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  • Single-Zone VS Multi-Zone

    Single-Zone VS Multi-Zone

    Say you’ve decided to install a ductless mini split system. After weighing all the pros and cons, you’re convinced that this is your best cooling and heating option for your home. And you have the money, or maybe a solid...

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  • LG Ductless A/C Systems

    LG Ductless A/C Systems

    LG duct-free cooling and heating systems for a single-zone application are among those with the highest rated performance and efficiencies in the market today. LG single-zone units comprise of four types of systems with varying styles, designs, and capacities. These...

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  • Single Room AC

    Single Room AC

    Is there a room in your house that you don’t use too often because it’s either too hot or too cold? Maybe you have a room inside your home that doesn’t get warm or cold enough? If your answer is...

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  • Mini Split Sizing

    Mini Split Sizing

    All mini split air conditioning systems feature specific ratings and numbers such as BTUs and tonnage. These values refer to the system’s capacity or size. Every system is designed to operate in rooms of a specific size, and choosing the...

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