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Tips for Operating Your Boreal Mini Split

4 Tips for Operating Your Boreal Mini Split

The Boreal mini split provides efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to designated areas in your home. The mini split zoning design heats and cools where you need it and nowhere else. Its design eliminates the energy waste associated with central heating and cooling systems. For the best results from your Boreal mini split, perform preventative maintenance and take steps to maximize comfort and efficiency.


Perform Preventative Maintenance

A key to a long-lasting HVAC system is to regularly perform preventative maintenance. While the Boreal mini split is a highly specialized technology, there are some simple procedures anyone can do to ensure it is running as it should.

1. Clean the system regularly.

A Boreal mini split HVAC system is vital for healthy indoor air conditions. It ventilates airborne pathogens out of your home and removes excess moisture. This decreases the likelihood of mold in your home, which is vital for healthy air. A Boreal 2 ton mini split creates a comfortable and healthy living environment for up to 1,300 ft² with one to three wall-mounted air handlers.

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As your mini split HVAC system works, some of the dust and particles it filters get trapped in the system’s air filters. It is important to clean these components of your ductless HVAC system regularly. The condenser coils are responsible for capturing heat from your home, and they lose efficiency when a film of dust coats them. Filters collect air pollutants. If they go uncleaned, the contaminants will disperse into your home when the system is on.

To clean these components, first shut off your system completely. Then take a damp towel and wipe the dust off of the coils. Some filters can be cleaned, but others have to be replaced. The Boreal 2 ton mini split HVAC system has cleanable filters, but check your owner’s manual to confirm the correct cleaning procedure. You should clean the coils and/or check the air filter every three weeks, even if the system is not used during that time.

2. Form an inspection checklist.

There are important parts of your HVAC system that require regular inspection. Namely, the exterior unit, the drainage, and the refrigerant level need to be checked consistently. The exterior unit requires unobstructed access to outdoor air for your system to work efficiently. Remove any vegetation or snow from around the exterior unit and consider elevating it off the ground if snow is a constant issue.


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Cooling and heating create condensation in the air handlers and other parts of your HVAC system. This is normal, and the condensate should flow to the drainage port on your exterior unit. If the drainage port is dry while your system is operating, there may be an issue with the system, and you should contact a professional.

Air conditioners use refrigerants to cool air. Over many years, the refrigerant level may naturally decrease, needing refilling. If your refrigerant quickly runs low, there may be a leak, and you should contact a professional for assistance.

Maximize Efficiency and Comfort

A Boreal ductless mini split supplies highly efficient HVAC for a home. If you want to maximize efficiency and comfort, set the temperature to your comfort level and program it for cycling. 

1. Base the temperature off comfort level.

It is best for you and the air conditioning system’s efficiency to set the temperature to whatever is comfortable to you rather than a specific number. This is because the air handlers base their cooling or heating on the sensors of that indoor unit. Additionally, there is a feature called “I-Feel” that will allow you to remotely adjust the temperature based on your location in the room. They are usually fitted close to the ceiling. Since hot air rises, the air handling unit measures warmer air than you feel. 

That means it may be cooler in the room than the machine’s temperature indicates. Instead of focusing on the desired temperature, just base your cooling and heating on what is comfortable. 

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2. Program in HVAC cycling.

If you outfit your Boreal 3 ton mini split with Wi-Fi compatibility, you can program in heating and cooling cycles for maximum HVAC customization. Rather than leave your system running at one temperature, you can set it to different temperatures at different times of the day. You can even program in quiet climate control for nighttime. This gives you increased control over the Boreal 3 ton mini split’s 2,000 ft² of HVAC, and it extends the system’s life. 

Get the Most Out of Your Boreal Mini Split

A Boreal Mini Split is a great option for those looking to install an HVAC system in their home or supplement an existing central air system. With regular cleaning and an inspection checklist, your system will create a healthy and comfortable home for years. Set your Boreal system to a pleasant temperature and program it to cycle temperatures as needed for the most efficient results. 


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