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man cleaning mini split filter

Efficiency Tips for Operating Your Mitsubishi Mini Split AC Unit

man cleaning mini split filter

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Ductless mini-splits offer homeowners more cooling and heating options. These compact machines can help you heat or cool any room in your home, regardless of your current system.  Mini splits work by transferring heat in or out of your room to change the temperature, and they’re more energy-efficient than traditional ducted systems. 

Many companies, including Mitsubishi, produce single and multi-zone mini split air conditioning units that are easy to operate and make your house more comfortable. Multi-zone units like the Mitsubishi mini split AC system allow you to control the temperature in multiple rooms through one outdoor compressor unit. They’re perfect if you have several rooms that are always warmer or colder than the rest of your house. 

Mini split units are small enough to be installed almost anywhere. They offer significant energy savings because they are ductless. A typical ducted system can lose up to 30% of the cooled air to leaks, while a mini split air conditioner loses none. You can maximize your mini split’s efficiency by keeping your unit properly maintained and operating them in more energy-friendly ways. These simple tips can help you reduce your operating costs and prolong the life of your mini split.

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Maximize the Airflow

A mini split heats and cools rooms by using a refrigerant to extract heat from a room and transfer heat between indoor and outdoor air. The better the airflow at your indoor unit and outdoor compressor, the more efficient your mini split will be. You’ll need to check your indoor and outdoor components monthly to ensure they are free from debris, dust, and dirt.

  • Clean Filters and the Air Handling Unit

The air filter in your indoor unit collects small particles, including germs, dust, and odors. The filters on the indoor unit capture dust/dirt coming from the room/inside. Over time, your filter will fill up, and it needs to be cleaned. A clogged filter reduces airflow, making your machine work harder. You’ll need to periodically check your air filter and clean it to ensure your indoor unit is running efficiently.

The unit itself also needs cleaning. Dust, pet hair, and other household particles that end up on the mini split can build up over time and affect your mini split’s performance. Keep the outer shell clean and free from debris. Inside your indoor unit is an evaporator coil that’s used for cooling. You should remove the outer shell of your unit and clean the evaporator coil with a soft cloth several times a year to keep it running efficiently. 

  • Keep Outdoor Condenser Clean

The second part of your mini split is the compressor unit, which is installed outdoors. Being exposed to weather conditions and other outdoor elements means your compressor unit may need more frequent cleaning. During the fall, you’ll need to remove leaves and yard debris from around the system to prevent it from blocking airflow. 

You’ll also need to keep snow and ice from accumulating on your compressor if you live in colder climates. You may want to hose off your compressor unit to remove dirt and smaller debris throughout the year. Make sure to follow your manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to safely clean your indoor and outdoor mini split components.

mini split remote control mounted

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Setting the Temperature

Ductless mini split units come with handheld controllers to adjust the unit’s temperature and fan settings. Once you’ve found the temperature that feels most comfortable, depending on the unit, using the auto function on your controller will allow you to set your room. 

The auto setting keeps your room at your desired temperature using a more efficient airflow speed. Your unit will only power on when needed, saving you energy and lowering your bills.

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Properly maintaining your mini split AC unit keeps it running efficiently. Cleaning your indoor and outdoor units is part of the maintenance your mini split needs. You’ll also need a professional to service your entire system every year or two. 

An HVAC technician specializing in ductless units should perform an inspection to ensure the unit is working efficiently and correctly. Your technician may clean out pipes and condensers and check for drainage issues.

You should contact a technician between inspections if you notice issues with your mini split like reduced performance, increased energy consumption, or drainage problems. Addressing any problems immediately will prolong the life of your unit and keep your mini split running efficiently.  

Create a More Energy-Efficient Home with ComfortUp

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to cool your home, a multi-zone mini split unit may be just what you need. These environmentally friendly and quiet units help cool and heat rooms more efficiently than whole-house ducted systems. You’ll save money on your energy bills using a ductless mini split. 

ComfortUp offers customers a wide range of mini split options, including Mitsubishi AC units. Our trained experts can help you find the right unit for your home or business needs. Visit our online store to learn more about the mini split units we offer.

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