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  • energy efficiency rating home

    What Is SEER 2?

    In 1975, the U.S. Department of Energy took on the task of instituting energy conservation standards for appliances, including HVAC equipment. Efficiency ratings were established to help guide shoppers toward the most efficient products. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)...

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  • outdoor ac unit

    SEER 2 vs SEER: Understanding The New Efficiency Ratings

    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is mandated by law to "periodically amend energy conservation standards for certain equipment, but only if the amendments are energy-saving, technologically feasible, and economically justifiable." In that regard, since 1992, manufacturers of residential central...

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  • What Is a Split System Air Conditioner

    What Is a Split System Air Conditioner?

    One of the most popular air conditioner types available today is a split system AC, also called a split or mini split. Although they fulfill the same purposes as a central AC system, split air conditioner systems work according to...

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  • Gree Wifi App Configuration

    Gree+: Gree Wifi App Configuration

      Source: fn.artworks/ If you own a Gree mini-split system with Wifi functionality, you can control it remotely from any compatible mobile device with the Gree+ application. The application functions with select Gree air conditioning and heat pump units. Learn...

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  • what is the right way to do an inspection

    What Is the Right Way to Do an AC Inspection?

    Fully functional air conditioners are hugely important in creating comfortable living and working spaces as the seasons change. A misfiring AC unit can make for an unbearable environment, so regular inspections and maintenance are necessary. Depending on the type of...

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    What's a 4-Zone Mini Split?

    ComfortUp proudly provides customers across the nation with high-quality heating and cooling products from the industry’s most trusted brands. Ductless mini splits are highly efficient HVAC systems and also some of our best-selling products. We sell several different varieties of...

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  • How Does a Mini-Split Work?

    How Does a Mini-Split Work?

    Ductless air conditioners, otherwise known as ductless mini-split systems, are gaining big popularity in the HVAC world, and for good reason. Offering ultra-efficient, ultra-flexible whole-house cooling and heating, these systems bring impressive temperature control to homes where this would have...

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  • COP - Why is it Important?

    COP - Why is it Important?

    Your cooling and heating system normally account for much of your energy consumption at home. The amount of energy that you consume has a great impact on your electricity bills. So when you’re buying a new system, consider the fact...

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