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The Benefits of Switching to an All-in-1 Heating & Cooling Systems

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Home and business owners alike are ditching their current air conditioners for all-in-1 HVAC systems such as ductless mini splits. These systems offer a variety of benefits over their alternatives, which all help create a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. Read below to learn about the benefits of an all-in-1 mini split system, and then order yours from ComfortUp!

Simplified Installation and Maintenance

Relative to other systems, all-in-1 ductless mini splits have simplified installation and maintenance processes. Since they do not require ductwork, they can easily be installed by trained HVAC professionals. While it is possible to install a mini split system yourself, this can lead to an inefficiently operating system and voided warranty.

Preparing for your mini split installation involves easy steps such as deciding on a make, model, and location in your home and cleaning the room before installation. Depending on your system’s usage levels, mini splits require annual or semiannual deep cleanings and professional maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. There are also simpler tasks required more frequently, such as wiping residue buildup from the coils and cleaning the air filter.

Ductless mini split systems consist of one outdoor compressor connected by copper wires and pipes to one or more indoor air conditioners. One outdoor unit connected to one indoor unit is called a single-zone system, while a multi-zone system features more than one indoor unit connected to an outdoor condenser. Installation and maintenance become more time-consuming by adding more indoor units to a system, but it is still much less extensive than ductwork cleaning or repairs.

Year Round Usage

Unlike other systems that can only heat or cool, mini splits can do both, regardless of the outdoor temperature. Mini splits cool your home by blowing warm air over cold evaporator coils, which exposes them to refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs the heat and pushes it to the outdoor unit for drainage, and reversing the refrigerant’s flow allows your system to bring hot air into your home rather than push it out. This year-round usage makes them very appealing to prospective buyers, as it saves them the trouble of purchasing separate appliances for their heating and cooling needs.

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Financial Benefits

All-in-1 heating and cooling systems are financially advantageous for home and business owners. Efficiency is, arguably, the most significant factor in the increased popularity of mini splits. Mini splits are roughly 30% more energy efficient than central ducted HVAC systems. Air produced by central systems must travel along the ductwork before it is dispersed throughout the area, and leaks or faulty ductwork systems are responsible for a significant amount of lost energy. Fortunately, this type of waste is eliminated with a ductless mini split! This leads to significantly lower energy bills, in both the short and long term, and a reduced environmental impact.

Even though the initial HVAC system cost may be higher than other alternatives, there are reasonably priced models on the market and there are financing methods to accommodate the financial needs of customers! Any higher upfront cost is also offset by the significant energy bill savings.

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Heightened Control

By utilizing modern technologies, all-in-1 ductless mini split systems provide owners with heightened control over their indoor climate. Most mini split systems can be connected to a wireless internet network and controlled via smartphone application. This allows you to adjust temperature, airflow, humidity, and more while also providing advanced climate statistics and information. You can control your system even if you are not in close proximity! Systems also utilize sensors to detect temperature or airflow imbalances in the area and make the necessary adjustments.

This advanced control allows you to schedule “temperature cycles.” These cycles see your system decrease and increase power or turn off and off entirely in timed intervals. This can help your system operate more efficiently and decrease your energy costs. You can program your system to turn down or off when you are not at home or work, as there is no need to have it operating in an empty area. Sleep cycling is another common temperature cycle, as your system will decrease temperature and noise level to create the perfect nighttime environment.


Make The Switch To Ductless Heating & Cooling


All-in-1 systems such as mini splits are the perfect heating and cooling option for your home or business. For more information, call 1-855-337-0001 or contact us online today! We have a team of trained product specialists ready to match you with the perfect ductless mini split system!

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