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The Power of Gree Comfort, Right in the Palm of Your Hand!

The Power of Gree Comfort, Right in the Palm of Your Hand!

  • The combination of Convenience and Efficiency
  • True “I FEEL” Temperature Control
  • Your Comfort... Your Way
Ubiquitous! It’s a great word... one you definitely want to have in – or add to – your vocabulary. Ubiquitous means “everywhere or in many places simultaneously” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. In today’s culture, Wireless Remote Controls (WRCs) are ubiquitous... they’re pretty much an every-day appliance that we absolutely take so much for granted. They’re everywhere in our lives. TVs to be sure, and garage door openers. But also ceiling fans, audio systems, even how many of us start our cars... and on and on. They’re so prevalent that we don’t even think about them... don’t need to, assuming they do their jobs, all to make our lives easier. Today’s WRCs are literally “light-years” ahead of the primitive 2-button “Zapper” featured on early Zenith televisions of the 1950s & 60s (one of the very first consumer-based products to feature a wireless control). Crude, but functional, they burst on the scene and into our psyche as a wonder to behold. And even more amazing to use... just press the button, and the TV channel actually changes – without having to physically get up and turn the channel "tuner" dial! In that day and time, that was almost unbelievable. You could even turn the TV off and on... right from your couch! How ‘cool’ was that?! Today? Literally laughable. And now fully expected. If whatever you’re looking to control doesn’t have a wireless remote, consumers wouldn’t even consider buying it... regardless of what that system might be. So now let’s talk GREE WIRELESS REMOTES. Let’s start with the fact that is among the industry's leading, highly respected and most innovative manufacturers of top-rated HVAC systems worldwide. And that among GREE’s vast product offerings, you’ll find an exceptional line of today’s most in-demand systems – Ductless Mini-Splits, both - and . But it’s the Wireless Remotes that bring the inherent benefits of each system right into the palm of your hand. Whether you decide to go with our , Terra, Vireo, Neo, Livo or Rio system(s) – whichever will best suit your project-specific needs and situations – knowledgeable customers find that each remote is the very heart & soul of the system. Combining state-of-the-art technology with thoughtful, intuitive design and function, these amazing (and amazingly simple to operate) devices make managing your indoor comfort a breeze! (Literally. Get it? Heh, heh...)
  • Convenience and Efficiency – a winning combination. No more wall-mount thermostat to tinker with. Convenience is now right at the touch of your fingertips. Wherever you keep your remote, that’s where you efficiently and effectively control your personal environment... up to a range of 25 feet from the wall- or ceiling-mount base unit.
  • True “I FEEL” Temperature Control – press the remote’s “I FEEL” button and the system senses and works to adjust the room temperature to your desired setting right where the remote is... which is most likely right where you are. Now doesn’t that make way more sense than where a wall-mount thermostat might be?!
  • Your Comfort... Your Way – whether for heating or cooling, GREE Wireless Remotes provide an exceptional level of control of your personal space. For example, to speed the process of bringing conditioned air exactly where you want it, the remotes features both horizontal and vertical air flow control. Customizable mode controls allow you to adjust fan speeds, select sleep-time settings and more, all through the easy-to-use wireless remote controller.
GREE Ductless Mini-Splits / Wireless Remotes – Crown, , Vireo, Neo, Livo or Rio Series System(s). Innovative Technology that literally brings optimal comfort and control right into the palm of your hand. To determine which GREE Mini-Split System will best suit your needs, follow this link... GREE Mini-Splits Buyers Guide (link)
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