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a jar full of $100 bills

4 Ways the LG Mini Split System Can Save You Money

a jar full of $100 bills

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In a world of increasing energy and gas prices, you are likely searching for a cost-effective solution to heating and cooling your home. Mini split systems are a great energy-saving option that can lower your utility bills while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. 

Discover four ways the LG mini split system can save you money year-round and why switching to a mini split system from ComfortUp is the right choice. 

1. Energy Costs

A money-saving LG ductless mini split lowers your energy costs when compared with a traditional HVAC system. Central heating and cooling use a series of ducts to carry heated or cooled air throughout your home. It takes an immense amount of electricity — and, in some cases, natural gas — to bring the air to the set temperature and push it into different locations in a home. 

Electricity prices have risen 1.3% from 2021 to 2022. Natural gas prices are also expected to increase over the next few years. An LG mini split can lower your energy bill an estimated 40% by using less energy to regulate the temperatures in your home. Mini splits help you avoid using excess energy by forgoing leaky ductwork. They also eliminate the expense of heating and cooling all rooms in your home at once — even those that are rarely used or notoriously drafty.

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2. Zoned Temperature Control

Zoned temperature control is a defining cost-effective feature of mini split systems like the LG mini split. Mini splits use the zoning technique to adjust each room’s temperature separately rather than pushing air from a centralized unit through ducts. This saves you money because duct loss, which is lost air through leaky ductwork, accounts for 30% of energy spending in relation to home heating and cooling. 

When you build your mini split system, you decide on zones, or areas, of your home where the temperature is controlled by one indoor unit. Each zone has its thermostat, allowing you to heat or cool the zone when desired. That means you can adjust the temperature for drafty or unused rooms rather than wasting air through leaky ducts.

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3. Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs

Central HVAC systems require costly maintenance fees to keep the system working properly. When something goes wrong, repairing or replacing parts becomes an even bigger expense. Repairing or replacing ductwork costs between $500 and $2,000, and duct cleaning costs $200 to $250 per service. For AC units, repairs can cost up to $1,500, depending on what you need to fix. 

With an LG split air conditioner, you reduce maintenance costs significantly. You may only need a technician to look over your system once every year or two. Additionally, there are steps you can take by yourself to keep the system running efficiently. This includes cleaning air filters and removing debris, snow, ice, and leaves from the outdoor unit. Unlike an HVAC system, cleaning doesn’t require hiring a professional company at a high cost. 

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4. Fewer Health Concerns

Traditional ductwork can cause many indoor air quality issues, such as exposure to mold spores, bacteria, dust, and dirt. This type of indoor air pollution can cause headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and throat irritation. Not only can this type of poor air quality cost you in repairs, but it can also cost you in the doctors’ visits needed to address the potential medical issues that arise. 

An LG mini split system or AC unit doesn’t use dirty, closed-in ducts. Instead, outside air is pushed through the indoor unit, passing through heavy-duty air filters that remove toxins before they come into your home. The lack of ducts means there is nowhere for the bacteria or dust to build up, and the use of air filters means your indoor air quality is improved before you breathe it in. This leads to feeling healthier and needing fewer visits to the pharmacy or doctor. 

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Save Money with an LG Ductless Mini Split 

Mini split systems are a cost-effective solution to rising energy costs around the globe. A ductless LG mini split from ComfortUp uses zoned heating and cooling methods to keep your home at a comfortable temperature while cutting costs. It also requires less costly maintenance, keeps your air cleaner, and provides tax benefits in certain situations. 

ComfortUp offers you a wide selection of ductless LG mini splits and LG split air conditioners to choose from when making the switch. We help you build your mini split system according to your home’s needs, so you end up with an efficient, cost-effective heating and cooling system. To save money with an LG mini split, contact ComfortUp for your free 30-minute consultation today. 


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