a total savings worth $192.02. Very easy to install, these room air conditioners are designed with a compact, contemporary cabinet that will suit your room regardless of the design or décor. It can be installed using most of standard wall sleeves. Keep in mind, however, that the wall sleeves are not included in the package. You might have to purchase them separately. Here are just of the benefits that you get if you would choose Gree room air conditioners.  
  • Maximum efficiency through a range of smart features, such as electronic set point limits, fan cycle, compressor start/stop time guard, power failure recovery, and adjustable three-speed fan.
  • Comfort through super-quiet operation, thanks to aero-quiet indoor blower wheel and dual motor technology.
  • Easy control and operation through digital thermostat and touch-pad control panel.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Easy maintenance (the air filters are very easy to clean).
  • Reduce carbon footprint, which is made possible by the system’s use of ozone-friendly refrigerant R410A.

Friedrich Room Air Conditioners

Friedrich room air conditioners consist of window air conditioners and thru-the-wall air conditioners. The Window air conditioners are grouped in two series of highly efficient systems that are designed for commercial and residential applications—the Kühl® and Chill® systems. Check out the following table for specific details on these systems:

Friedrich Window Air Conditioners: Kühl® and Chill® systems

Kühl® air conditioners are super-quiet systems that are designed for cooling and heating. These are highly advanced systems that are built with commercial-grade, super-durable chassis—a 20-gauge steel cabinet. The fan motors of these units are also completely enclosed. The best part about these systems, however, are the built-in controls, including a smart energy management scheduling system which enables you to both maximize the comfort and save money on reduced energy bill. As highly advanced air conditioners, the Kühl units can be remotely controlled and managed through your smart device—whether it is smartphone, tablet, or computer. This is made possible FriedrichLink®. Chill® systems, on the other hand, is a series of lightweight, energy-saving room air conditioners that are also designed for residential applications. Energy Star®-rated and available in capacities that range from 5450 Btu/h to 23500 Btu/h, these high-efficiency efficient can help you cool your room regardless of its type or size. The Chill® units are also highly flexible and very easy to install. They consist of advanced features that include a 24-hour timer, auto air sweep swing louvers, side air discharge, multiple cooling and fan speeds, ultra-quiet operation, 4-way air-flow control, auto-restart function, digital remote control, and robust and secure system through excellent security features like the EntryGard™ anti-intrusion protection.

Friedrich Thru-the-wall Air Conditioners:WallMaster® and Uni-Fit® Systems

The thru-the-wall air conditioners are also available in two series of highly efficient and versatile solutions—the WallMaster® and Uni-Fit® systems. The WallMaster® air conditioners are commercial-grade systems that is best to use for different new projects, such as new retrofits, room remodeling, and even new constructions. These systems can perfectly fit any sleeve with a size 27 inches. They can work both as cooling and heating systems and available in different capacities that range from 8000 - 14500 Btu/h. Bringing flexibility and hassle-free installation, Uni-Fit® is a series of highly efficient and versatile thru-the-wall air conditioners that can ideally replace your old systems, especially if the existing sleeves that you have at home have the size of 24 1/2”, 26”, or 27”. Well, in fact, the size of the of your existing sleeve wouldn’t matter at all. Friedrich provides universal-fit trim rings that come standard with the chassis and will you to easily fit any Unit-Fit system into any sleeve whatever its size. Giving you more options, the Uni-Fit units are available in different cooling capacities that range from 8000Btu/h to 13000 Btu/h, and heating capacities that range from 3850 Btu/h up to 11200 Btu/h. As for the features, the Uni-Fit systems boast of 6-way air flow control, 24-hour timer, check filter reminder, 3-speed fan on cool only models, 2-speed fan on heat/cool models, auto restart function, defrost control, MoneySaver® setting, rotary compressors, and seacoast protection. As an example, check out the itemized models below.
Through discount, ComfortUp offers the aforementioned systems at an affordable range of prices. Check out below these prices and the savings that you will earn.
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