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  • Ways Commercial HVAC Systems Can Save you Money

    8 Ways Commercial HVAC Systems Can Save you Money

    Your HVAC system is perhaps the most important part of your commercial building. It gives you control over the building’s air quality and temperature, keeping all occupants safe, healthy, and comfortable. Although the HVAC system makes up a significant part...

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  • a woman enjoying her mini split air conditioner

    5 Tips to Operating Your LG Multi Zone Mini Split

    Ductless mini splits are a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional ducted ACs, such as central air systems. LG is one of the top developers of ductless mini split appliances and, for years, they have helped create more comfortable homes...

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  • laughing couple beneath ductless mini split

    Design & Build Custom Mini Split System

    For years, ComfortUp has proudly offered customers their choice of ductless mini split systems from the HVAC industry’s most trusted brands. Because every customer's need is different, we decided to take it a step further and give our customers the...

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  • Mini Split A/C Pros & Cons

    Mini Split A/C Pros & Cons

    Ductless heating and cooling has become increasingly popular as an alternative to other HVAC systems, such as central ducted units and window air conditioners. It is an excellent way to heat and cool indoor areas of all varieties, such as...

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  • male technician fixing air conditioner

    What's a 4-Zone Mini Split?

    ComfortUp proudly provides customers across the nation with high-quality heating and cooling products from the industry’s most trusted brands. Ductless mini splits are highly efficient HVAC systems and also some of our best-selling products. We sell several different varieties of...

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  • HVAC Extended Product Warranty

    HVAC Extended Product Warranty

    At ComfortUp, we carry mini splits from the industry’s top brands like Gree, Mitsubishi, Boreal, Panasonic, and LG. Each brand’s products are guaranteed to heat and cool your home in an efficient manner, but the occasional problem may still arise....

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  • Mini Split AC Installation

    Mini Split AC Installation

    After the torrential spring rains, most people love to take advantage of the early days of summer. However, many get tired of the heat and humidity as summer drags on. Come late July and August, the temperatures are skyrocketing and...

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