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Tips on Prepping Your Ductless Air Conditioner for Summer

Tips on Prepping Your Ductless Air Conditioner for Summer

Homeowners have a variety of different tasks to complete in preparation for the warmer summer months. The tops come off convertibles and pools while heavy winter clothes are stashed away in the closet to accumulate dust for months. However, one often forgotten element of summer preparation is your ductless air conditioner. There are certain steps you must take to prepare your air conditioner for heavy use this summer. Read below to learn more about ductless air conditioners and ensure your home remains cool this summer!

What Are Ductless Air Conditioners?

Ductless air conditioners operate differently from conventional central air systems, and they are a . One way they differ from conventional central air systems is they do not require ducts, as their name implies. Ducted air conditioner units have been around for decades and are still a very popular heating and cooling option for modern homes. Though, ducted ac units can be inefficient as ceiling ducts can spring leaks and cool air could spill out into your hot attic. This cool air might also travel a long distance through these hot attic ducts resulting in less cool air blowing out of your vents. But if your home was built before ducts increased in popularity, a ductless air conditioner is perfect for you. They also offer a variety of benefits from other heating and cooling systems, such as window units. For example, ductless units allow homeowners more control over the temperature from room to room. Ductless systems also decreases energy waste by giving you the option to turn off the heating or cooling systems in unused areas. In most cases, your living room or kitchen doesn’t need to be heated or cooled in the middle of the night. Additionally, they operate at a higher efficiency and offer more temperature flexibility. However, the systems themselves may be costlier to install and maintain. We offer a variety of ductless air conditioner models at ComfortUp, so we guarantee we have something to fit your needs.
changing air conditioner filter

Change the Filter

Heating and cooling are not the only important functions of a ductless air conditioner, as they also act as air filters.  They increase the air quality in your home by removing dust, dirt, allergens, and other harmful materials. To prepare for the summer, you should remove the filter and wipe it off with a dry cloth. Remove and clean the filter every four to six weeks to keep your ductless air conditioner operating at maximum capacity and efficiency. Air filters have a fairly long lifespan but will require replacement at some point. A professional HVAC technician will let you know if your when they examine your system, which we recommend annually. Yearly inspections help keep your family and home safe as your system operates at peak efficiency. There are also filters available that can help tackle more specific problems for homes that have smokers, pets or chemicals. Typically these are mounted on top or over the regular filter.

Technology Upgrades

Consider upgrading the technology around your ductless air conditioner to maximize your system. As is the case with other household appliances, to make operation easier and convenient for homeowners. For example, many systems are controllable through apps that allow homeowners to regulate the temperature from their smartphone. There are also available sensors that detect when you enter and exit the room in order to adjust the temperature accordingly. Automatically cooling the room upon arrival and decreasing airflow upon departure leads to lower heating costs and diminishes the stress on your system in the long run. Finally, you can install a variable speed compressor. Often called inverter-driven compressors, they eliminate drastic temperature swings by precisely regulating airflow in your system. All of these upgrades are efficient and inexpensive ways to maximize your ductless air conditioner.
hvac technician working on mini split

Call a Professional HVAC Technician for Services

Finally, the most important step to prepare your ductless air conditioner for the summer is calling a professional technician for any maintenance, installation, or service work. , particularly ductless models, are faulty maintenance and installation error. Both of these are caused by homeowners trying to repair and install themselves, which is a poor idea for many reasons. Your system will not operate at maximum capacity and efficiency if not properly installed, and it may also void its warranty. Your home is used as an escape from the heat during the summer, and nobody wants to socialize in a room just as hot, stuffy, and humid as outside. As the temperatures rise, your ductless air conditioner sees more and more use to keep your house at an optimal cool temperature. By taking several easy steps, we’ll have your unit ready to go for the hot summer. With a variety of ductless air conditioners available for you to choose from and a team of professional, trustworthy technicians at your disposal, we’ll have your system ready to cool your home this summer! Don’t wait any longer, .
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